High-quality Outdoor LED Video Display-Product and Cases

Outdoor LED display plays an important role in commercial LED display, outdoor advertising, traffic guidance, and other aspects. Today, we will bring you the latest case of the outdoor led video display from UNIT LED. Then we will introduce a powerful and popular outdoor led display product – EV960 series energy-saving led display.

The EV960 Series is an excellent outdoor led display product with a high-protection aluminum box. This post will take you to learn more about this high-quality outdoor led panel.

1. Real Cases of EV960 Series Outdoor LED Video Display

Case 1-Outdoor P8 High-Quality LED Display in Japan

Installation Country: Japan

Cabinet size: 960*960mm

Pixel pitch: P8

Module size: 480*320mm

Grayscale: ≥14bit

Refresh rate(Hz): 3840

Screen Height: 1.92m

Screen Width: 4.8m

Box material: Aluminum

Waterproof level: IP68

Installation method: Most are fixed installation

Application scenario: Outdoor building for brand promotion

EV960-P6.67outdoor led video display 1

EV960 series has good protection performance. It can be displayed even in outdoor high-intensity weather conditions. This large outdoor led screen installed on the exterior wall of the building has won praise from customers.

Case 2 - P6.67 outdoor fixed led display in Germany

Installation Country: Germany

Pixel Pitch: P6.67mm

Product Model: EV960 series

Module Size: 480*320mm

Cabinet Material: iron box

Screen Height: 2.88m

Screen Width: 3.84m

Application: outdoor fixed LED display

P6.67 outdoor fixed led display in Germany
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The EV960 series led display screen with high brightness can still display images clearly in the sunlight. The customer sent us pictures after the installation. He was satisfied with the quality of the EV960 outdoor LED video display. In this case, the fixed digital billboard on the roadside has a good visual effect.

2. High-quality Outdoor LED Video Display-EV960 series

Energy saving is a major feature of the EV960 series led display. This common cathode aluminum display uses a dual voltage power supply mode, which is more energy-saving than the traditional display using a 5V power supply mode. In addition, it has many characteristics.

2.1 480*320mm Panel Design

EV960 box adopts 960 × 960 standard sizes. The module size is 480 * 320mm. According to the screen size required by different application scenarios and projects, the EV960 series has a variety of sizes to choose from: 960 * 1280/960 * 960/960 * 640/1440 * 1280/1440 * 960 mm.

The internal structure of the cabinet is simple. The cable channel is designed at the bottom of the panel. So the cable can be hidden at the bottom.

This design makes the appearance of the box more simple and more generous while protecting the cables. A variety of box sizes can meet a variety of needs. At the same time, it is convenient to pack and transport.

2.2 High protection level

Waterproof. The protection level of the front and back of the box has reached IP67 and IP66 respectively. The highest waterproof level ensures the normal operation of the display screen on rainy days. Good waterproof designs can reduce water infiltration and prevent damage to internal components.

Fire prevention. The aluminum box is resistant to high temperatures. The EV960 series outdoor led display has reached the fire protection rating of 5VB. Compared with ordinary plastic shells, it has reached a higher protection level.

EV960 led display 2

Dissipate heat. The module adopts aluminum chassis. The heat of the lamp plate is dissipated into the air through glue.

Meanwhile, the cooling rib can increase the heat dispersion area. The best heat dissipation effect is conducive to extending the service life of the display screen.

2.3 Energy-saving LED screen

On the one hand, the unique power supply mode of the common cathode aluminum display screen can effectively reduce power consumption. Less power consumption and ultra-low heat are conducive to saving energy.

On the other hand, the aluminum chassis and the box can be recycled. The recovery rate of the whole product reached 90%.

2.4 Dual Service with Frontal and Real Maintenance

The module, power supply, and receiving card are subject to overall maintenance before and after. The enclosure supports front and back maintenance.

The module can be quickly disassembled with a wrench. It only takes 8 seconds to install or remove a module. Dual maintenance saves you time and labor costs.

EV960 led display dual service

2.5 Excellent display effect

The EV960 can support curved or even 90° screens, enabling seamless splicing. So, the EV960 series arc screen is popularly used for the outdoor 3D billboard. The refresh rate is up to 3840Hz. The gray level of ≥ 14bits and the high brightness of more than 6000cd/㎡ make the EV960 have an excellent visual effect.


Model name




Pixel Pitch (mm)




Pixel Density (dot/m2)




LED sealing Type




Module Size (mm * mm)




Module Resolution (PX* PX)




Brightness (cd/m2)




Grey Scale(bit)




Refresh Rate (Hz)




Maximum Cabinet Power Consumption (W)




Average Cabinet Power Consumption (W)




Cabinet Size (mm * mm)




Cabinet Weight (Kg)




Cabinet Thickness(mm)




Horizontal Viewing Angle (Deg)


Vertical Viewing Angle (Deg)


Input Voltage (V)


Working Temperature (℃)

-20~ +40

Working humidity(RH)


Storage temperature range

-40~ +80

Operation humidity (RH):


Waterproof Level


working life


Working Environment:


Installtion Method

Fixed Installation

In this post, we introduce you to the cases of the outdoor LED video display and then recommend the EV960 series LED display. Through reading, I believe you have felt its powerful display effect. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get the best price for EV960 led panel!

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