Professional P3.9 Rental LED Display in Peru

Do you want to make it easy for your business to attract the attention of the audience at the exhibition? Want your business to shine at the show? Professional p3.9 rental LED display will be your good assistant. Use the LED screen to play dynamic pictures or corporate promotional videos in the exhibition hall. You will get a better exhibition publicity effect.

Giant LED display screen in the exhibition hall has a much clearer visual impact on the exhibitors than the canvas. At the same time, it is convenient to disassemble and manage the display equipment after the event. LED screen rentals are the best choice for the exhibition.

Today we will bring you the wonderful performance of the UNIT professional p3.9 rental LED display at the exhibition in Peru.

UNIT Professional P3.91mm rental led video wall

Project details:

Installation country: Peru

Pixels per cabinet: 128×256 (HxV)

Pixel pitch: P3.91mm

Module size: 250*250mm

Gray level: 14 bits

Refresh rate: 1920Hz

Dimensions: 500 x 1000 x 90 mm (WxHxD)/ 19.6 x 39.2 x 3.5 inches (WxHxD)

Application scenario: Indoor exhibition

Product model: MA1000 series rental LED display

P3.91mm is a common model of the rental screen, and it has a good display effect in various indoor and outdoor activities. Therefore it received by the majority of customers love. 

The exhibition is a market segment in the LED display rental industry. Play corporate promotional videos and product close-ups on the screens. The combination of ultra-clear display and creative video content will make the audience more impressed with your company.

Customers have higher requirements for the refresh rate and grayscale of the rental display screen and require the display screen to have a good sense of hierarchy and good color reproduction. Real and delicate pictures make the audience’s experience better.

Therefore, rental display products with superior performance will increase the competitiveness of your business promotion. UNIT MA1000 series rental LED display can fully meet these needs.

UNIT MA1000 series high-quality rental LED display

Rental screens play an important role in event production. Whether it is advertising or information display, the thin and light cabinet and high-definition and delicate display have attracted the attention of many customers. 

UNIT MA1000 series rental screens have excellent display effect and reliable working performance, and have a good performance in exhibitions, stage performances, exhibitions, advertising, and other fields.

Next, let’s take a look at the product details of this cost-effective rental LED display.

Ultra Slim Cabinet

Unit magnesium alloy 1000mm series led display cabinet is very thin and light. The weight of a single box is about 13kg. The thin and portable led screen panel can save more space during installation. At the same time, in the process of installation and disassembly, it can save your time and labor costs. 

Therefore, if you need to use the led screen in event production, the rental led screens are more suitable than other displays.

Professional p3.9 rental LED display (1)

Humanized Design

Professional p3.9 rental LED display (2)

The R&D team fully considers performance and aesthetic factors, and every design of the MA1000 series display cabinet reflects the concept of engineering and aesthetics. 

For example, the quick lock is convenient for installation. It will save your time. Multiple handles are designed for easy packing and management. The power connector, data connector, control box, and other designs are also very beautiful.

Excellent Display Effect

High contrast ratio, the high refresh rate of 1920, and high gray scale, these properties make MA1000 rental LED video wall clear picture and smooth video playback. High-quality lamp beads, IC, and suitable configuration make UNIT’s optoelectronic products have good quality.

The point-by-point correction technology enables the MA1000 series LED display panel to present excellent image output quality under various conditions. The LCD in the rear box shows voltage, temperature, cabinet usage time, and total usage hours.

MA1000 rental led display

Various Installation Methods

MA1000 rental led screen

The curved led display is more visually impactful. MA1000 series rental LED display supports the curved installation. At the same time, double maintenance at the front and back allows you to quickly disassemble the LED module and save maintenance costs.


Pixel pitch





Pixels per cabinet

192×384 (HxV)

168×336 (HxV)

128×256 (HxV)

104×208 (HxV)

LED lifetime

100,000h (video – 50% brightness)


≥1000 nits;

Module size


Module resolution





Refresh rate


Hor. viewing angle

140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)

Vert. viewing angle

140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)

Brightness uniformity




Grey Level

14 bits

Avg Power consumption

350 W/m²

320 W/m²

300 W/m²

280 W/m²

Max Power consumption

680 W/m²

640 W/m²

620 W/m²

600 W/m²

Operation power voltage

100-240V / 50-60Hz

Operational temperature

-10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F

Operational humidity


IP rating

IP54 for Indoor, IP65 for Outdoor


500 x 1000 x 90 mm (WxHxD)/ 19.6 x 39.2 x 3.5 inch (WxHxD)

Weight / Tile

13 kg / 28.66 lbs


Front and back service




2 years standard product warranty

The Bottom Line

We provide professional solutions for professional p3.9 rental LED display. UNIT rental screens are on sale. If you have an LED display project, we can send you free led modules or even LED screen panels! Just contact us.

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