P2.604 Rental LED Display 500×500mm LED Screen

P2.604 rental LED display 500×500mm LED screen is one product of UNIT magnesium alloy 500mm series LED display, this series rental video display is UNIT latest hot selling product with many technological innovation, the product is high refresh rate, high contrast radio and high reliability with seamless image and clear video. Unit P2.604 rental LED display is designed with high hardness magnesium alloy material and high quality SMD LED display panels to make it has the ability to deliver excellent visual experience for viewers.

p2.604 rental led display

P2.604 Rental LED Display

UNIT is a global leading LED display manufacturer with professional R&D team and factory, our company has became the LED display elite rely on the high quality products and professional service. we always choose high quality LED part and material to ensure our P2.604 rental LED display is high quality. UNIT P2.604 rental LED screen has many features as following:

High Quality LED Display Module

UNIT P2.604 rental LED display consists of 4pcs 250×250mm LED display modules and the P2.604mm indoor LED modules is made by high quality surface-mount device (SMD) LED and driving IC , Each LED display panel consists of 96*96 (9216) pixels and the total LED display cabinet consist of 36864 pixels in total. The dimension of each LED display panel is 250×250mm and features front service. The LED display panel is high quality, high stability and long duration to ensure the display is high-performance.

P2.604 rental LED display panel
P2.604 rental LED display panel

Without Module Flat Cable Design

UNIT P2.604 rental LED display adopts unique hard connection design, the LED display cabinet uses standard circuit board to replace the LED module data cables to make the LED display with the features of easy installation, fast assemble and disassemble. also the inner of LED display cabinet is very clean to make the LED display is easy maintenance.

p2.604 rental led display

PCB for Replace Flat Data Cable

p2.604 rental led display

PCB for replace flat data cable

High quality LED Part

UNIT only choose high quality LED parts to ensure P2.604 rental LED display with high reliability and maintenance friendly. The LED Part includes 1pcs high efficiency LED display power supply, 1 pcs PCB for replace module flat data cables, 1pcs LED display mini receiver card, 2pcs signal wire, 2pcs power plug, 1pcs RJ45 ethernet cable, 1pcs indicator. All LED display materials are high quality and simple for assembling. the LED display cabinet can be assembled well in just a few minutes. please check the following video for better information.

p2.604 rental led display

LED Display Parts

p2.604 rental led display

Assembly Diagram

P2 604 Rental LED Display 500×500mm LED Screen Assemble Show

Front Service Design

P2.604 rental LED display adopts front service LED video panel, the panel is magnetic with 4 strong magnets which make the LED display module can stick to the cabinet. 100% serviceable design for easy replacement, assembling and disassembling, giving great maintenance convenience to the installers and saving more time and labor cost.

p2.604 rental led display

Front Access Design

p2.604 rental led display

Magnetic Panel

Delicate Cabinet

P2.604 rental LED display cabinet is exquisite in style and form, full of humanitarian, convenience and professionalization. You can find delicacy and elegance everywhere in UNIT P2.604 LED screen cabinet from handles, plugs, modules, locating tab, fast locks and more. The ultra-lightweight cabinet made is magnesium alloy which gives it extra strength and the light weight is only 7.85kg/cabinet for easy carry and transport. also fast lock design to make the LED display has the ability to be installed easily and conveniently without any technical skills.

p2.604 rental led display

P2.604 LED Video Display Cabinet

p2.604 rental led display

Fast Lock

p2.604 rental led display

Fast Lock

p2.604 rental led display

Power Plug & Signal Plug (Blue Color for In)

p2.604 rental led display

Power Plug & Signal Plug (White Color for Out)

p2.604 rental led display

Humanized Handle

p2.604 rental led display

Locating Tab

Seamless Splicing, Better Screen Flatness

UNIT P2.604 rental LED display offers a new platform for advertisement and video in the indoor & outdoor environment and provides the fantastic visual effect with seamless picture and high definition display. The product features ultra high flatness with realistic visual experiences.

p2.604 rental led display

Cabinet Connection

p2.604 rental led display

Seamless Splicing

Multi Pixel Pitch, Two Size Is Available

The P2.604 Rental LED display cabinet size is 500×500mm. 500×1000mm size is available and also the cabinet is suitable for P2.976, P3.91, P4.81. To learn more about UNIT magnesium alloy 500mm series LED display or magnesium alloy 1000mm series LED display, contact us now.

p2.604 rental led display

500×1000mm Optional

Specification OF P2.604 Rental LED display

Pixel Pitch2.604mm
Pixel Density147456
Pixel ConfigurationSMD1515
MAX Power Con680w/Sq.m
AVG Power Con350w/sq.m320w/sq.m
Module Dimension250x250mm
Module Resolution96×96 dots
Cabinet Dimension500x500x85mm
Cabinet Resolution192×192 dots
Cabinet Weight7.85kg
Service AccessFront / Rear
Rotation Angle-10° and +10°
Brightness (nits)≥1000
Refresh Rate (HZ)1920-3840
Grey Scale (bit)16
Viewing Angle (H/V)160 / 160
IP RateIP54
Input Voltage (AC)110 / 240V

Download Specification

Specification of P2.604 rental LED display 500×500mm LED screen

Application of P2.604 Rental LED display

UNIT P2.604 rental LED display has excellent display effect and wide viewing angle of 160° which reaches more viewers, it is widely used in many locations such as entertainment, airport, subway, church, shopping mall, restaurants, stage, Exhibition, bars, showroom, chain stores, bank and more. UNIT is committed to providing the high quality and best performance magnesium alloy led display to serve customers with professional team.

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