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P0.9mm Soft Flexible LED Module

Pixel Pitch: P0.9mm

LED Type: SMD 1010

Module Size: 240*120 mm

Model Pixel: 256*128 Pixels

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CE, RoHS, FCC Approved


Indoor P0.9mm Soft Flexible LED Module with 240*120mm and 256*128 Dots. High flexibility and excellent visual effects for any indoor creative LED display projects! 


1. Soft Flexible LED Module Including the Data & Power Cables.

2. Epistar LEDs, 2 Years Warranty, Ship in 24 hours, Free Online Support.

3. High Contrast for creative LED display.

4. High flexibility & fine pixel pitch

P0.9mm flexible led module-Inner Arc View

P0.9mm Inner Arc View

P0.9mm Outer Arc View

P0,9mm Outer Arc View

Soft Flexible LED Module

1. Flexibility

Flexible LED modules are made of flexible materials that can be bent and folded to adapt to various curved surfaces and shapes, such as circles, arcs, and even irregular shapes.

This allows them to adapt to a variety of special design needs, such as cylindrical buildings, curved walls, etc.

2. Thin, light, and portable

Compared with traditional rigid LED modules, flexible LED modules are thinner and more portable, lighter in weight, and easier to carry and install.

It makes them more advantageous in applications that require frequent movement or installation in special locations, such as event stages, exhibition displays, billboards, etc.

3. Highly customizable

Flexible LED modules can be customized in size, shape and pixel density according to actual needs to achieve personalized design and customized applications.

Whether it is a small commercial display or a large stage backdrop, it can be customized according to the specific situation.

4. Good visual effects

Flexible LED modules have excellent visual effects, such as high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing angles.

They can provide clear, bright, and realistic image and video display effects in various environments to attract the audience’s attention.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection

Flexible LED modules use LED as the light source and have environmentally friendly features such as low energy consumption, long life, and mercury-free.

Compared with traditional lighting equipment, they are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly and are in line with the concept of sustainable development.

6. Anti-seismic and compression resistance

Flexible LED modules use flexible substrates, which have certain anti-seismic and compressive properties and are not easily damaged by external impact or extrusion.

They are suitable for places that require high anti-seismic properties, such as stages, exhibitions, etc.

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