P6.67 Outdoor LED Display 960×1120mm LED Screen
P6.67 Outdoor LED Display 960×1120mm LED Screen is one of UNIT outdoor fixed installation LED display series products, the LED display cabinet is made of high hardness steel material and consist of 3pcs P6.67mm LED display panel in width and 7pcs P6.67 LED sign panel in height. Each P6.67mm led display panel is standard size with 320×160mm size and consists of 1152dots (48×24) pixels, so this p6.67 outdoor led display consists of 24192dots (3×7×1152) pixels in total. Compared with P10 or P8, P6.67 fixed installation LED display has more pixel dots, it is reliable and cost-effective product from it was launched.

With the 22477 pixels of square meter, P6.67 outdoor LED display can deliver an excellent visual experience for viewers and can meet the requirement of various advertising medias. Now after years of research and development, UNIT has professional and technical strength, high quality, best service allows customers to have the most stable and reliable P6.67 outdoor LED displays, and UNIT strives to provide our customers LED display products with high brightness and cost-effective. UNIT P6.67 LED video wall product has many features as following:

P6.67 Outdoor LED Display

Key Parameters of P6.67 Outdoor LED Display 960×1120mm LED Screen

  • LED: SMD3535 3in1
  • Cabinet Material: Steel
  • Cabinet Size: 960X1120mm
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Module Resolution: 48X24dots
  • Cabinet Resolution: 144X168dots
  • Cabinet Density: 24192dots/cabinet
  • Brightness: ≥6500CD/㎡
  • Scan Way: 1/6Scan
  • Waterproof Level: IP65

SMD 3in1 LED display Module

As the name suggests, P6.67 Outdoor LED Display 960×1120mm LED Screen is designed with P6.67mm outdoor LED display modules which is made with high quality NATIOINSTAR LED and reliable driving IC. Each LED display panel is packaged by UNIT latest Surface Mounted Devices technology to make the LED display has uniform color and high brightness.

Every LED display cabinet consists of 21pcs P6.67 LED screen modules. and the modules dimension is standard size 320×160mm so that customers can replace other modules of the same size without changing the cabinet structure, the modules can be P5mm, P8mm and P10mm as their size is 320×160mm too and has same screw holes. P6.67 SMD full color led display module contains 48 pixels LEDs in weight and 24 pixels LEDs in height, so it contains 1152 dots LEDs in total which can ensure the P6.67 LED display has clear image and delivers detailed visuals.

P6.67 Outdoor LED Display panel

Front View of P6.67 LED Display Panel

P6.67 Outdoor LED Display panel

Rear View of P6.67 LED Display Panel

Silent Designing & High Efficiency

UNIT P6.67 outdoor full color SMD LED display adopts 4pcs high quality MEANWELL LED display power supply and 2pcs high efficiency and noiseless cooling fans, which is free of any noise, stable in operation, long in service life, reliable and safe. The life is long for more than 100000 hours.

P6.67 Outdoor LED Display

IP65 Waterproof Level

UNIT P6.67 outdoor LED display can be used in hostile environment weather, with good property of water-proof heat-proof dust-proof. The high protection level is IP65. By applying special structure, high hardness material and modular design, it is be able to make the P6.67mm outdoor LED screen meet the need to work in the open air with better waterproof characteristics.

P6.67 Outdoor LED Display
P6.67 Outdoor LED Display

Excellent Visual Effect

UNIT P6.67mm outdoor LED Wall offers clear image and better visual experience. The product pass strict quality evaluation and test of 72 hours aging which can ensure there is no bad LED lamp and dark LED lamp. Strictly aging test is also an important guarantee for customer receiving high performance LED display products from UNIT and to let the customer get the most satisfactory products is UNIT’s purpose.

P6.67 Outdoor LED Display


P6.67 Outdoor LED Display


P6.67 Outdoor LED Display


P6.67 Outdoor LED Display



Unit P6.67 outdoor LED screen can be customized as customer’s specialized requirements and these customizations can be just about anything such as pixel pitch, cabinet size, cabinet shape, cabinet color, cabinet material, power supply, LED display control card and more, the customized pixel pitch are available with P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P16. To learn more about UNIT customization service, contact us now.

P6.67 Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor P6.67 LED Screen Case

  • Project Location: Germany
  • Pixel Pitch: P6.67mm
  • Module Size: 320×160mm
  • Module Resolution: 48×24 dots
  • Cabinet Material: Steel
  • Cabinet Size: 960×1120mm
  • Cabinet Resolution: 144×168dots
  • Total Cabinet Units: 20pcs
  • Total Display Area: 21.504 sqm
  • Application: Advertising
P6.67 Outdoor LED Display

SPecification OF P6.67 Outdoor LED Video Wall

Pixel Pitch6.67mm
Module Size320×160mm
Pixel Density22477 dots/㎡
Pixel Configuration1R1G1B
LED SpecificationSMD3535 3in1
Module Resolution48×24dots
Cabinet Resolution144×168dots
Cabinet Size960×1120mm
Cabinet MaterialSteel
Driving Way1/6 scan
Driving TypeConstant Current driver IC
Refresh Frequency≥960Hz
Grey Scale/Colors256 levels of each color(R/G/B)/16.7M color
BrightnessMore than 6500 cd/m2
Control SystemDVI display card+full color controller card
Max Power Consumption800W/㎡
Avg Power Consumption400W/㎡
Operating SystemWIN98/2000/NT/XP/7/8/10
Life Span≥100,000hours
Input Voltage (AC)110 / 240V


Specification of P6.67 Outdoor LED Display 960×1120mm LED Screen

Application of P6.67mm Outdoor LED Sign

UNIT P6.67 Outdoor LED Screen is widely used in many locations such as advertising, entertainment, airport, hubway, church, shopping mall, stage, square, showroom, school and more. UNIT is committed to providing the high quality and best performance indoor fixed installation LED display & Outdoor fixed installation LED display to serve customers with professional team.

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