Outdoor digital led billboards: Introduction and some installation considerations

Most of the outdoor digital led billboards are used for advertising, including outdoor and indoor. But LED display also can be introduced into different applications, today just follow me to know the latest news about digital 3D LED billboards.

We all know that led display can be used in different scenarios, as I mentioned before: Conference room large screen; Rooftop Curve LED billboard; Building envelope; Indoor dancefloor led display; Rental led screen; Poster led panel; Car, etc.

Read on to find out how they can best be used and if they are the right choice for you.

What Is Digital 3D LED Billboard?

Digital means translating complex information into quantifiable numbers, then building a relevant model of these numbers or data, and then converting them into codes for uniform processing.

3D refers to the two-dimensional in the plane based on the addition of a direction of the vector components of the sense of space, three-dimensional with three-dimensional, before and after the left and right are observation points, there is no absolute front and back, left and right, up and down.

Although there are also traditions and digital billboards, we are mainly talking about digital LED billboard billboards today.

The so-called digital 3D LED billboard is based on digital control of the back-end, adding 3D spatial technology to present your content more modernly to the customer base. Digital LED billboard is a more direct way of advertising that can quickly target niche groups.

Outdoor Digital 3D LED Billboard Some Installation Considerations

The location of outdoor LED billboard installation will generally be chosen in places with high traffic flow and dense commercial buildings, whether as a building decoration or commercial is a good choice.

The size of the LED billboard area can be roughly divided into large、medium and small。

Large LED billboard:

Billboards with an area of more than 250㎡, like large rooftops and roadside super-large billboards.


More than 1,000 square meters of naked-eye 3D giant screen advertising screen in Chongqing Jiefangbei is the first to adopt naked-eye 3D and XR human-screen interaction technology, which deeply integrates video content and surrounding scenes to bring people an immersive experience.


Medium LED billboard:

The area between 21-249㎡, such as general building roof, single column billboard

Highway single column vertical billboard

Small LED billboard:

The area between 1-20㎡, such as lamp post type, parking lot billboard.

Parking lot billboard

Parking lot digital led billboard

Outdoor Digital LED Billboard Installation Considerations:

(1)LED equipment erection. For the construction of outdoor digital 3D LED billboards, special attention should be paid to the wall load-bearing, you can use a variety of installation methods, such as hanging type and roof type. The use of installation tools such as cranes should pay attention to the cooperation between personnel to avoid safety problems.

(2)The luminous radiation range of the digital 3D LED billboard. the luminous radiation range of the LED body also needs to be adjusted so that it does not affect the access problem of the billboard installation section. The 3D LED billboard can solve the problem of the viewing angle of the flat LED billboard, but it also needs to consider this factor so that the viewers standing at every angle can see normal, brightness balanced, uniform colour. The 3D LED billboard can solve the problem of viewing angle of flat LED billboard, but it also needs to consider this factor, so that viewers can see normal, brightness balanced, colour uniform image, video and subtitle information from every angle.

(3)LED Light colour selection. It is recommended to use the colour yellowish lamps and lanterns, so choose high pixel point LED modules and models.

(4)Performance selection of outdoor digital 3D LED advertising screen. In a sense, an outdoor digital 3D LED advertising screen is also a kind of an outdoor fixed installation display, so many performance aspects of the choice can also refer to the outdoor fixed installation display.

(5)Post-maintenance testing. Because it is an outdoor LED display, the digital LED billboard faces more uncertainties than the indoor. Another is that the parts should be replaced in time when they are damaged or unstable during the testing and maintenance process.

(6)High waterproof level? Does the heat sink function properly after a period of use? Is the power supply sufficient? Whether the power supply line is solid and so on. Another is that the parts should be replaced in time when they are damaged or unstable during the testing and maintenance process.

(7)Check usage with the help of tools Novastudio supports controlling multiple screens at the same time and managing content remotely.

Digital LED Billboard Repair and Maintenance

Before maintenance and repair, one of the most important things we have to do is to be clear about what problems may occur during the use of digital led billboards.


Billboard display blank:

 (1) First check whether the power supply is in line with the use of standards, if the other side of the screen is normal, there may be communication or power supply problems.

 (2) Check whether there is no arrangement to play the content at this moment, if not, the blankness of the digital-led billboard is a normal phenomenon.

The emergence of garbled code or screen failure

(1)Check the garbled or malfunctioning LED display module one by one, under the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the power supply, from the garbled or malfunctioning next to a normal working module to start checking, if the last one is good, the next one is bad, probably because the data line connecting the two modules is bad, then we need to replace the data line, or exchange the position of the module.

(2)Check the data lines and cables. Swapping cables will help determine if it is a port on the logic board, an LED module, or just a bad cable.

The entire display has a display error problem

 (1) Check the stored contents of the data input card carefully to ensure that there are no problems with the stored files

 (2) Check the video board. The video board is responsible for the entire video signal to the other parts of the logo.

Specific analysis of specific problems, although the problem seems very complex, to find the root cause of the problem, and then to think about the solution is not difficult.


Outdoor digital LED billboards need to deal with a variety of external environments, so the stability of the billboard is very important.

Generally speaking, such LED billboards are with high waterproof and fireproof levels.

(1)In the digital LED billboard surface deposited some dust may affect the viewing effect, it is necessary to blow-dust.

(2)Need to understand some professional knowledge first, blow-dust does not blow without direction, you can blow from left to right evenly, or can also use professional blow-dust tools.

(3)Outdoor digital LED billboards with high-quality waterproof grade, regular cleaning digital LED billboards is also very important. Apply the cleaning agent especially for cleaning the screen on the surface of the LED advertising screen and wipe it gently with a brush.

(4)After the cleaning and blowing dust is completed, the LED billboard needs to be air-dried before continuing to use.

Maintenance is a very important process that can artificially extend the lifespan of the digital LED billboard, and also can continue its commercial value and save cost.


There are many ways to present digital LED billboards, and many businesses are choosing this very effective way to expand their business territory. There are many ways to search and target customer groups, such as using social media, optimizing search engines, etc. Outdoor Digital LED billboards offer more possibilities for your businesses.

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