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Outdoor LED Display

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UNIT LED provides high-quality fixed outdoor LED screen with various cabinet sizes to meet the display needs of various outdoor scenes. High brightness, high waterproof level, and high durability.

Various cabinet sizes: 960*960mm, 1280*960mm, 800*900mm, 500*1000mm, 1000*1000mm, and so on.

Pixel Pitches range from P4mm, P5mm, P6.67mm, P7mm, P8mm, P10mm and more.

Today, I will have an in-depth discussion with you about outdoor LED screen. The main content includes features, application areas, how to install, how to purchase, etc.

High-brightness full-color outdoor LED screens are suitable for outdoor advertising, information guidance, outdoor activities, etc.

If you are interested or planning to purchase your own digital outdoor LED display panels, this post will be your ultimate shopping guide!

1.What is Outdoor LED Display?

Outdoor LED display is an electronic display specially designed for outdoor scenes.

It utilizes light-emitting diode (LED) technology to display videos, images, text, and other multimedia content with vivid colors and high resolution.

These LED screens are perfect for outdoor environments such as stadiums, shopping malls, transportation hubs, and city squares.

They play important roles in advertising, public information dissemination, entertainment, and communications.

outdoor LED screen

The Features of Outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED displays offer several advantages over traditional signage and display systems, including:

a. Brightness

LED technology enables the outdoor LED screen to provide high brightness, ensuring visibility even under direct sunlight.

b. Weather Resistance

It can withstand a variety of weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, making it durable and reliable for outdoor use.

c. Energy Efficiency

LED technology is energy efficient, consuming less power than other display technologies.

d. Customization

High-quality outdoor LED screens can be customized in size, shape, and resolution to meet specific installation requirements and viewing distances.

e. Dynamic Content

LED billboard enables effective advertising and audience engagement by displaying dynamic content such as videos, animations, and real-time information updates.

f. Long Service Life

LED technology has a longer service life compared to traditional display technology, thus reducing maintenance costs and ensuring long-term use.

Overall, outdoor digital display boards are becoming more and more popular due to their versatility, visibility, and durability. 

It has become an important part of modern outdoor advertising and communication strategies.

2.What Can You Do With Outdoor LED Screen?

The LED screen is versatile and has wide applications.

Outdoor LED screens can provide information dissemination, entertainment experiences, and commercial advertising to people.

(1) Advertising

Outdoor LED displays are essential tools in the advertising industry. They can showcase product promotions, brand advertising, and event information.

The high brightness and dynamic content can attract people’s attention, enhancing the effectiveness of advertising.

Outdoor LED billboards are typically on busy roadsides or highways.

(2) Public Information Broadcasting

Government, city management departments, and public institutions can use outdoor LED display screens to broadcast public information.

Such as traffic conditions, weather forecasts, emergency notices, and community events.

It helps improve the efficiency and coverage of information dissemination.

(3) Entertainment Events

Outdoor LED displays can be used to hold various entertainment activities to provide audio-visual enjoyment to the audience.

Such as open-air concerts, outdoor movie screenings, and live sports events, etc.

Perimeter outdoor LED screens are not uncommon in major football matches.

OF800 outdoor sport led display (1)
OF800 outdoor sport led display (2)

(4) Traffic Management

Outdoor LED displays at transportation hubs and major roads can display traffic signals, road information, nearby parking lots, and safety reminders.

(5) Commercial Display

Shopping malls, shopping malls, commercial streets, and other places can use outdoor LED displays to display product information, promotions, and commercial activities.

This helps attract customers and enhance the shopping experience.

(6) City Beautification

Outdoor LED display boards, as part of urban landscapes, can be used for city decoration and beautification.

LED video walls can create city landmarks, landmark building lighting, and art installations to enhance the city’s image and attract tourists.

The popular naked-eye outdoor 3D LED screens have become landmarks in major cities.

For example, the Shinjuku 3D billboard in Tokyo has attracted many tourists for visits.

outdoor 3D led display

3. Outdoor LED Screen Price

Various factors influence outdoor LED screen prices, so obtaining a fixed price is not straightforward.

However, you can gain a general understanding based on the primary factors affecting outdoor LED display screen prices.

(1) Pixel Density

Higher pixel density translates to enhanced display resolution and typically commands a higher price.

Increased pixel density enables sharper image and video displays but also entails higher manufacturing costs.

Common pixel pitches for outdoor LED displays include P5 mm, P6.67 mm, P7 mm, P8 mm, and P10 mm.

(2) Outdoor LED Screen Size

The display size directly impacts the price.

Larger displays require more LED modules and materials, resulting in relatively higher prices.

(3) Outdoor LED Screen Raw Materials

The quality of LEDs is pivotal for display performance and long-term stability.

High-quality LED lamp beads, driver chips, and power supplies generally incur higher prices but ensure more reliable and durable performance.

(4) Brightness and Waterproof Rating

Outdoor LED screen panels must exhibit sufficient brightness to combat outdoor lighting impacts and possess strong waterproof capabilities to withstand harsh weather conditions.

These attributes typically elevate manufacturing costs, thus influencing outdoor LED screen prices.

outdoor LED high brightness

Outdoor LED Screen Brightness & Waterproof Test

(5) Control Systems and Additional Functions

Incorporating advanced control systems, remote monitoring capabilities, temperature control systems, etc., adds to the display’s price.

(6) Installation and Maintenance Costs

Installing an outdoor LED display may necessitate additional labor and material expenses.

Moreover, ongoing maintenance, such as replacing damaged LED modules or maintaining power and communication equipment, adds to the overall costs.

Therefore, outdoor LED advertising screen prices vary depending on these factors.

Generally, displays with higher customization degrees and advanced technical features command relatively higher prices.

4. Where Can You Apply to Outdoor LED Display?

Outdoor LED displays are widely used in various outdoor settings. Here are some common applications:

Large shopping malls or commercial centers

Exterior walls of large buildings

(1) Transportation hubs

(2) Along highways

(3) Banks

(4) Hotels

(5) Office buildings

(6) Outdoor sports events

(7) More…

In summary, full-color outdoor LED screens can display text, images, videos, and other content.

Their vibrant color reproduction and high brightness make them visually effective in outdoor environments.

Whether you intend to use them for advertising or information guidance, outdoor LED displays can provide excellent visual communication.

5. How to Choose Outdoor LED Screen?

Choosing the right outdoor LED display requires consideration of multiple factors to ensure its optimal performance and durability in outdoor settings.

Here are some key considerations:

(1) Waterproof Rating and Durability

High-quality outdoor LED displays need to have excellent waterproof ratings to withstand various harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and humidity.

Ensure the chosen display meets or exceeds local waterproof standards. Sufficient durability ensures the equipment can operate stably outdoors for extended periods.

Generally, most outdoor LED screens have a waterproof rating of at least IP65. If your area experiences frequent rainfall, IP67 or IP68 outdoor LED panels would be preferable.

led billboard

(2) Brightness and Contrast

Outdoor environments typically have strong ambient light, so it’s crucial to choose a display with high brightness and contrast to ensure visibility even in sunlight.

Outdoor LED displays usually require a brightness of over 5000 nits and good contrast.

If you need the display for traffic indication, DIP outdoor LED displays with superior brightness can meet your requirements.

(3) Pixel Density and Resolution

Pixel density and resolution directly impact the clarity and detail of the display.

Choosing the appropriate pixel density and resolution ensures a good visual experience for viewers even at a distance.

Based on your project requirements, outdoor LED screen manufacturers will recommend suitable models.

(4) Size and Shape

Selecting the right size and shape of the display based on the installation location and requirements.

It enhances the display effect and viewing experience considering factors such as audience distance, viewing angle, and installation space.

(5) Front or Rear Maintenance

LED displays have two maintenance methods: front maintenance and rear maintenance.

Dual maintenance provides great convenience for your later maintenance and repair work.

During the initial communication with the manufacturer, determine the maintenance method of the outdoor digital LED display based on the installation environment and method.

For example, wall-mounted outdoor LED displays choose front maintenance, while displays requiring rear maintenance need to reserve maintenance channels during planning.

(6) Energy-saving Outdoor LED Displays

Energy consumption is an important consideration. Choosing energy-efficient displays can reduce operating costs and energy consumption.

Features such as automatic brightness adjustment and energy-saving modes are worth considering.

Energy-saving displays use common-anode energy-saving technology, which is more energy-efficient than ordinary screens.

For large outdoor LED video walls, opting for energy-saving products can save you more electricity costs.

(7) Supplier's After-sales Service and Support

Consider the supplier’s after-sales service and support, including warranty period, maintenance services, and technical support.

Choosing a reputable supplier with good after-sales service for outdoor LED displays can provide better assurance and support.

In summary, choosing the right outdoor LED display requires consideration of the above factors and making choices based on actual needs and budget.

Communicating with multiple suppliers, and comparing, and testing different models is also a wise approach.

6. How to Install LED Outdoor Video Wall?

The installation method of outdoor LED displays mainly depends on factors such as the installation location, the size and shape of the display screen, and project requirements.

Here are several common installation methods for outdoor LED displays:

(1) Wall Mounting

It is one of the most common installation methods, suitable for building exteriors, shopping mall facades, etc.

The LED display is directly mounted on the wall, typically requiring brackets or mounting frames for fixation.

outdoor LED display (1)
outdoor LED display (2)

(2) Pole Mounting

For outdoor LED displays that need to be independently positioned, You can choose pole mounting.

The display screen is installed on specially designed poles, allowing height and angle adjustments as needed. This method is common in outdoor plazas, parking lots, etc.

column LED billboard

(3) Column Installation

For column-shaped or pillar-type buildings, LED displays can be installed on columns.

It effectively utilizes the building structure, enhancing display effects and visual appeal.

(4) Hanging Installation

In some scenarios, outdoor rental LED displays suspended in the air can achieve better visibility and coverage.

Hanging installation requires specialized equipment such as suspension rods, rings, and rigging. Hanging outdoor LED displays are not unfamiliar in outdoor sports venues, outdoor stages, etc.

(5) Ground Mounting

Some outdoor LED displays require ground mounting.

The display screen is installed on the ground, typically requiring specially-made brackets or bases for fixation. It is suitable for outdoor plazas, gardens, etc.

(6) Vehicle Mounting

For mobile advertising and event requirements, vehicle-mounted LED displays are a good choice.

Mobile truck outdoor LED screens are fixed with vehicle mounts or fixtures. You can see them in mobile promotions and event venues.

Please consider factors such as actual requirements, installation environment, and project budget, then choose the right installation.

7. UNIT Outdoor LED Display Screen Factory

(1) 8000㎡ LED Screen Factory

The UNIT outdoor LED display factory boasts a well-equipped production facility spanning over 8000 square meters, featuring advanced manufacturing equipment and processes.

It ensures high production efficiency, stable quality, and the capability to meet large-scale orders.

(2) Quality Control

Equipped with a professional aging workshop, the UNIT outdoor LED display factory conducts rigorous aging tests on produced displays.

It helps identify potential issues and enhances product reliability and stability.

(3) High-quality Raw Material & Products

Quality assurance is guaranteed through the use of high-quality raw materials at the UNIT outdoor LED display factory, including LED chips, driver chips, and housing materials.

Stringent quality control and supply chain management practices ensure product reliability and durability.

(4) After-sales Service & Technical Support

UNIT LED provides comprehensive after-sales service and technical support. Including post-sale maintenance, remote technical assistance, and regular inspections.

Customers can buy with confidence. We will provide timely help and support throughout the entire use process.

(5) Outdoor LED Screen Solutions

We offer a variety of customized outdoor LED display solutions, including different sizes, pixel densities, and brightness options to meet the diverse needs and application scenarios of various customers.

Superior production equipment, high-quality raw materials, stringent quality control, comprehensive after-sales service, and diverse solutions.

UNIT outdoor LED display factory serves as a reliable partner, providing professional support for your outdoor display needs.

8. Conclusion

By reading this post, Do you understand outdoor LED display screens more deeply?

UNIT LED is here to provide high-quality outdoor LED screens for different applications. Just send a message and get a free quote!