HD P2.5 Indoor LED Display to Korea – MA640 Series

P2.5 Indoor LED Display to Korea

Unit MA640 P2.5 indoor LED display to Korea features high resolution, adjustable brightness, easy operation and installation, and also high flexibility for LED screens in different sizes and different applications.

The customer asks for a LED video wall that can meet the requirements of close viewing distance, and also easy installation and operation because the LED display is huge so the easy installation can save him lots of time and labor costs.

Project details

  • Installation Country: Korea
  • Pixel Pitch: P2.5mm
  • Product Model: MA640 series
  • Module Size: 320*160mm
  • Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy
  • Cabinet Size: 640X480mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 5.5Kg
  • Screen Height: 1440mm
  • Screen Width: 9600mm
  • Screen Size: 13.824㎡
  • Application: Indoor LED display
MA640 480 P2.5 indoor led display

MA640 Indoor Advertising Display

1. Suitable for LED display screen with a gold ratio of both 16:9 & 4:3 because of its size;

2. Frontal services available, super easy installation and maintenance;

3. High definition cabinets with multiple small pixel pitches available from P1.25 to P5;

4. Excellent visual effect including high contrast ratio, adjustable brightness, and high color saturation;

5. Multiple installation methods allowed including wall-mounting and hanging;

6. Mainly for indoor fixed application and fine pixel pitch LED display.

This LED cabinet is mainly used in indoor applications such as shopping malls, banks, enterprises and institutions, stadiums, exhibition halls, multi-function rooms, banquet halls, conference rooms, airports, stations, hotels, wedding LED displays, performance LED displays, and so forth. Moreover, it also can be used for outdoor LED display.

Feature 1 - Quick frontal service design

MA640 adopts magnetic modules to facilitate quick and easy frontal and back services. Only three steps, you can achieve frontal maintenance within seconds:

(1) Use the magnetic equipment to adsorb the LED display module;

(2) Keep the equipment directly to the module surface;

(3) Take off the module.

It is very quick and easy for you to take this step. Compared with traditional maintenance methods, this way is quite time-saving and can be great for LED video wall owners.

Feature 2 - Easy installation for every users

MA640 series supports multiple installation methods with internal wiring methods to ensure the transmission of the signal quicker and more stable. Only four steps the installation can be finished:

(1) Assemble the aluminum profile;

(2) Mount the brackets by sequence with screws;

(3) Fix the empty cabinets on the brackets through matching screws and holes;

(4) Connect the power cable and signal cable on the LED modules, and use the installation tool to fix the modules on the cabinets.

indoor led advertising display installation

Feature 3 - High definition, super great visual effect

MA640 series indoor fixed LED display owns excellent visual performances which comes from 4K images supporting, multiple fine pixel pitches available from P1.25 to P5, wide viewing angle up to 140 degrees, high refresh rate from 1920Hz to 3840Hz, and so on.

It can achieve 2K/4K/8K display performance, achieving the pixel-to-pixel images perfectly and avoiding blur, deformation and images shrinking and stretching, etc.

Feature 4 - Three choices for your specific requirements


640x480mm Series LED Display
Pixel Pitch 1.25mm 1.538mm 1.86mm 2mm 2.5mm
Pixel Configuration SMD1010 SMD1010 SMD1010 SMD1515 SMD1515
Density (dots/m²) 640000 422753 289050 250000 160000
Scan 1/64 1/52 1/43 1/40 1/32
Module Resolution (dots) 256×128 208×104 172×86 160×80 128×64
Cabinet Resolution (dots) 512×384 416×312 344×258 320×240 256×192
Avg Power Con 350w/m² 350w/m² 320w/m² 320w/m² 320w/m²
Max Power Con 850w/m² 850w/m² 800w/m² 800w/m² 800w/m²
Service Access Full Front Maintenance
Module Size (mm) 320×160
Cabinet Size (mm) 640x480x56
Protective grade IP43 Dustproof
Cabinet Weight 5.5kg/pc
Brightness 800-1000cd/m²
Material Magnesium Alloy/Die Casting Aluminum
Grey Level 12bits input, correction with 14bits
Frame Frequency ≥60HZ
Refresh rate 1920-3840HZ
Control Distance Ethernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km
Input Voltage (AC) 110 / 240V
View Angle (H/V) 140° / 140°
Humidity-operating 10-95% RH
Operating Life 100000 hours
MTBF 5000 hours
Continuous Working Time ≥48 hours
Controlling mode Sync or Async

This MA640 P2.5 indoor LED display helps our customers a lot to attract attention and boost profits. Nothing is more valuable than your potential customer’s attention in the business world, and our high-definition P2.5 LED display can help you achieve this perfectly! For more, just contact us!

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