What is an Outdoor LED Screen Price? Get a Price Quote!

If you are interested in LED displays or want to invest in outdoor LED display projects, you must be concerned about outdoor LED screen price!

Outdoor LED display screen prices range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Its price is affected by many factors such as screen size, spacing, and project requirements.

LED display screens have a wide range of applications. Such as shopping malls, outdoor sports activities, music festivals, highways, and other places.

This article brings you more information about outdoor LED screen price and helps you gain a deep understanding of outdoor LED screen costs.

1. What is An Outdoor LED Display?

The outdoor display has a strong protection level and rich functions. These outdoor LED products are specially designed for the outdoor environment.

As an efficient and reliable advertising method, it can display text, pictures, animations, videos, and other forms of media content.

It has become a frequent visitor to outdoor displays with its bright image effects and dynamic display. You can feel the convenience brought by outdoor LED displays everywhere in our daily lives.

Learn more about outdoor LED screen prices, then you can make the right decision on your LED display investment.

outdoor led screen price

2. Benefits of Investing in Outdoor LED Screen

(1) Strong Visual Impact

The outdoor LED screen, which is large in size, rich in color, and combines audio and video, has a strong visual impact.

A big LED screen can fully mobilize the audience’s senses and accurately convey information to the audience.

(2) Wide Coverage Area

LED display screens are used in many fields, covering all aspects of people’s lives. For example, traffic guidance, commercial advertising, etc.

Outdoor billboards installed in high-traffic areas allow more people to pay attention to the advertising content by interacting with users’ high-frequency words, thereby increasing brand awareness.

(3) Long Release Period

Large outdoor LED display has stable working performance, can be lit for a long time, and is easier to be seen by the audience.

It can display specific content for a long time and help investors achieve better publicity effects at less cost.

(4) Low Audience Dislike Rate

Bright images and dynamic video effects of LED signages let viewers showcase content. It can avoid to a certain extent the contact barriers caused by the audience’s conscious and active avoidance.

3. What You Should Pay For Outdoor LED Screen Price?

Next, we will enumerate the components of the outdoor LED display price for you.

If you plan to buy outdoor LED panels from Chinese LED display manufacturers, you will pay for the following aspects.

A complete LED display system is divided into four components: LED display, control system, power input, and installation structure.

outdoor led display price

(1) Outdoor LED Display Cost

The cost of LED display screens is the main component. It means you’re mostly paying for it.

The factors that affect the outdoor LED screen price include pixel pitch, size, lamp beads, cabinet, driver IC, power supply, etc.

A. Pixel Pitch

A smaller pixel pitch means higher quality image quality.

Common pitches of SMD outdoor LED screens are P6.67mm, P8mm, and P10mm.

Pixel pitches of DIP outdoor LED panel: P10mm, P16mm, p20mm.

The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution of the screen, the better the visual effect, and the higher the price.

As the demand for high-quality images rises, outdoor LED screens with small pixels have gradually become the choice of investors.

How to achieve a balance between image effects and investment costs?

How to choose the right pixel pitch for your project? Consider the factors: viewing distance, screen size, and the visual effect you want to achieve.

In general, outdoor LED display screens are more suitable for long-distance viewing than indoor LED displays.

If you are unsure, ask a professional salesperson for help. They will recommend the appropriate model based on the actual conditions of your project.

B. Screen Size

W = width, H = height. The area of the LED display = W x H.

The larger the screen size, the greater the number of outdoor LED panels required. Outdoor LED screen price is directly proportional to the screen size.

This blog  teaches you how to calculate the LED display size:

How to calculate the size of LED display?

C. Lamp Beads

Lamp beads are the core components of LED displays, which directly determine the quality of LED displays.

High-quality brand lamp beads mean better display effects and lower failure rates.

Commonly used lamp bead models for SMD outdoor LED displays are SMD1921, SMD2727, and SMD3535.

Popular lamp bead brands currently on the market include Kinglight, Nationstar, San’an, Nichia, Episen, and others.

D. Driver IC

The driver IC will affect the refresh rate and grayscale of the outdoor LED display, thereby affecting the image quality.

High-quality LED constant current driver IC can ensure stability and eliminate LED flicker.

The energy-saving display uses an energy-saving driver IC ICN2049. It can effectively reduce the traditional 5V power supply to below 3.8V to reduce power consumption.

Common IC brands include Macroblock, ICN, and FM.

E. Cabinet Material

Boxes made of different materials have different weights and prices.

outdoor iron cabinet

Iron Cabinet

The iron cabinet has good sealing performance, heavy quality, and the cheapest price.

But it’s more difficult to install and transport.

In addition, iron boxes are prone to rust due to prolonged exposure to wind and rain.

Magnesium Alloy Cabinet

Magnesium alloy is an alloy based on magnesium and added with other elements.

The magnesium alloy box has good heat dissipation and good shock absorption performance.

It is cost-effective, much lighter than an iron box, and easy to install.

Aluminum LED Screen Cabinet

The aluminum cabinet has high-temperature resistance and fast heat dissipation.

The entire product can reach a 5VB fire protection level.

More and more outdoor LED cabinets use aluminum cabinet frames.

Steel LED Cabinet

Steel is also an option for outdoor LED cabinets. It has high strength and durability.

Since it is susceptible to corrosion, its surface is often covered with a special coating. Plus the steel is customizable so it’s suitable for outdoor screens.

(2) Power Supply

The power supply is an important link to ensure that the display screen can work normally.

A high-quality power supply ensures the stability and working life of the Outdoor LED display.

There are many brands of LED display power supplies on the market. Among them, Meanwell is the best one. If you’re on a budget, G-energy has you covered.

(3) LED Control System

The LED screen panel mentioned above belongs to the hardware, and the LED control system belongs to the software part.

Different LED controllers have different load capabilities. The LED control system controls the screen content. Larger and denser displays require more receiving cards.

LED control systems are divided into synchronous control and asynchronous control. Different application scenarios are suitable for different control systems.

Novastar, Colorlight, and Linsn are relatively well-known control system manufacturers. Among them, Novastar is the most popular.

(4) Packaging Costs

A. Carton

Cartons are mostly used for packaging accessories such as LED modules and wires.

The carton will be filled with pearl cotton. However, it may be damaged during transportation.

B. Wooden Cabinet

The reliability of wooden cabinet packaging is stronger than cartons. It can be ensured to a greater extent that the LED screen cabinet will not be damaged during transportation.

However, loading and unloading are not convenient and the maneuverability is poor.

wooden cabinet vs fight case

wooden cabinet vs fight case

C. Flight Case

The shock-proof cushioning material inside the flight case can protect the LED panels.

The wheels at the bottom make it easy to move, making it more flexible and convenient.

Moreover, it can be customized according to customer requirements. For example, print the customer’s company logo.

(5) Transportation Costs


If you are considering purchasing LED displays from a Chinese LED display manufacturer, below we list the main shipping methods for you:

A. Ocean Shipping

It is suitable for situations where the delivery time is not too urgent or the quantity of LED screens being purchased is large. Because the outdoor LED cabinet is heavy. It requires a large space for storage.

B. Air Express

If your project is urgent and needs to be delivered as soon as possible, air freight is the fastest method of transportation. At the same time, its price is also the highest.

C. Railway Transportation

For some countries that have railways with China, such as Russia, they can be transported by railway. It costs less than air freight.

D. Express Delivery

If the product you purchase is relatively small, express delivery can deliver your goods to your doorstep. Such as LED modules, control cards, video processors, and other products.

(6) Installation Cost

The installation cost of an LED display screen depends on the difficulty of installation and screen area. Different installation methods have different levels of complexity.

Installing large outdoor screens requires specialized equipment and crew, which may increase installation costs.

outdoor led screen installation

outdoor LED screen installation

A. Steel Frame Structure

The strong steel frame structure ensures the stability of the outdoor LED screen and the safety of pedestrians. You can seek help from a professional installation company.

B. Professional Equipment

For some large outdoor LED display installations, ladders, scaffolding, or special lifts may be used.

C. Labor Cost

If you hire local professional installers, you need to pay them for their labor.

If you need technicians from the LED display manufacturer to assist with installation, you may need to pay for their travel and room and board expenses.

(7) Maintenance & Repair

If the screen you need to repair is within the warranty period, you can send it back to your outdoor LED screen manufacturer for repair. You only need to pay the shipping fee.

If it is not within the warranty period or there are too many goods to send back, then you need to hire professional maintenance personnel to repair it.

4. Other Factors Affect Outdoor LED Screen Price

(1) SMD or DIP Outdoor LED Panel?

A. Outdoor DIP LED Display

DIP LEDs are often used as outdoor signs. It has extremely strong environmental weather resistance and high brightness. Its maximum brightness can reach 10,000nits.

At the same time, its quality is more stable and its service life is longer.

If the viewing distance is more than 10 meters and high brightness is required, then DIP technology is your first choice.

B. Outdoor SMD LED Display

Now SMD LED display is more popular than DIP. Its technical cost is approximately US$100-150 per square meter.

SMD has more pixel pitch options: from P3mm-P10mm. This means that SMD has higher resolution and image quality than DIP.

Therefore, Outdoor SMD LED screen is widely used in outdoor billboards, scoreboards, or digital banners.

If the viewing distance is small or you are pursuing higher-definition visual effects, it is recommended that you choose SMD technology.

(2)Technical Requirements

A. Refresh Rate

1920Hz and 3840Hz are more common. The screen with a high refresh rate makes the picture smoother, and there will be no black lines in the shooting. It is recommended that you choose 3840H for better video effects.

The following post will give you a detailed understanding of LED display refresh rate:

LED Display Refresh Rate: 7 Things You Must Know!

B. Brightness

The brightness of the outdoor LED display board is between 4500-6500 cd/㎡. The brightness of the indoor LED screen is between 600-800 cd/㎡.

For some desert areas or areas with lower latitudes, high-brightness screens ensure that content can be displayed even under sunlight.

Higher brightness means special craftsmanship, so the outdoor LED display board price is more expensive than the indoor one.

outdoor LED high brightness

C. Protection Level

IP65 is the standard protection level for outdoor displays. IP66 and IP68 have better protection capabilities but are naturally more expensive.

Special waterproof measures and high protection capabilities are also the reasons why outdoor displays are more expensive.

D. Viewing Distance & Contrast

Viewing distance will affect the choice of pixel spacing. High contrast and wide viewing angles make the screen display better.

5. Prices of Different Outdoor LED Screens

(1) Outdoor 3D LED Screen Price

For outdoor 3D LED Screen prices, in addition to the above factors, other aspects should also be considered. For example: 3D video material production costs, media broadcast control system, etc.

First of all, if you want to get better naked-eye 3D effects, you need to choose high-quality LED panels.

A large-area curved LED screen with high refresh, high contrast, and high grayscale is standard.

Secondly, the production cost of 3D materials is not low. Factors such as duration, special effects, and 3D effects will affect its production cost.

The price of 3D animation is calculated in seconds. The unit price of high-quality complex videos can reach 15,000 yuan per second.

Finally, 3D materials are often large and require professional decoders.

Full guide on 3D billboard price:

3D Billboard Price: How Much Does it Cost?

(2) Outdoor Perimeter LED Display

Perimeter LED screen is used to display advertisements in football, basketball, and other games. It has the following unique design:

Adjustable Stand: The back stand opens and adjusts the tilt angle.

Soft Mask and Soft Pillow: A soft mask and soft pillow on top of the cabinet can prevent athletes from getting injured if they hit the screen during a game. They serve to protect both the athlete and the screen.

Safety Door: The rubber pad rotating safety door design allows the LED cabinet to rotate quickly.

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6. Conclusion

In general, outdoor LED screen price is affected by many factors. But this article can still be your definitive guide.

If you would like to receive a detailed quote immediately, simply contact us by completing the form below. Our professionals will create suitable solutions for your project and provide relevant product information and prices!


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