Portable LED display:Things You Have To Know

Portable led display means that you can carry the led screens any where you want to advertise or promote your brands and products, which is also called stand-floor advertising screen.

Sometimes you have to choose a place with high traffic for placement, sometimes you just need to put in the entrance of the physical store. The portable led display screen with large screen, small size, easy to transport,and it becomes more and more popular in LED display market.


The reason for the portable led display is to solve the above-mentioned background technology proposed in the general market of common LED display, more difficult to carry, and storage and mobile is also very inconvenient problem.

Portable led Series


Indoor series



P 2

P 2.5


LED Type




Pixel pitch



LED module size







LED driving method

1/40 dynamic scan

1/32 dynamic scan



LED module layout(H×W)







Display area




Cabinet size




Net. weight/set




Ingress protection

Front IP40/Rear IP40

Front IP40/Rear IP40



AC 240/100±10%

AC 240/100±10%



Rear service

Rear service


Max.Power consumption




Avg.Power consumption




Viewing angle(H/V)





800~1000 nits

800~1000 nits


Pixel density(pixel/m²)




Contrast ratio





-10°C to +40°C; 10% to 90%

-10°C to +40°C; 10% to 90%


Lifetime(50% brightness)












Refresh rate



1. The Features of Portable LED Display

To meet the various of customers needs and requirements,UNIT LED launches portable led display series after years of development,the portable led display with Wireless cloud Management through wifi or 4G control system. Slim Cabinet Lightweight, Slim Appearance, Attractive Visual Display.

Slim&lightweight design

Literally, the portable led display can convert the placement scenario, a large part of the reason is that he is very thin and light. When transported  it can save labor cost ,time and material resources.

Smart cloud management

The LED screen content can be updated via ipad , phone, PC computer, or notebook.

Support Real-time Play, Cross-platform Publish, and USB or WIFI.

Support operation by IOS or Android devices.

Support Built-in Media Player to store and play content.

There is even a digital portable led display for some people who want to interact with led displays.


Excellent visual with high refresh rate and high contrast ratio.

LED display as an indispensable information distribution carrier,it is also a tool for network information visualization, whether indoors or outdoors, the led display effect and good or bad depends on the led display manufacturer’s technical high or low.

The portable led display refresh rate is up to 3840Hz with high definition with 5000:1,and the high brightness provides viewers with perfect display effect. And the viewing angle turn to 160°,wider than 140°.

Adjustable stand and removable base design

The adjustable back bracket of the portable led display is able to adjust the viewing angle. This unique feature makes adjustable viewing angle available, allowing more audience to reach the content easily. 

The special material of the rear bracket can make the portable led display stand on the ground stably,allowing freedom of movement in different directions.


Multi-installation way

In my opinion, this is probably one of the most special features of portable led displays. Special-shaped installation means that you can assemble the led display cabinets together for any shape you need.

According to the latest industry news, more than just another standing portable led display, there are fold-able, which also requires manufacturers of technology updates, and this is an ideal for temporary advertisement and activities.


Seamless cascade

The portable led screen supports stitching individual portable led displays together with multi-installation to a large or special-shaped one. In general,the portable led display can play as a portable led video wall or separate presentation.

High thermal conductivity Alloy cabinet, better heat dissipation

Our portable led display screen has the quality of 24/7 stable working feature. So before sending to you,we have to ensure the quality and lifespan of the led display, we will put a portable should have a good design of features, and after a number of tests, including aging test, etc.

2. Portable LED Screens VS. Traditional LED Displays

1. Cabinet

The first and most obvious point is the difference in form, or the difference between the two cabinets.

Portable led video wall has Hydraulic Back Bracket and removable base, and now some led manufactures Launched the fold-able led display,more easier to transport and can save labor cost.

But the traditional led display can divide into fixed led display and rental led display. The fixed installation box needs to be customized or measured in advance,the case of the rental led display will be thicker than the portable one.

2. Control ways

Portable led display support multi control ways, first Synchronization control way including HDMI input sync. control, PC WIFI, Ethernet cable control;

Asynchronous control way including U disk control, mobile app control, control,  cluster cloud control.

3. Installation methods

The traditional led display like MA640 series support wall mounting, outdoor fixed led display for with single or double pillar type installation, hanging type, Embedded type, Floor-Mounted type installation.

The portable led display screen support stand alone, with wheels easy moving, hanging, DIY creative installation.

4. Protection level

The portable led display including front and rear protection. The front and rear protection level of the UNIT portable led display are IP40.

The protection level of traditional led display, according to the indoor and outdoor environment in different levels of protection,  you can go to check the specific product page.

3. Application of Portable LED Screen

Portable led display as a kind of led display,which is mainly used as a communication medium to deliver some information,but also to make it more convenient for people to get some specific information.

Smart City Construction

Smart city construction also includes many aspects, such as the construction of urban street lights . We can often see light signs or billboards on the roadside,some of them are notices, some are used by businesses to do branding or product promotion, and others are some cultural output.

The portable led display used in the construction of smart cities is needed with other intelligent electronic devices, such as smart phone, computer monitoring,to ensure the real-time information update.

Fold-able Portable LED Display For Traffic Directions

Portable foldable LED display is also called by the traffic police road administration and other units: traffic accident scene information induction screen, traffic police inspection portable LED information warning screen, mobile LED display, portable portable LED dynamic induction screen, traffic police information LED flashing warning screen, portable road administration information flashing induction screen, etc.

With two-color base screen, the information on the screen can be clearly and eye-catchingly conveyed to pedestrians

fold-able portable led display for traffic directions

Traffic police and road personnel have great flexibility and temporary enforcement, it is difficult to release early warning information in a timely manner, which can easily lead to traffic congestion.

So the portable led display screen can be a good solution to the problem of information can not be updated in a timely manner.

This kind of fold-able led display using luggage-type pulley design,easy to carry to another place. P10 pixel pitch is mostly used for outdoor use,waterproof and wind resistant, high temperature resistant.

Digital meeting room portable led video wall

The function of this digital meeting room is for video,image,text display.

And this kind of  TV conference screen,is also called a flat panel display,with the widespread of led display,the LED display is usually installed in meeting room of many enterprises and government departments to assist conferences.

Conference room digital led display can be further divided into fixed installation and base mobile type:

Each of the two installation methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Wall fixed installation of conference room led display

Like the picture above, mounted on the wall of the conference room led display, size than the mobile portable led display to be a little larger, wider viewing range,high regional extensibility. But this fixed installation type of conference room display, the utilization rate is not high.

2. Base mobile portable conference display

The base mobile portable conference display also called smart conference tablet,which means it can move into any scene that requires writing on the tablet or discussion,because you can think of it as a big tablet that supports both ios and Android operating systems.

At the same time, the smart conference led display support touch and whiteboard function,support screen projection function,but this kind of smart conference led display is relatively small,suitable for small-scale short-distance meetings.

The digital meeting room portable led display has projection and touch screen functions that traditional LED displays do not have.

Portable led screen rental

UNIT LED as a global-leading rental led display manufacturer,alway offer high-quality,high stable rental led screens,and from indoor to outdoor ,the pixel pitch from P2 to P5.95. we always offer perfect product to meet your need.

As you can see,the outdoor portable led screen rental can be fixed in the back of the trailer, easy to install, easy to use. But it may also be vulnerable to the weather, so the outdoor portable rental led display to pay more attention to the led module and case protection level and quality.

Besides,there will be a special technician to assist you to install the led display when renting. The outdoor portable led display rental in the face of direct sunlight, you can also clearly see the image, text, video and other forms of the display.

The next time you use it, you only need to upload the activity content to the receiving card and memory card, it will not affect the subsequent application.

Transparent portable led display

Literally, the transparent LED display is able to display the content you want to display in this way without blocking the light indoors and outdoors,and can let customers see your store clearly without being obscured by the digital advertising led display.

That’s what we call a high degree of transparency, UNIT LED as the transparent led manufacturer, the degree of  the transparency up to 85%.


And this transparent portable led display has a light weight, easy to transport, multi-installation,the application of  transparent portable led including window advertising as well as for in store announcements, trade show and event promotions, and drive-through specials.


  1. Highest energy consumption savings
  2. High quality brightness
  3. High resolution
  4. Longer lifetime
  5. Smaller size, faster switching
  6. Simple and sleek outstanding appearance
  7. More easier to maintain compare to traditional led display

Modular design let the transparent portable led display can also be customized according to your needs to size,just select the size you want. And it can unload whenever you finish the even or activities.


This article are talking about:

What the portable led display is?

What kind of features does it have?

What kind of activities or scenarios can be applied to it?

How can you get from the portable led display?

Portable led display as a new trend of the LED display industry, there are many details for the led manufacturers that need to improve, if you want to know more about the LED display, please turn to our product page, or leave us an Email for your need.

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