Outdoor Perimeter LED Display to the Largest Football Field in Tbilisi, Georgia

For the largest football field in Tbilisi in Georgia, we provide 275pcs MA960 series outdoor LED displays as the outdoor perimeter LED display. 275Pcs LED displays consist of a long perimeter around the sports field, conspicuous and aesthetic, boosting more potentials while beautifying the whole area.

The perimeter LED displays can play multiple roles to show advertisements and deliver important information. Very impressive, right? Now, let’s discover this outstanding case!

outdoor perimeter led display
unit outdoor led display

For the large football field, the outdoor perimeter LED display must be reliable enough and can resist the changeable environment such as rain and dust to enable stable running. These displays are all made of high-standard components including high-quality P10 LED display modules, LED display connectors, soft masking, adjustable back brackets, power supply, and so forth.

Our 7/24 hours professional services can guarantee timely and well-around help for any technical questions all the time. We are proud of our comprehensive capability to provide our customers with the top quality LED display screens with great services!


Installation Country: Georgia
Pixel Pitch: P10mm
Product: MA960 series
Module Resolution: 32X16dots
Module Size: 320X160mm
Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs
Cabinet Material: magnesium alloy
Cabinet Size: 960X960mm
Cabinet Quantity: 240pcs
Cabinet Resolution: 96X96dots
Refresh Rate: 1,920Hz
Application: Sports Perimeter LED Display.

Invovled Product - MA960 Series Outdoor Perimeter LED Display

Unit MA960 with cabinet size 960*960mm can be both used for indoor and outdoor applications and mainly for outdoor fixed installation. The avaliable pixel pitch includes P2.5, P3.07, P4, P5, P6.67, P8 and P10, perfectly suitable for different requirements of viewing distance.

MA960 LED display raw materials

High adaptability

The humanized design with well-balanced functions enables MA960 series suitable for most common applications.

The universal size of MA960 makes it wonderful for outdoor fixed scenarios such as sport stadiums and large squares.

Light weight, thin thickness

Super light weight with only 24kg for indoor LED cabinet and 26kg for outdoor LED display. The thickness is thin with only 87mm.

The light and thin cabinet save customers transportation cost and labor cost, also the storage cost as it needs less room for storing.

light weight MA960 LED display screen
wide viewing angle of MA960 unit outdoor LED display screen

Perfect image quality

High definition, high contrast ratio and high grayscale.

Density: up to 160000 pixels/sqm;

Grey level: 14bit;

Wide viewing angle: 160° for both H/V

Fresh frequency:  ≥960HZ;

The high image quality ensures its outstanding performance in displaying.

Quick installation

Unit MA960 series supports multiple installations method including hanging and stacked.

It is easy for even novices to install and maintain. Just with the simple guidance our professional staff provided to you, you can install the screen easily and quickly.

multiple installation MA960 UNIT LED display


Now, you have alreay known our the latest customer case of outdoor periemter LED display to Georgia, it is intersisting, right? For more about our latest customer cases, or information about MA960 indoor/outdoor LED display screen, welcome click to jump, or just contact us!

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