P3.91mm Indoor LED Module In Stock!

UNIT high-quality P3.91mm indoor led module real customer case is coming here! If you are interested in buying LED modules and assembling an LED video wall by yourself, this post will give you some inspiration.

In addition to various indoor/outdoor led screen cabinets, we also offer led display modules in various sizes and models for indoors or outdoors. Many customers from abroad purchase the modules and assemble them by themselves. While getting the joy of DIY, you can also get a video wall with a good display effect and save cost.

A customer from South Africa purchased some P3.91mm indoor led modules. And after assembling them, the indoor led video wall was recognized by the customer for its excellent visual effect.

UNIT P3.91mm Indoor LED Module

High-quality UNIT’s full-color led module has a good display effect. High-quality lamp beads and control ICs ensure that our led display modules have good contrast and color uniformity. Let’s get to know UNIT P3.91mm Indoor LED Module!

p3.91 smd led module

High-Quality Beads

LEDs are the most crucial part of led display modules, and LEDs are the key to the clarity of Led modules and displays. For example, Nationstar/Kinglight/Hongsen LEDs.


Driver IC

To achieve the best visual effect of indoor LED display, we use the best driver ICs such as MIB5153, MBI5124, ICN2153, and ICN2038S. The driver ICs with high refresh rate and grayscale make the full color led module panel ensure that the eyes will not feel discomfort under a long time viewing.

Over 72 Hours of Aging Test

Full-color indoor/outdoor LED module adopts SMD 3-in-1 technology. The waterproof and dustproof levels can meet various needs of users. At the same time, our modules are subjected to strict aging tests before delivery. It is our pursuit to let our customers receive intact led products.

Cost saving

The price of LED modules is much lower than the price of LED screen cabinets. At the same time, the packaging of led modules is simple and more space-saving. But you can get the same display effect by purchasing the modules and assembling them.

Customization Service

If you buy modules from UNIT, we will provide you with matching data cables and power cables. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with customization services, including custom module size and power cable length, etc.

P3.91mm Indoor LED Display Module Parameters






View Angle


Test Cond.


SMD 2121






SMD 2121






SMD 2121









LED Arrangement


Driver Mode

Dynamic 1/16 Duty constant current




Pure Black mask-high contrast screen

3.Electricity Parameter

Optical Ratings


800-1000 (Nits)

View Angle

140 degree ( horizontal)  140degree(vertical)

View Distance


Gray Scale

8bits input, correction with 16bits

Display Color


Brightness Adjustment

100 levels

Power Supply

Operation Power

AC100-240V 50-60HZ  Switch-able

Maxim Power Consumption

780 W/m2

Average Power Consumption

450 W/m2

Control System

Correction Scale Level


Frame Update Frequency


Screen Refresh Frequency


Gamma Correction


Support Input

Composite Video, S-Video, DVI, HDMI., SDI, HD_SDI

Control Distance

Ethernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km

Support VGA Mode


Color Temperature

5000-9300 adjustable

Brightness Correction

dot by dot, module by module, cabinet by cabinet


Operating Temp.

-20-60 Celsius degree

Operating Humidity

10-95% RH

Operating Life

100,000 hours


5000 hours

Continuous Working Time

≥48 hours

Protection Level


Out of Control Pixel Rate


What do I need to prepare for DIY led video wall?

1. LED Modules. According to your project needs, determine the led module model, size, indoor or outdoor. Different models’ price is different.

2. Control System. You can choose a synchronous control system or an asynchronous control system according to your broadcasting needs. The size of the led wall area determines the number of sending cards and pick-up and drop-off cards. Generally speaking, the larger the area of the screen, the more receiving cards are used.

3. Display Playback Software. Including computer system software and special led big screen control software. Different control systems have different supporting playback software.

4. Supporting Equipment. For example, computers, audio, power distribution cabinets, led video processors, cooling air conditioning, etc. Specific problems specific analysis. Equipment that can not be used can not be equipped.

FAQ of LED Module

1. What are the components of the Led module?

Led lamp beads, PCB circuit board, driver IC chip, connector, data cables, power cables, mask, waterproof rubber ring (outdoor only)

2. What is the P3.91 LED display panel?

P3.91 LED display panel is a full-color LED display product with high performance. It is popular in indoor and outdoor rental led screens. UNIT P3.91 LED display panel has good performances in concerts, concerts, stage performances, and event sites.

3. Can I buy different LED modules for the same LED display?

We recommend that you purchase the same type of led modules for the same LED display. Different LED modules have different pixel dots. And they have different display effects on the same display.

4. Can I buy special-size led modules?

We offer many sizes of indoor and outdoor led modules for you to choose from. We offer a customization service. If you want to buy special-size led modules, contact us. 

The Bottom Line

With this real customer case about P3.91mm indoor led modules, we offer you another solution to get an LED video wall. We have a large number of led modules in stock and can guarantee the timely delivery of goods. Welcome to contact us.

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