Outdoor P8 High Quality LED Display to Japan——EV960 Series

In this case, our customers demand high quality and large size, so we recommend the EV960 Series to them. Our EV960 LED display series has high protection aluminium chassis panel design, it is also an energy-saving LED Display.
Energy-saving LED display means that the EV960 series is even more available for recyclable use.


Project details

Installation country: Japan

Cabinet size:960*960mm

Pixel pitch: P8

Module size: 480*320mm

Grayscale: ≥14bit

Refresh rate(Hz):3840

Box material: Aluminum

Waterproof level: IP68

Installation method: Most are fixed installation

Application scenario: Outdoor building for brand promotion

Product model: EV960 Series

In this case, our customers require high quality LED display, what we recommend is EV960 LED Series. UNIT EV960 Energy Saving LED Display is the latest Common Cathode Aluminum Display with the size of 960*960mm, a high IP68 waterproof level.
Unique panel design with 480*320mm size. Ultra-low heat and power consumption, saving and excellent visual experience.


What exactly quality does the EV960 Series have?

Unique panel design

The panel of the EV960 LED display series is an aluminium chassis panel,ultra-thin thickness with a 75mm design.

Materials and components

Aluminium chassis adopt edge lock without screwing design. full sealed design, to protect its internal components.

High protective performance

High-temperature durability. The EV960 LED display products can reach a 5VB fireproofing level.

Support sizes 960*1280mm/960*960mm/960*460mm/1440*1280mm, so there are many sizes for you to choose from.

Safety Harness Design

Each LED module is equipped with a safety harness to prevent the module from falling and hitting people.

Support Dual Service with Frontal and Real Maintenance


Dual service mode of front and real design to save you maintenance cost.

Easy Installation Way

The custom said that everything about installation went smoothly. The EV960 is sleamless splicing, and the die-cast aluminium modules achieve high flatness. At the same time, the EV960 led display series has no gaps and the led screen with an excellent display.

Wider viewing angle

The EV960 LED display series have a 160° viewing angle, even though you stand at a tilting angle, you also can see the whole picture or video on the led display.

Fast lock design


One more special thing is that the power and data cables are hidden at the bottom of the panel.

What kind of pixel does EV960 Series have?

P860*40 dots/module480*320mm960*960mm 
P1048*32 dots/module480*320mm960*960mm 

How to make sure the quality of the EV960 LEDs?

First of all, high standards of waterproofing and fireproofing guarantee the lifespan of the EV960 LED display series.EV960 series as an outdoor LED display, even in a harsh environment, the LED display can work as usual.

By the way, the heat dissipation performance is good, keeping the LED working smoothly.

Every single module has matched a safety harness to prevent the module from falling and hitting people.

EV960 Energy-Saving LED Display Series Features:

  • 960*960mm cabinet standard size
  • SMD 3 in 1 LED encapsulation technology
  • Energy-saving led screen
  • Unique 480*320mm panel design
  • 3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

Otherwise, the EV960 LED display series also can be made into a curved screen. And it supports the VR version, VR means virtual reality. Virtual reality is the use of computers to simulate realistic scenarios so that participants get the same feeling as reality.

(EV960 curve screen for VR version)

If you have any interest in this product, or if you want to customize this LED display, please contact us!

Because this product is selling like hotcakes!

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