Outdoor Advertising LED Screen Communication Methods Guidance

As a LED screen owner, It is essential for us to understand the communication methods of outdoor advertising LED screen and how computers transmit information to our outdoor LED advertising display to decide which communication method can help us get better display performance with lower costs.

Basically, there are two communication methods: hard wired or wireless. And we choose each of them based on several points such as cost, distance and availability.

Now let’s discover which one is the best way for the communication methods of outdoor advertising LED screen!

1.Things to Be Considered before Choosing Communication Methods of Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

There are several points to be considered when choosing communication method:

(1) Whether the installation site can be access to the Internet such as Wifi and 4G?

(2) Where is the installation site, and how accessible is it? For example, is the screen placed in a high place?

(3) The distance between LED screen and the network.

(4) Whether trenching or burying data cables is available?

(5)The requirement for the speed of connection and transmission, and the frequency for changing the displayed information.

(6)Whether the costs caused by communication methods are acceptable.

You can have these questions listed on a white paper, and write down your answers for a record. Then let us clarify the details of different communication methods, and make the decision based on your specific conditions.

2.Wiress Communication Method

(1) WIFI wireless control

This method refers to installing a wireless controller or other wireless devices to control the existing wireless network.

WIFI will generate data encryption or key to access the network and prevent unauthorized access.

Precondition: the wireless Ethernet must work properly, and no interference that may affect the information transmission from the sign to the transmitter location.

Advantages: this method can connect the screen and transmit large files at high speed. Moreover, the outdoor LED display can be accessed from several computers.

Disadvantages: this communication method is limited up to 100m in an open area. And any interference such as walls or buildings will reduce the cover range thus decreasing the transmitted distances.

outdoor LED screen WiFi communication

(2)Internet communication

This communication method is not limited by distance. There will be a could sever that connects both the back side and screen side. To explain in detail, the content management software will send the information to the could sever by internet connection, and the outdoor LED video display will download the information from the cloud server using its internet connection and display the content or accept the settings.

Therefore, there is no limitation of the distance between the computers and the LED screen.

Precondition: there must be internet connection in the LED screen location. If necessary, the sign location may need modem (ADSL or 4G) installation or cabling.

Advantages: there is no limitation of distances, and can control several LED advertising displays at the same time.

It can be one of the best ways for displays in controlled off-site and remote locations.

Disadvantages: as what we have mentioned before, the screen location must have internet connection. And sometimes the connection fees is required.

outdoor advertising LED display internet communication

(3)Radio frequency

One side of the RF module will be located on the control computer, and the other side will be positioned on the serial port of the control card. The data transmission will be driven by a driver that is installed on the computer. And the module will operate in a 900MHz range.

Precondition: the RF module has to be installed properly, and no much interference between the computer and LED screen.

The data transmission distances are usually between 300 to 1000 meters.

Advantages: it is easy to install and operate with comparatively long transmission distances.

What is more, it is adaptable to various installation types, and doesn’t require cabling and additional cost after installation.

Disadvantages: the data transmission rate is comparatively slow.

(4)Mobile data

For this type of communication, we have to use specific control cards with data SIM card. In the back-side, content management software send the information to the cloud server by internet connection, and screen will download the new from the cloud sever using SIM card mobile data(GPRS/3G/4G).

Precondition: there should be cell phone signal. And mobile phone cards that access the Internet is necessary.

Advantages: First, quick and easy setting and installation. Second, there is no need for cabling. Third, no limitation of distances.

Disadvantages: this communication method will produce data costs monthly. What is more, limited by bandwidth, the transmission rate will be slightly slower thus affecting transmission for big files.

(5)USB connection

The USB connection is one of the most basic communication types with a long history.

In this method, only a USB drive can realize data transmission. First, store the information into the USB from the computer, then, plug it into the USB port which connects with the outdoor LED LED display panel. Finally, detach the USB drive after the information has been transferred.

Preconditions: it is obvious that you have to own a USB driver. And the distance between you and the computer should not be too far and high so you can not reach the screen.

Advantage: this is an easy method to connect the outdoor LED display screen with high safety and simple operation. And there are no extra fees for connecting.

Disadvantages: sometimes it is not convenient, especially for customers who need to control the contents frequently such as changing the contents routinely, and for some outdoor LED displays that are installed at high altitudes.

3.Hardwired Communication Methods

(1)Ethernet TCP/IP

This method needs to use the Ethernet communication card installed on the computer. Generally speaking, there is no requirement for special adapters.

This is usually used for wall-mounted outdoor LED displays or street light pole LED displays.

Precondition: for more than 330ft in length, there should be Ethernet HUB or Switch to extend the transmission distance. Besides, there should be enough

Advantages: it is a durable transmission media, and can realize comparatively high-speed transmission.

Disadvantages: this connection method needs cabling which progress is more complex than wireless connection and will cost more expenses such as labor and materials costs.

(2)Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optics communication method uses fiber optic cables that utilize light to transmit information from your computers to the outdoor LED advertising displays.

Preconditions: apparently, this method needs cabling. And there must be appropriate conditions for doing such work. For instance, for fiber optics installed under the ground, the soil property can not be strong acid and strong alkaline to damage the cables.

Advantages: the fiber optics can go farther distances with higher speed, and has relatively stronger data security. Moreover, it can cover large-scale areas.

Disadvantages: the initial cost is higher, and may need more energy and budget to maintain and repair.

P2.5 MA960 outdoor led display screen

Unit P2.5 MA960 LED display screen to Kenya

(3)Serial cables

Generally, there are two kinds of serial cables, they are RS232 and RS485.

RS232: this is a two-wire communication method for connecting only one LED display screen with a laptop.

Preconditions: the distance should be within 50 feet (15m). And sending big files is not necessary, only messages required.

RS485: this method can connect several LED advertising displays to one computer.

Preconditions: a converter is required because most computers do not have this port.

This communication method is suitable for distance between 50 feet (15m) to 5000 feet (1500m), and only for sending messages.

As you can see, series cables can be easy to install and use, however, they are limited to distance and transmitted information.

4.In Conclusions

The communication methods of outdoor LED screen can be divided into two types – wireless connection method and hardwired connection method. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. We should choose them based on our specific conditions, requirements and budget. If you have any problems about the communication methods, just read this again or click Unit LED display screen to contact us.

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