Frontal Service Outdoor SMD LED Display – OF800 Sevice

Unit OF800 series – one of the most popular frontal service outdoor SMD LED display series with sizes 800*900mm and 800*1200mm. It supports dual services, ultra-low power consumption, and perfect visual experiences.

It supports various pixel pitches from P4.16mm to P10mm, 14 bits grayscale, dual controlling mode, and high refresh rate of at least 960Hz.

Unique Cabinet Design

Solid Top Lock

The top lock helps to fix the OF800 outdoor SMD LED display firmly, and is easy to unlock.

This easy and fast lock design facilitates the whole installation and disassembly.

OF800 outdoor led smd display

Outdoor LED Module Handle

The LED module handle is for the dual services.

Through the red handle, the module can be held firmly, and the module can be both disassembled from frontal and back, and the whole design becomes elegant.

light weight LED display

Super Light Weight

The weight for 900*800mm cabinet is only 22.4Kg, which facilitates the whole transportation and saves the transportation fee and storage room.

Seamless Splicing LED Cabinet

The flat and uniform design makes the installation smoothly, and the precise size and quality control allow seamless splicing, which can achieve a high-standard visual effect.

Dual Service Installation and Maintenance

OF800 outdoor LED display supports dual-services for LED display modules. The maintenance steps are quite simple as listed:

Step 1: Insert the screw into the corresponding white holes on the front of the module (total 5).

Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise to unlock the module lock.

Step 2: Insert the screw into the corresponding red holes (total 4).

One is on the left side and one is on the right side, then rotating them at clockwise direction and fix it, and pulling to remove the module.

dual service led displays

High Waterproof Capability

Unit OF800 owns high waterproof ability which is up to IP65 that can resist water and moisture effectively.

The high protection capability can not only protect LED display screens from outside pollution and potential damages but also make sure the displays’ working life and stable running.

The reliable protection ability makes OF800 both suitable for rental LED display and fixed LED display for indoor applications and outdoor applications.


Pixel Pitch4.16mm5mm6.25mm8.33mm10mm
LEDSMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1SMD 3in1
Module size400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm
Module resolution96*72dots80*60dots64*48dots48*36dots40*30dots
LED Cabinet Size800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)800*900*98(mm)
Cabinet Weight22kg/pc22kg/pc22kg/pc22kg/pc22kg/pc
Brightness5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd5500-6500 cd
Avg power consumption300w300w300w300w300w
Max power consumption600w600w600w600w600w
Best Viewing Distance4m to 40m5m to 50m6m to 60m8m to 80m10m to 100m
Grey Level14 bits14 bits14 bits14 bits14 bits
Fresh frequency≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ≥960HZ
Humidity-operating10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%10% ~ 95%
Screen life≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours≥100000 hours
Controlling modeSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or AsyncSynch or Async
Warranty3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years
Protective gradeIP65 WaterproofIP65 WaterproofIP65 WaterproofIP65 WaterproofIP65 Waterproof

Strict Aging Test

The strict aging tests for all outdoor LED display and indoor LED display make sure every product delivered from Unit LED have reliable quality and stable performance! We have professional aging workshops for testing and skilled staff for operations and packaging!

For any more information about Unit OF800 outdoor SMD LED display, please let us know now!

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