Outdoor Rental LED Display to Serbia and UK – MA960 Series

Project 1 - Outdoor Rental LED Display to UK

In this customer case, we offer P5.33 outdoor rental LED display – our MA960 series indoor/outdoor frontal service LED display to the customer from the UK to meet his requirements of easy maintenance, stable performance, and excellent visual effect. Moreover, our MA960 series has high cost efficiency compared with competing products on the market.

Project details

Installation Country: UK

Pixel Pitch: P5.33mm

Product Model: MA960 series

Module Size: 320*320mm

Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy

Cabinet Size: 960X960mm

Quantity: 24Pcs

Screen Height: 1920mm

Screen Width: 11520mm

Screen Size: 22.1184㎡

Application: Outdoors

Project 2 - Outdoor LED Display Rental Case in Serbia

Project details

Installation Country: Serbia

Pixel Pitch: P4mm

Product Model: MA960 series

Module Size: 320*160mm

Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy

Module Resolution: 80*40dots

Gray level: 14bit

Certificates: CE,RoHs,FCC,UL

Application: Outdoors

MA960 Outdoor LED Display

Unit MA960 series is the latest multifunctional LED display with the standard size 960*960mm for both indoor LED display and outdoor LED display, fixed LED display and rental LED display.

MA960 series is equipped with high-quality components such as high-standard driving chip 2038S, MDI5124, Nationstar LED lamp beads, and so on. Besides, the perfect panel design and easy installation and maintenance make it outstanding from other competing goods.

ma960 outdoor rental led display

Accurate Cabinet Installation

MA960 can achieve accurate installation with the unique lock design, and the cabinet can be adjusted from six directions.

The cabinet alignment can be flat and seamless with accuracy to the millimeter level.

accurate led display installation

High-quality Visual Effect

Wide Viewing Angle

The maximum viewing angle of the MA960 series supports 160 degrees, allowing audiences more different angles to see the pictures clearly.

High Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate enables smooth display performance, and for screens that need an interactive communication effect, the high refresh rate also helps to improve the user experiences as it has a quicker responding speed.

Adjustable High Brightness

For outdoor LED displays, high brightness is important to guarantee the readability of the contents.

The brightness of the MA960 series can be up to 6500cd, showing the pictures clearly even under direct sunlight.

high brightness led displays

Dual Service Available

MA960 series supports both frontal and back services. It adopts magnetic modules to facilitate daily maintenance and installation. Only in three steps, you can achieve frontal maintenance within seconds.

(1) Use the magnetic equipment to adsorb the LED display module;

(2) Keep the equipment directly to the module surface;

(3) Take off the module.

This feature is also very useful for outdoor rental LED screens because it will save lots of time and energy for installers by simplifying these otherwise tedious processes.


For more about this functional and high-quality LED display screen which is very suitable for outdoor rental LED display, just turn to Unit MA960 series indoor/outdoor LED display!

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