P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display Introduction

P3.91 indoor rental led display is widely used in our daily life. This article will talk about:

What does the pixel mean?

And how to define the concept of the pixel?

What should be noted in using the rental LED display?

People who want to hold an event indoors should know the below information before buying the LED display.

1. What do the pixel values represent?

The smaller the pixel value is, the resolution higher. The pixel value also can influence the viewing angle. The smaller the pixel value is, the viewing angle closer.

It is also called “point” or “pixel point”. Pixel of LED display is the smallest light-emitting unit on the display, monochrome display a pixel refers to a light-emitting diode; for full-colour LED display, colour light-emitting point is a light-emitting unit. For full-colour LED display, colour light-emitting point for a light-emitting unit, the core of 1R1G1B or 2R1G1B is a pixel.

We used to know P10mm, P8mm, this kind of large pixel pitch, but higher pixel density can improve visual quality, this does not mean that smaller pixel pitches are ideal in all cases.

P3.91 pixel indoor rental led display mainly used for performance, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, foundations, etc.

The creative construction of the stage rental screen can bring the audience the most direct visual impact and leave a deep impact.

Based on the application Scenarios of indoor rental led display, I want to take the Magic500 indoor rental led display series as an example to show you how they are used in some events, and see what benefits you can get from it.

And we have 2 years standard product warranty.

Pixel pitch




Module resolution

64*64 dot

84*84 dot

96*96 dot

Brightness uniformity


Refresh rate


Grey level


Pixel per cabinet




IP rating

IP54 for indoor, IP65 for outdoor


500 x 500 x 80 mm (WxHxD)/ 19.6 x 19.6 x 3.5 inch (WxHxD)



2. Magic500 Indoor Rental LED Display Features

1. Magic500 has a very standard size panel:500*500mm,two 500 cabinets can be assembled together into a 1000 * 500, otherwise you can buy a Magic1000.

2. High protection level. 

Magic500 Indoor rental led display protection level up to IP54, Prevention of harmful dust accumulation, and no effect of low-pressure injection at any angle.

Although the P3.91 indoor rental led display may not be like the outdoor rental screen will have to withstand the external environment, the rental screen is required to disassemble the mobile, so in the process of the high protection, level led display to extend the lifespan.

3. Detachable Back Cover, High Waterproof. 

Ard Connection Design with a detachable Powerbox and HUB board, High IP65 Waterproof with Double Sealing Rubber Ring, Quick Mounting of Buckles for assembling and disassembling of back cover.

dual service

4. Front and rear service rental led display

Some other sizes also have Magnesium Alloy Indoor P3.91mm Rental LED Display with dual service. High Flatness, High quality, High Reliability, fast lock design P3.91 full-colour SMD LED screen LED sign wall.

Hard Connection to replace flat data cable. Easy assemble and disassemble, deliver clear image and vivid video to meet the needs of various media advertising applications and rental events.

5. Ultra-thin thickness with 80mm, for easy transport and portable.


6. Corner protection design for rental led screen.

Magic500 rental led display has four corner protectors to protect the edges of the led display again in the handling process will not bump, will not damage the use of the led display effect and the quality of the cabinets.

More security for transport, installation, operation, assemble & disassemble fold-able design, and easy to use.

7. 100% Aluminum Die-casting, so the module temperature can cool down quickly, no need fan in the cabinet.

8. Curve installation. The magic500 series support curve installation, because the lock of this led cabinet is a High Precision Curve Lock.

And you can remove the led display module and power box from the frontal.


To sum up

These characteristics, the indoor rental screen has been enough, P3.91mm pixel point is also more suitable for indoor rental led screen viewing distance,it’s about 4.5m, doesn’t appear blurred even at a close viewing distances. It is even possible to place and build the led display required for the event on the uneven surface of the wall.

By the way, the magic500 also support outdoor rental led display.

Indoor rental led display often faces some external reasons for damage, so he must have a certain damage resistance,like P3.91 indoor stage rental screen, is required to withstand people stepping on it, so the quality requirements will be higher,because it is placed on the ground and moisture-proof.

3. P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display Cautions

1. 91mm indoor rental led display has a lightweight and thin structure, so that the rental led display panel can easily load and unload, easy to operate. Even so, you need to be careful in the process of handling it.

2. The brightness of indoor rental led screens has a great impact, too high brightness is easy to damage our vision, and also harmful to our health. In general, the brightness of indoor rental led display to 800cd/㎡-2000cd/㎡ is appropriate.

3. Flatness. The flatness of the P3.91mm indoor rental led display will affect the quality of the picture or video you want to show to your audience. It depends on the manufacture of the led display, so our led display is after layers of gatekeepers, and have technical service support.

4. Viewable Angle. The size of the LED display viewing angle directly determines the size of the LED display audience.

5. Colour reproduction. LED display of colour reducibility refers to the display of the colour to maintain a high degree of consistency with the colour of the broadcast source, to ensure the authenticity of the image

6. Light source. In the performance, the stage and only LED rental screen a light source, the display effect is bound to be affected by projection moving headlights and another stage lighting. So high-end rental screen is necessary to install automatic adaptation of light-sensitive adjustment equipment, which will not affect the display screen due to ambient light.

7. Sound source requirements. In some rental screen applications of high-end occasions, such as museums, concerts, press conferences, etc. on the LED display noise requirements, the need for a low-noise fan or no fan and low-noise power supply, sometimes to achieve this effect, will put forward higher requirements for the power supply part.

8. Cabinet monitor. During the activity, the state of the box should be accurately monitored to avoid sudden accidents. Staff can connect to the controller on the PC side to monitor the indicators of the led display in real-time when it is running.

9. Power backup and Receiving card backup back-up, Because each activity is not possible only a box in the work, the whole indoor led rental display is composed of many parts, and electronic equipment more or less will have some electronic failure, so the backup power supply and backup dual card are very necessary, these two can ensure that the display in the event of failure can still work normally.

10. Lower Reflection, there are some activities site is not only led display the only light source, the existence of projection, spotlights and other light sources, so led display package device using black, can absorb all light sources, reduce the interference of light reflection, so that the overall picture is more soft and vivid and natural transition.

4. P3.91mm Indoor Rental LED Display Application

Indoor led screen rental

Using in press and product conference or product launch.

p3.91 indoor led display case

P3.91mm indoor rental led display to the USA

High refresh rate and high quality, you can put these cabinets together according to your needs.


P3.91 rental led screen to Italy

High reliability with seamless splicing feature and easy installation.


UNIT P3.91 for indoor dance floor led display

UNIT P3.91 for indoor dance floor led display

Super load-bearing design up to 2 tons. intelligent sensor, no need for additional equipment.

As you can see, P3.91 has a wide range of applications. Any event held indoors can be applied.

Outdoor rental led display compares to indoors:

P3.91mm not only have indoor rental led display,but also suitable for outdoor rental led display.

Unlike indoor rental led screens,outdoor rental led display facing many issues in the outside.

First,the uncertainly environment, based on that situation ,the waterproof and dust-proof grade of outdoor rental screen is higher than indoor rental led display.


P3.91 outdoor curved rental led screen in hanging mounting.

Second, the uncertainty of the event address and the temporary nature of the placement table construction.
Third, the brightness of natural is brighter than indoor, so the pixel pitch of outdoor rental led display is larger than indoor.
Fourth, Indoor rental display with high definition, low brightness, energy-saving and environmental protection.
As a new trend, outdoor rental led screens have also spawned mobile rental screens.


This way of the rental led screen can save the installation time, but the viewing distance could be influenced.

5. Rental LED display Price

Many people who want to buy or rent led displays are most concerned about the price issue, here we will analyze the price of the rental screen.

The price of led display depends on the following aspects:

1. Installation ways, the mobile rental screen costs less than modular rental led, it can also save labour cost.

2. Pixel pitch, we all know that the smaller the pixel pitch is, the price could be higher.

3. The difference between Outdoor and indoor. As far as I am concerned, outdoor rental led display is more expensive than indoors, because the outdoor one requires higher protection level, like waterproof,dust-proof and brightness, but the indoor one for these two is not so demanding.

4. Labour costs for after-sales and maintenance services. Including the free of charge during the two-year warranty period.

After knowing the requirements of rental led display price, then you may want to know how can you get the reasonable-cost rental led screen.

How to get the reasonable-cost rental led screen?

1. Choose the right pixel pitch. If the event is held indoors, you can choose the P3.91 indoor rental led display to show your activity to the audience.

2. Control the use of rental led display time. Control the time of an event is actually a way to save rental led display costs.

6. P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display Future Development Trend

In the past year, we more or less will have been affected by the epidemic, including factories, transportation, offline exhibitions, each export or import links and processes have suffered certain obstacles, but after this year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing, we also see the development trend of the leased led display is to energy saving, low-carbon, environmental protection, etc. in line with the direction of the global concept of environmental protection.

1. Moving toward thin and light displays. Along with the maturity of the display technology, LED rental screen will be in the material, structure, the installation will be improved, will develop a thinner, lighter, more high-definition display.

2. Moving into more applications We all knows that the P3.91 indoor rental led display used to apply for performance, meetings, exhibitions, weddings, foundations, in the future, it will have a wider range of application areas, such as smart factory and smart city areas.

3. Towards higher definition and high resolution. Like the previous 2k, then 4K, and now 8K and 3D, product updates are also rapid. Its products tend to be higher and higher clarity, enhanced versatility, a screen multi-purpose, fast and safe installation, easy maintenance, lightweight, thin cabinet.

4. Increasingly segmented market. Different functions and uses, requiring higher craftsmanship, and even the emergence of custom rental screen services.


P3.91 indoor rental led display has become a rental trend, P3.91mm led display can become an option for you whenever you want to hold a campaign. And Unit LED has a professional technical support team to solve any tech problem for you, tech support covering installation, configuring, and anything about the LED display, please check our contact us page.

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