Why is EV960 Series Outdoor LED Panel so Popular?

In recent years, more and more Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Cyprus have imported EV960 series outdoor LED panel from China. In this article, we will find out why EV960 series is so popular in the Middle East.

EV960 led display installation

As we all know, Most of the Middle East is located between 20 and 30 north latitude, and the Tropic of Cancer passes through the middle. It is also under the control of subtropical high and northeast trade winds from arid inland Asia, so it is dry and rainy. The highest average temperature in summer can reach 45 degrees Celsius, and the desert area is vast, so the most prominent climate feature in this region is high temperature.

At the same time, the closed plateau terrain in this area blocks the entry of humid air from the ocean and aggravates the drought in this area, so it forms the characteristics of tropical desert climate.

However, the ordinary LED display screen usually has a large area, consumes a lot of power in the application process, and the corresponding heat dissipation is also large. In addition, the external temperature is high.

If the heat dissipation problem cannot be solved in time, it is likely to cause problems such as heating and short circuit of the circuit board. The appearance of the EV960 series outdoor LED panel has improved this problem well.

EV960 Series Energy Saving LED Display is UNIT latest Common Cathode Aluminum Display with size of 960*960mm, high IP68 waterproof level. Unique panel design with 480*320mm size. Ultra low heat and power consumption, saving and excellent visual experience.

Features of EV960 series Outdoor LED Panel

1. Dual service mode of front and rear design to save you Maintenance Cost. The LED panel can be assembled and disassemble easily and quickly. It can be used on various occasions.

2. Aluminum material, EV960 is a Common Cathode LED display, Die-casting aluminum chassis, recycle rate 90% for the whole product, high-temperature durability, fast heat-dissipation, and Good heat dissipation performance.

EV960 outdoor led panel

3. Right angle splicing and small arc excessive splicing of the straight screen can be realized. So EV960 series outdoor display is also used for outdoor 3d billboard production

4. The whole product can Reach a 5VB fireproofing level.

5. 10000 level brightness, EMC CLASS B level.

6. According to the change of the external environment, the brightness of the outdoor display screen is automatically adjusted, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving.

7. High IP68 waterproof level.

So it seems UNIT EV960 outdoor led panel enjoys many advantages over other competing products with the same and even lower prices. It will be more and more popular with customers in the Middle East in the future.

Where Can You Use the EV960 Series LED Display?

As an excellent outdoor fixed led display, the EV960 series is very versatile. It has an excellent performance in many fields such as commercial display, sports events, transportation, schools, etc.

1. Outdoor digital billboard

With high brightness and high protection level, EV960 can operate normally in an outdoor environment with changing weather. Therefore, the EV960 series are mostly used as outdoor digital signage.

Whether installed on building facades or highway intersections, the EV960’s outstanding display performance has been recognized by customers. Advertisers use it to broadcast commercial advertisements and gain profits.

2. Perimeter LED display

The led fence screen is the product that replaces the traditional led billboard. It can change the advertisement content at any time with bright colors. The stadium screen allows people to watch sports events and advertise at the same time.

UNIT EV960 series display with soft face shield can effectively prevent impact. The protection measures can protect the screen parts while protecting the athletes’ safety.

EV960-Sport led display (5)

The bottom is supported by a triangular bracket, which has super high stability and safety.

3. Outdoor naked-eye 3D display

Naked eye 3D large screen is a very hot topic nowadays. To achieve a stunning naked-eye 3D effect, in addition to the beautiful 3D content source, a high-quality 3D led panel is also essential. The display must have the following conditions:

(1) high refreshment: ≥3840hz

(2) High grayscale: ≥14bit

(3) High dynamic contrast

(4) Configure multi-graphics card

Outdoor EV series LED display meets the above conditions. UNIT LED provides professional 3d LED display solutions.

4. Traffic LED sign

Traffic LED signs are often set up on both sides of highways and roads to indicate traffic. Traffic LED signs have long working hours and require high performance of the display.

As you can see, the EV960 series outdoor led panel has many novel features. It can provide bright and colorful visual effects for your project. Want the best display quote? Just contact us.

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