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UNIT LED is a global-leading outdoor LED Display factory in Shenzhen, China. We offer high-quality, high stable indoor & outdoor LED displays with the features of Customized Size & various pixel pitches ranging from P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P8mm, P10mm, etc.

There is some information about excellent outdoor led video walls. Including MA960, OF800, outdoor fixed led display, outdoor transparent led display, and outdoor rental led display.

1. Waterproof and High-quality outdoor led screens

There are many models of outdoor led displays. They can meet the needs of different application scenarios. UNIT has been focusing on the production of indoor and outdoor LED displays for many years. Our products are rich in models, high quality, and affordable.


960X960mm Magnesium Alloy LED Display

UNIT’s most popular outdoor commercial advertising LED display

Pixel pitch: P3.07, P4, P5, P6.67, P8, P10

Magnesium alloy cabinet design. Standard size cabinet with 960*960mm dimension, high flatness, easy to install and disassemble

Each cabinet weighs only 26kg. lightweight is convenient for installation, assembly, and disassembly.

Accurate cabinet alignment, high precise assembly

IP43 Dustproof and IP65 good waterproof level

960X960mm Magnesium Alloy LED Display



OF800 Series Front Service Outdoor LED Display

Pixel pitch: P4.16, P5, P6.25, P8, P10

Unique Cabinet Design with 800×900mm and 800×1200mm size, High quality 400*300mm LED display module

Beautiful and user-friendly led screen cabinet design

Support full front-maintenance and rear-maintenance

High Refresh Rate to 3840Hz, the excellent display effect

can be used as sports LED display and stadium perimeter LED display

Customized Size Outdoor Fixed LED Display

Pixel pitch: P3, P4, P5, P6.67, P10, P3.91, P4.81

Customized size as customer requirement, steel or aluminum cabinet design

SMD LED with the best color uniformity and high brightness over 5000Nits

IP65 protection level and super-wide viewing angle

High-efficiency cooling system

Use the best driving IC with a high refresh rate and high grey level with the latest technology

Customized Size Outdoor Fixed LED Display
960X960mm Series Energy Saving LED Display


960X960mm Series Energy Saving LED Display

Pixel pitch: P6.67, P8, P10

The best common cathode aluminum display with a size of 960*960mm, High IP68 waterproof level

Ultra-low heat and power consumption, saving, and excellent visual experience

Safety harness design

Dual service with front and rear maintenance

Outdoor rental led screen

All our rental LED video walls are available for outdoor rental. The main models of outdoor event and stage rental led screens are P3.91mm and P4.81mm. The LED screen rental is lightweight and convenient. And it supports quick disassembly and assembly.

Rental led display plays an important role in event production. They are working in various stage performances, catwalks, product launches, and other activities. UNIT LED provides a series of rental LED displays including MAGIC500, MAGIC500PRO, MA500, MA1000, NG500, MAX500.

2. Customized Outdoor LED Display Factory-UNIT LED

We provide customers with one-stop service about the LED display, including all aspects from R&D, production, and sales to after-sales. UNIT LED has a professional led display factory with an area of more than 8000 square meters. The company has advanced production equipment, a professional team of workers, and a complete production line, assembly line, and aging line.

Why choose the UNIT Outdoor LED display factory?

Choosing a professional outdoor led display factory is nenessary. On the one hand, it can ensure product quality. On the other hand, consider the factory’s delivery capacity. The display factory must have sufficient production capacity to ensure that the goods can be dispatched in time and the order can be completed.

  • 110+ Countries Solutions

In more than 12 years of business, UNIT LED has provided satisfactory outdoor LED display solutions to customers in more than 110 countries and regions around the world.

Rich experience allows us to serve you faster and better.

  • Numerous Top Material Partners

High-quality products come from the blessing of high-quality raw materials. UNIT outdoor led display factory has established a close and stable cooperative relationship with the top raw material suppliers in the industry. Including Linsn technology, Novastar, Huidu technology, Nationstar, Episstar, MEAN WALL, and so on.

High-quality products and reliable services have won a good reputation from our suppliers and customers.

  • Efficient Equipment&Workers

For a professional outdoor led display manufacturer, high-precision production equipment and high-quality workers are essential. UNIT LED display factory has a set of the efficient production line and effective workers.

We have professional SMD machines and SMT machines. No need to worry about production capacity and delivery capacity.

  • Strict Quality Control Management

The UNIT outdoor led display factory is equipped with aging workshop. All indoor and outdoor LED displays must be aged for 72 hours. It will be packaged and shipped after it is determined that there is no quality problem.

3.UNIT outdoor led display factory Tour

unit led display factory

4. Outdoor LED Screen Application

More and more customers choose to use outdoor Led displays to play advertisements and attract traffic. You can see outdoor LED displays everywhere, such as shopping malls, stations, street corners, building exterior walls,. Next, let’s take a closer look and see what changes the outdoor led screen has brought to our lives.

(1) Outdoor transparent LED display

Transparent led displays are used in outdoor scenes such as large-scale stage art, shopping mall windows, and building glass curtain walls. The viewing distance is between 10-60 meters or more. Taking into account factors such as transparency, brightness, viewing distance, etc., 7.82-7.82mm, 7.82-15.64mm, and 10.4-10.4mm are suitable outdoor transparent screens.


  • Hollow-carved design, light and transparent. The hollow die-cast aluminum box structure ensures high permeability of the box while reducing weight.
  • Modular design, beautiful and convenient. The front and rear double maintenance saves your cost.
  • Various installation methods. The transparent screen can realize arc installation. It support base installation, hoisting, floor installation and other installation methods.

(2) Outdoor 3D LED display

With the development of 5G communication technology and scene technology, the 8K+5G solution has become a new star in the display industry. The popularity of naked-eye 3D LED displays has injected new vitality into outdoor LED displays.

With the unique patented outdoor corner LED display technology, it can assist in the playback of 3D special effects videos. It can make the viewer have an immersive sense of interaction. It is conducive to attracting attention and expanding the effect of publicity.

(3) Outdoor advertising LED display

The application of outdoor advertising LED display is relatively mature. It is easy to see in many places such as the outer walls of shopping malls, station airport plazas, highway intersections and so on. Outdoor led advertising led video wall is bright in color and strong in three-dimensional sense, which can easily catch the sight of pedestrians.

In addition to being the carrier of outdoor advertising, outdoor led screen can also release real-time information to enrich people’s entertainment and cultural life. Therefore, the outdoor LED display is also conducive to the improvement of the city’s image. It has brought us both economic and social benefits.

5. How to choose the best outdoor advertising led display factory

After learning about the application of outdoor LED advertising screens, you may have the idea to invest in your display project. Where can I buy a good quality display?

Many people will use Google to search “outdoor led display factory near me”. But how to choose the best one from many led display manufacturers? You need consider the following factors:

(1) Successful display cases

Some cases that the manufacturer has done in the past can help you learn about the strength of the outdoor LED display factory. If there are many cases of the same type or have undertaken large-scale projects, it means that the factory has rich experience and can complete your project well.

(2) The overall strength of the manufacturer

The overall strength of the manufacturer is reflected in the scale of the factory, display manufacturing equipment, workers, industry qualification certificates, and other aspects. Companies that have been in business for a long time have standardized production processes.

(3) After-sales service quality

Large outdoor display screens need to be properly configured and debugged by technicians. Therefore, you cannot ignore professional after-sales service and technical support.


Due to the installation environment, display size, display shape, and many other factors, your needs determine how the display is packaged and shipped. It requires display manufacturers to have complete solutions. UNIT can meet your needs.

6.Real Costomer Cases

Outdoor Perimeter LED Display

Outdoor Perimeter LED Display to the Largest Football Field in Tbilisi, Georgia

Installation Country: Georgia

Pixel Pitch: P10mm

Product: MA960 series

Module Resolution: 32X16dots

Module Size: 320X160mm

Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs

Cabinet Material: magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 960X960mm

Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs

Cabinet Resolution: 96X96dots

Refresh Rate: 1,920Hz

Application: Sports Perimeter LED Display


P10 LED Display Board to France for Football Field

Installation Country: France

Pixel Pitch: P10mm

Display Size: 39.36m*0.96m

Module Resolution: 32X16dots

Module Size: 320X160mm

Cabinet Quantity: 41pcs

Cabinet Material: magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 960X960mm

Cabinet Resolution: 96X96dots

Refresh Rate: 3840Hz

LED Lamp Bead: Nationstar

Application: Football field

Large Outdoor LED Screen Hire Cases to Japan

Installation Country: Japan

Pixel Pitch: P2.976mm

Module Resolution: 84X84dots

Module Size: 250X250mm

Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 960X960mm

Cabinet Resolution: 168X168dots

Pcs: 240Pcs

Refresh Rate: 1,920Hz

Grayscale: 14bit

Application: Outdoor rental LED display


In this article, we introduce you to the UNIT outdoor LED display factory, including a factory overview, outdoor display cases, and what you should pay attention to when choosing a LED display factory. If you want to consult more information, welcome to contact us!

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