P5 Front Open LED Display 960×1920mm LED Screen

P5 960×1920mm Front Open LED display is huge LED display with 73728dots (192×384) pixels in total, it is one of the front maintenance LED display products which are very suitable for some installation where there is no room or space in the rear of the LED screen. Unlike with common LED display designed with back door, this front open lid LED display is accessed from the front side.

When we say “LED display”, it always means this type LED display with back doors for people to maintain and service via opening the door at the back side of the screen, this type LED display requires the installation environment has enough room behind of the LED display. but in some projects, It is not impossible to install the back door LED display due to some limitations of installation environment. In this situation, the front service LED display has emerged and solved the problem of maintenance perfectly. Front service LED display is also called as front maintenance or front access LED display, it contains two types: one is “front open lid LED display”, which is based on the cabinet structure, the other one is “front service module LED display”, which is base on the LED display module with front screw holes or magnets. 

UNIT P5 front open lid LED display is an excellent , high quality and custom-design frontal service LED display with cabinet size is designed freely as customer’s need depend on the size of LED display panel, it has many features as following:

High quality LED display Module

UNIT P5 front open LED display 960×1920mm LED Screen consists of 36pcs outdoor P5mm LED display panel, which is made with high quality PCB, LED, driving IC and mask. Each panel consists of 2048 pixels with 64 dots in width and 32 dots in height. the module size is 320mm×160mm and the waterproof Level of the panel is IP65. The LED is made with latest SMD technology to ensure the display with excellent performance, clear image and video.

P5 LED display module
P5 LED display module

Excellent Heat Dissipation Performance

UNIT P5 front open LED display adopts 6 unit high efficiency LED Power Supply to ensure the LED display work stably without noise. the cooling capacity and heat-resistance of the LED display are excellent. and the lifespan is more than 100000 hours.

P5 front open LED display
P5 front open LED display

Front Access Maintenance

As above said, P5 front open LED display is a front serviceable LED display product with the feature of easy installation, assembling and disassembling. offering great maintenance convenience to the customers and saving more room for customer. Front open LED display is very suitable for wall-mounted installation and convenient to be maintained from front of the LED display.

P5 front open LED display
P5 front open LED display

Excellent Visual Effect

UNIT P5 front open LED display only utilize high quality LED materials and durable cabinets to ensure the LED display with high refresh ratio and high gray scale, giving customers perfect visual display with uniformity color and vivid image.

P5 front open LED display
P5 front open LED display

Customizable Size

The cabinet size of Unit P5 front open LED display can be customized for customer needs and to fit their installation environment, also other pixel pitch such as P4, P6.67, P6, P8, P10 are available too. To learn more about UNIT customization service, contact us now.

P5 front open LED display

Specification of P5 Front Open LED Display

Pixel Pitch5mm
Module Size320×160mm
Pixel Density400000 dots/㎡
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
LED SpecificationSMD2727 3in1
Module Resolution64×32dots
Cabinet Resolution192×384dots
Cabinet Size960×1920mm
Cabinet MaterialSteel
Driving Way1/8 scan
Driving TypeConstant Current driver IC
Refresh Frequency≥960Hz
Grey Scale/Colors256 levels of each color(R/G/B)/16.7M color
BrightnessMore than 6500 cd/m2
Control SystemDVI display card+full color controller card
Max Power Consumption800W/㎡
Avg Power Consumption400W/㎡
Operating SystemWIN98/2000/NT/XP/7/8/10
Life Span≥100,000hours
Input Voltage (AC)110 / 240V


Specification of P5 Front Open LED Display 960×1920mm LED Screen

Application of P5 Front Open Cube Display

UNIT P5 front open LED display is 100% front accessable LED display product which are very suitable for installation enviroment where there is no space or room behind of the LED screen, it is widely used in many locations such as entertainment, airport, hubway, church, shopping mall, stage, square, showroom, school and more. UNIT is committed to providing the high quality and best performance front open LED display to serve customers with professional team.

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