Outdoor P8 Commercial LED Display To Philippines—Custom Case

In this case ,we offered Outdoor P8 commercial LED display ——MA960 series to our Philippines custom,and received positive feedback.

Unit Commercial LED display MA960 Series is one of the latest Outsoor LED display series with best brightness,has a good waterproof rating of IP65.

In this customer case, the customer requested to install an LED display at the entrance of the park. What we provide is Outdoor P8 commercial LED displays—MA960 Series, which can meet the requirements of customers for quick installation, outdoor waterproof, beautiful and delicate, and high-precision assembly.

MA960 P8mm cabinet is adapted to P8-1920hz, IC2037LED display, so in this case, it can support a maximum resolution of 720*480.

MA960 series LED display

Project details:

Installation country: Philippines

Cabinet Size:960*960mm

Pixel pitch:P8mm

Module size: 320*160mm

Grayscale: 16bit

Box material: Magnesium alloy

Quantity: 15PCs

Application scenario: Outdoor park entrance display

Product model: MA960 Series

As soon as the customer received our product, it was installed the same day, and the process went very smoothly. This also shows that this product MA960 has the characteristics of Ultra light Weight Cabinet: light weight, convenient transportation, saving labuor cost and easy installation. 

MA960 Series LED display Product Recommendation

Unit MA960 series with magnesium alloy cabinet design,both suitable for indoor&outdoor application. Not limited to rental and fixed LED displays,with standard size 960*960mm.

Exquisite cabinet design

First of all, the MA960 LED display uses magnesium alloy as the box material, which is lighter than the iron box, which can reduce shipping costs and save labor costs. Unified standard LED display cabinet screw holes, suitable for all kinds of standard LED modules.

MA960 led display cabinet design

Unique installation way

Each cabinet is equipped with a unique lock, which can be installed quickly, and can be adjusted from all aspects of the cabinet, showing a smooth and seamless cabinet connection effect, and better display the playback content. And supports fixed installation, but also supports various forms of installation.

Better visual effects

Best brightness
We use the best driver ICs such as 2038S, MBI5124, NATIONSTAR LED display to ensure our LEDs display the best brightness. Unit LED MA960 Series is more focused on the display effect of LED display.

Wider viewing angle,160°
A wider viewing angle can bring a better visual experience to the audience, and the playback content on the display screen will not be affected by the very skewed position, with very stable picture quality.

wide viewing angle of MA960 unit outdoor LED display screen

High refresh rate&high resolution
Outdoor Commercial MA960 LED display has the advantages of high refresh rate and high resolution. Outdoors, the intensity of sunlight is large, so LED modules with larger spacing are required, and higher resolution is required to support.
Many times when we use our mobile phone to shoot LED display videos, something similar to mosaic will appear, that is, the refresh rate is not high enough, so for better display, MA960 series has the advantages of high refresh rate and high contrast, which can be better presented. your content.

High waterproof level

For outdoor MA960 cabinets and modules, they are all waterproof and sealed, and the fully sealed cabinets are weatherproof and dustproof. The interior can be moisture-proof and will not be damaged by placing it for a long time.

outdoor LED display waterproof test

MA960 Series Support front & back service

front service MA960

Back service

back service

Anti-Strike Design

A cover can be installed on the surface of the module of MA960, which can protect the lamp bead from external force and make the LED display last longer. In some specific usage scenarios, it can protect the screen from damage, use it stably, and continue to display the display content.

Example: MA960 series court screen fight video:

Outdoor&indoor specification please turn to another page.

We have already introduced the MA960 Series LED display to you before,but this time I want to show you something different,so,when you are interested in our products,please leave us a massage to let us know what can we do better.

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