P3.91 LED Display Screen – The Ultimate Guide (2024)

The P3.91 LED display screen cleverly achieves the balance between fine pixels and reasonable viewing distance.

If you are considering buying or renting a P3.91 LED screen, then this article will be your ultimate buying guide.

In this post, we will discuss the topic of p3.91 LED. The main content includes the module, classification, cabinet design, installations, etc.

If you are interested, please come with us to learn more!

1. What is the P3.91 LED display?

1.1 P3.91 LED Module & P3.91 LED Display

As we all know, the LED module is an important part of the LED display screen.

THE P3.91 LED display screen is a display product composed of multiple P3.91 LED modules. Its pixel pitch is 3.91mm. This means that the distance between each pixel on the display is 3.91mm.


Pixel Pitch: 

Pixel pitch refers to the distance between adjacent pixels, which affects the resolution and clarity of displayed content.

P3.91 LEDs are known for producing high-resolution images due to their relatively small spacing.

Main features:

The pixels are dense and the resolution is high.

Commonly used in indoor and outdoor rental display areas.

Known for striking a balance between image clarity and viewing distance.

1.2 Evolution of LED Display Technology

Continuous improvements in pixel spacing of full-color LED displays have led to higher-resolution displays.

The significance of LED display P3.91 in evolution:

The LED screen P3.91 represents a stage in the evolution where pixel pitch became fine enough to provide detailed and vibrant displays suitable for a variety of applications.

1.3 Importance of P3.91 LED Screen

(1) Application versatility:

P3.91 LED screens are used in a wide range of applications. 

Including indoor spaces such as conference rooms and retail environments, as well as outdoor venues such as concerts and sporting events.

(2) Visual quality:

The P3.91 LED panel is recognized for delivering excellent image quality, crisp details, and vivid colors, making it suitable for scenes where visual impact is critical.

(3) Adaptability to viewing distance:

Selecting P3.91mm provides good deployment flexibility. It provides a clear visual effect even at relatively close viewing distances.

(4) Suitability for advertising and branding:

P3.91mm LED displays are commonly used in advertising and branding because of their ability to display high-quality visuals, attract attention, and convey information effectively.

(5) Integration with modern technology:

The P3.91 LED screen integrates seamlessly with a variety of input sources and technologies, enhancing its usefulness in different environments.

P3.91 LED panel is a technologically advanced solution. It has become one of the most popular products in the LED market.

Its fine pixel pitch, coupled with advances in LED display technology, makes it the first choice for applications that require high-quality visuals.

2.Different Types of P3.91 LED Display

2.1 P3.91 Outdoor LED Display

p3.91mm outdoor led module (4)
p3.91mm outdoor led module (5)

The P3.91 outdoor LED display is a rental LED display specially designed for outdoor applications.

Outdoor LED displays need to be rugged and weatherproof to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, such as rain, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations.

The P3.91 outdoor LED display has good brightness and color reproduction capabilities. It still has excellent visibility in bright sunlight.

They are commonly used in outdoor rental areas such as open-air stadiums, outdoor music festivals, and other outdoor events.

2.2 P3.91 Indoor LED Screen

indoor p3.91 led module 250x250mm (4)
indoor p3.91 led module 250x250mm (1)

The P3.91 indoor LED screen provides high-resolution visual effects and is suitable for close viewing in indoor environments. For example:

-Advertising and branding in the retail environment

-The corporate setting for presentations and information display

-Indoor arena and auditorium for events and performances

-Control rooms and command centers for data visualization

Indoor LED modules are known for their vibrant colors, high contrast ratio, and wide viewing angles, providing excellent image quality.

2.3 Difference Between P3.91 Outdoor LED Display & P3.91 Indoor LED Screen


The brightness of the P3.91 outdoor LED screen is around 4500 nits, and the brightness of the p3.91 indoor rental LED display is only 800 nits.

Protective performance:

The IP (ingress protection) waterproof and dustproof rating of the outdoor LED display is IP65. The indoor screen is IP54. P3.91 outdoor LED screen needs to withstand different temperatures and humidity.


p3.91 The cost of an outdoor rental LED display is larger. So the price is more expensive than indoor.


The scope of use of both depends on the specific installation environment.

2.4 P3.91 Rental LED Display

The P3.91 rental LED display is an LED display mainly used for rental and temporary installation. It has the characteristics of modular design, light structure, easy installation and disassembly.

These rental LED screens are commonly used for events such as concerts, trade shows, exhibitions, and live performances. At these events, portability and quick installation are crucial.

2.5 P3.91 GOB LED Display


P3.91 GOB LED display is an LED display using glue-on-board (GOB) technology.

GOB technology involves applying an epoxy coating to the LED module to protect the LEDs from moisture, dust, and physical damage.

The P3.91 GOB LED display has a pixel pitch of 3.91 mm. It is often favored for outdoor or semi-outdoor applications due to its enhanced durability and reliability.

GOB LED display also helps improve the display’s resistance to environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting performance.

3.Design of P3.91 LED Screen Cabinet

Rental LED displays are specially designed for rental and temporary installation.

Next, we will take you to learn more about the P3.91 rental LED screen cabinet

3.1 P3.91 LED Screen Size

There are two sizes of P3.91 rental LED cabinets to choose from 500*500mm, and 500*1000mm. The standard size P3.91 LED display cabinet can be easily combined into large screens of various sizes.

According to the specific needs of customers, two sizes of rental LED cabinets can be used in combination.

3.2 Modular Design

Rental LED boxes usually adopt modular design and are composed of multiple LED modules.

This design allows the boxes to be easily spliced together to form a complete LED display.

It adopts a fashionable and elegant industrial design. Beautiful appearance and easy operation.

3.3 Cabinet Material

Rental LED cabinets are usually made of magnesium alloy or other lightweight materials.

Lightweight, strong, and durable, it is easy to transport, install and manage.

ME LED Display (2)
ME LED Display (4)

3.4 Humanized Design

The humanized design makes the p3.91 rental LED screen panel easy to operate.

For example, quick fixing and installation can be achieved with the help of quick locks. Top handle for easy access.

3.5 Components

The rental LED box mainly consists of the following parts:

P3.91 LED module: Contains components such as LED chips, driver ICs, and power supplies. P3.91 LED module is responsible for displaying images and video content.

Control system: Responsible for controlling parameters such as brightness, color, and display effect of the LED module.

Power system: Provides stable power supply to the LED box.

Cooling system: Keep the internal temperature of the LED box appropriate to prevent overheating.

4. Advantages of P3.91 LED Displays

4.1 Mobility

The indoor/outdoor P3.91 LED screen is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and install.

They usually have a modular structure. Accessories such as modules and power supplies can be disassembled and assembled.

The lightweight rental box is portable and easy to move to different venues and locations quickly.

4.2 Quick Installation

Rental boxes are easy and quick to install.

They are often equipped with devices such as quick locking systems or magnetic adsorption, making the installation process more efficient and saving time and labor costs.

At the same time, the LED display P3.91 supports a variety of installation methods.

In addition to conventional stacking and hoisting, it also supports bracket installation, curved installation, and right-angle installation.

4.3 Customizable

LED screen P3.91mm cabinet can be customized according to customer needs.

Including customization of size, resolution, brightness, display effect, and appearance design. So it can meet the specific requirements of different rental activities and scenarios.

4.4 Durability

The LED display rental cabinet is usually made of strong and durable materials.

Good earthquake resistance, waterproof, dustproof, and other properties ensure that it can maintain stable and reliable work under various environmental conditions.

4.5 Easy to Maintain

The design of the P3.91 LED display panel focuses on the convenience of maintenance.

They often have front and rear service capabilities, allowing for easy repair and replacement of modules, and reducing the time and cost required for maintenance.

4.6 High-quality Display Effect

The rental box uses advanced LED display technology, which has the characteristics of high refresh rate, high contrast, and high grayscale.

This enables them to render clear, vivid, and realistic images and video content, providing a premium visual experience.


In a word, theP3.91mm rental LED display has the characteristics of modular design, lightweight portability, and good display effect. It can meet the needs of various activities and scenes.

5.Technical Specifications For LED Display P3.91

Then, let’s delve into the technical specifications of the P3.91 LED display, focusing on dot pitch and resolution, brightness and contrast, and refresh rate:

5.1 Pixel Pitch and Resolution

The pixel pitch of the LED display screen refers to the distance between each pixel on the screen. In this case, it’s a 3.91 mm LED display.

A smaller pixel pitch generally indicates higher pixel density and a higher resolution display.

The resolution is determined by the pixel spacing and the total number of pixels per unit area.

For example, a P3.91 LED display with a resolution of 128×128 pixels has a total of 16,384 pixels (128 x 128).

5.2 Brightness and Contrast

Brightness refers to the brightness of an LED display, usually measured in nits (cd/m²).

The brightness may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer, but it generally offers high brightness levels suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

Above we mentioned the brightness of indoor and outdoor P3.91 LED display. No further details will be given here.

The contrast ratio measures the difference between the brightest white and the darkest black an LED display can produce.

Higher contrast means better distinction between light and dark areas, resulting in improved image quality and visual depth.

Likewise, contrast may vary depending on the specific model.

5.3 LED Display Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of the P3.91 LED display determines the number of times the image on the screen is refreshed per second. Usually measured in Hertz (Hz).

Higher refresh rates ensure smoother motion and reduce flicker, resulting in better visual performance for dynamic content like videos or fast-moving images.

The refresh rate of the P3.91 LED display is 1920Hz, 3680Hz or higher. Refresh rate specifications depend on specific project display requirements.

It should be noted that the specific technical specifications of P3.91 LED displays from different LED display manufacturers may vary.

It is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for accurate information on pixel pitch and resolution, brightness, and contrast, and refresh rate for a specific P3.91 LED display model.

refresh rate

6. Installation and Maintenance

6.1 P3.91 LED Display Installations

(1) Floor Support Installation:

Rental LED screens can be installed via ground supports and are particularly suitable for outdoor events and temporary venues.

Ground supports are usually made of heavy-duty metal materials for stability and durability, ensuring that the screen remains stable in harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain.

(2) Rental Bracket Installation

Some manufacturers also provide specially designed rental brackets and structures for quick installation of rental LED screens.

These brackets and structures often feature modular designs that can be easily spliced and adjusted for screen installations of different sizes and layouts.


Ground Beam


P3.91 LED Display Rental Bracket Installation

(3) Curved Installation

With a high-precision arc shape, the P3.91 LED display supports the curved installation. It is easy to get a large rental stage convex or concave display.

If you want to build a circular LED display at a commercial exhibition venue,  LED screen rental with a high-precision curve lock can help you achieve it!


(4) 90°Right-angle Installation

This type of installation can be adapted to specific buildings and unique applications, such as a pillar LED display or magic LED cube.

The 90°right-angle splicing method brings the audience a unique and novel experience and a perfect visual effect.

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In addition to the above installation methods, the P3.91 LED screen also supports hanging installation and stack installation.


500mm/1000mm hanging beam for hanging installation

6.2 P3.91 LED Display Maintenance

(1) Front Maintenance

Front maintenance LED display means that maintenance personnel can maintain the display from the front of the display. For example, remove or install an LED module, power box, etc. from the front side.

The LED display rental uses a high magnetic LED module. The magnetic P3.91 LED module can be quickly removed from the front with the help of a suction cup tool.

(2) Rear Maintenance

The rear service LED display requires maintenance of the box from the back of the display. This maintenance method requires sufficient maintenance space to be reserved during installation.

You can determine the maintenance method with the LED display manufacturer.

Some products support dual maintenance methods before and after. The dual maintenance method will greatly save your maintenance costs and time.

7. UNIT P3.91 LED Display Recommended and Cases

MA-Y P3.91 outdoor LED display


NG500/1000 Rental LED Display

ng500 rental led display

P3.91 Indoor/Outdoor LED Display Cases

8. The Bottom Line

In this post, we take you through some information about the P3.91 LED screen, including many aspects such as type, LED cabinet design, installation and maintenance method, and so on.

If you want more detailed promotional information or specific quotations about the P3.91 LED display screen, please contact us!

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