Outdoor 8K LED Screens: Hundred Cities and Thousands of Screens

On February 4, 2022, the Winter Olympic Games were successfully held in Beijing, what attracted attention was not only the performance of the Olympic athletes and the gold medals won but also the science and technology, led display screens used in the opening and closing ceremonies: Outdoor 8K LED screens.

We are a global LED display manufacturer, we can offer high quality, high stable indoor & outdoor fixed installation LED displays with the features of Customized Size & various pixel pitches ranging from P2mm, P2.5mm P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P8mm, P10mm, etc.

In fact, before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, many places in China carried out to help the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 8K display live activities, with clearer picture quality, more powerful colour performance through a hundred cities and thousands of screens to thousands of households, showing the wonderful moments of the Winter Olympics.
Today we’ll learn about those features of outdoor UHD displays and their use in practical scenarios, as well as the cost of using outdoor 8K HDR displays.

What is the 8K HDR LED screen?

The values 8K, 4K, and 2K all refer to resolution, which is a digital video standard.

8K refers to the resolution of 7680×4320 for the standard ultra-high-definition display or TV.

HDR is the meaning of high dynamic range. HDR is a group of technologies used to achieve a greater dynamic range of exposure (i.e., a greater difference between light and dark) than ordinary digital image technology.

The higher the resolution is, the quality of the LED screen gets better. It also means that the technical content and cost is higher.

Outdoor 8K LED HDR screen technologies:

First, we need to understand what technologies are used in outdoor 8K HDR LED displays.

  1. The system video and audio technology requirements
  2. CMOS image sensor: is a typical solid-state imaging sensor
  3. The professional video processing chip
  4. An optical lens affects the quality of imaging, but also can control the LED display screen how to do the best display effect.

8K video needs to transmit huge data volume, which has high requirements for signal input and control system. In the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Novastar control system also realized the precise interfacing with an 8K HDR LED screen.

In the past two years, Novastar led controller series continues to be updated like MCTRL4K has been able to support high resolution 2K 4K and 8K resolution. This product has no imaging delay, the viewer’s viewing experience will be more smooth, the colour gamut also from BT.709 to BT.2020, colour performance is stronger. It also supports support for improved image quality when using the A8s/A10s Plus.


The entire Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony used digital performance and simulation technology, the use of artificial intelligence, naked-eye 3D and other technological achievements. It is also the world’s first large-scale application of 8K technology for the opening ceremony live and key track coverage.

The entire opening ceremony process, although the use of our national production equipment, but more stable and reliable than the previous Olympic Games opening ceremony broadcast control equipment, breaking the situation of foreign technology monopoly.

This time a playback server can output 4 channels of 4K signal, multiple devices can do frame synchronization, 8K cameras are not shot out of error.

novastar control system for Winter Olympic Games

Giant outdoor led display application:

We all know that the venue area of the Winter Olympics is very large, so the number of LED display modules or boxes needed to hold an event is not the same, which also determines the number of displays that need to be purchased or leased to hold an event, and the cost spent is not the same.

Olympic venue area map

It’s more like a court screen application.

In 2008, the Olympic games were also successfully held in Beijing.


(2008 Beijing Olympic game opening ceremony)

3D LED Display

(2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony – The Water Of the Yellow River comes from the sky.)

Outdoor 8k led display screen protection level:

Here involves a standard of LED display protection, IP (Ingress Protection) refers to lamps or similar LED display equipment shell protection level. IP66 means that the product is fully able to prevent the influence and damage of the external environment on the product. There are other IP levels, such as IP65 protection level MA1000 and MAX500, all-weather for the outdoor environment.

The IP level consists of two numbers, the first number means dustproof, the second number means waterproof, the larger the number means the better the protection level:


Dustproof level

Waterproof level


No protection

No protection


Prevents the intrusion of large particles

No effect of water drops into the housing


Prevents intrusion of medium-sized solids

No effect of water or rain dripping onto the housing from a 15-degree angle


Prevents intrusion of small solids

No effect of water or rain dripping onto the housing from a 60-degree angle


Prevents solids larger than 1mm from entering

No effect of splashing water from any angle


Prevention of harmful dust accumulation

No effect of low-pressure injection at any angle


Completely dust-proof

No effect of high-pressure water injection



Resistant to water immersion for a short period



Prolonged immersion in water under certain pressure

Outdoor led display will face harsh environment, so the manufacturer has to maintain the high and stable quality of the LED display, it is very necessary.

What conditions does an outdoor 8K LED display to have to possess?

First of all, we all know that every LED display is combined with components and LED modules.

So the quality stability and goodness of the outdoor LED display depends on the good quality of the modules and internal components, so choosing a reliable LED manufacturer is also a crucial step.

The next is to know how to make sure the outdoor 8K LED works as normal in different environments.

1. High brightness. The outdoor environment is unstable, and the light could change in different moments. So the brightness should be higher than the indoor LED display.Outdoor full colour module brightness could>5500cd/m2.

2. Pixel pitch. Larger pixel spacing, so the pixel density is low, the higher brightness.

In the same brightness, the larger distance between pixel pitch, the smaller the power consumption.

3. High refresh. I believe that every LED user knows how important this point is. To be in 960HZ-1920HZ Refresh Rate.

4. Power source. The power consumption of outdoor led displays is large, which means the lifespan of outdoor led displays is shorter than normal’s.

5. Protection grade.IP65 or IP68 proof level.Dust-proof and waterproof at the same time.

6. Viewing distance. Outdoor led 8K displays although, with high definition and high resolution, the viewing distance will also have a certain impact on the viewing experience.

In terms of 5G + 8K UHD broadcasting, Lazard, as the first batch of 8K UHD display screen suppliers in the “100 Cities and 1000 Screens” campaign, has built 9 new 8K UHD outdoor screens in Beijing (Currently 20 outdoor screens have been built in Beijing.)

How many kinds of outdoor 8K led displays were used in the event?

Dance-floor led screen.

In the opening ceremony, the dance-floor screen with an area of more than 11,000 square meters is a special LED display system specially customized for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, which can achieve ultra-high artistic expression, super reliability and durability, ultra-safety, ultra-high-definition display and superb colour reproduction.

Hundred Cities and Thousands of Screens

LED carbon fibre screen.

It is surrounded and topped by high-definition LED displays, forming the world’s largest five-sided naked eye 3D display like no other. With its lightweight, the Ice Cube can be lifted quickly.

LED carbon fiber screen

Outdoor LED grille screen.

The product adopts the glueing process, waterproof grade before and after IP65, strong wind resistance, safety and wind permeability up to 70%, to ensure the safety performance of the LED display after the installation is completed.

The micro led display became the window for Beijing to showcase China to the world. And all of this led screens were using a high refresh rate of 8K led video wall display.

During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, CCTV 8K UHD channel was broadcasted simultaneously on hundreds of large UHD screens in more than ten provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Sichuan, Shandong, Fujian and Jiangxi, bringing a visual feast to the people.

This project started to attract investment in 2021 and has already been applied in 2022.


In this winter Olympic Games opening ceremony, we have seen the development of led display technology, but also see the improvement of China’s international strength, led display industry has huge potential for development. Not only see the update of outdoor 8K led display technology, but also see the update of led display products, more environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient, which is also a major trend in future development.

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