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P3mm Soft Flexible LED Module

Pixel Pitch: P3mm

LED Type: SMD 3in1

Module Size: 240*120mm, 320*160mm 

Model Pixel: 80*40 dots, 104*52 dots

In Stock

CE, RoHS, FCC Approved


The indoor P3mm Soft Flexible LED Module has two options:

240*120mm with 80*40 dots, 320*160mm with 104*52 dots.

High flexibility and excellent visual effects for any indoor creative LED display projects! 


1. Soft Flexible LED Module Including the Data & Power Cables.

2. Epistar LEDs, 2 Years Warranty, Ship in 24 hours, Free Online Support.

3. High Contrast for creative LED display.

4. High Flexibility & Excellent Visual Effect

Soft Flexible LED Module for Creative Projects!

The flexibility and adaptability of LED soft modules make them perfect for creating LED displays in all sorts of creative shapes.

Here are some key features of these creative LED displays:

(1) Customizability

LED soft modules can be tailored to match the designer’s vision, allowing for displays of different sizes, shapes, and curves to bring various creative ideas to life.

(2) Flexibility

Typically crafted from soft materials, LED soft modules can bend, fold, and stretch to fit onto irregular surfaces and shapes, resulting in unique and unrestricted design possibilities.

(3) High-definition Clarity

Despite their softness, LED flexible modules still deliver high-definition display effects with vibrant colors, sharp contrast, and brightness, ensuring that content remains clear and vivid.

(4) Versatile Application

Creative LED display screens find use in diverse settings like shopping malls, museums, exhibitions, and event venues, enhancing the visual appeal and artistic ambiance of any space.

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240*120mm P3mm Soft LED Module

320*160mm P3mm Soft LED Module

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