Reestar Led Of Nationstar: Ultimate Introduction

Reestar Led is one of the brands of Nationstar – one of the earliest manufacturers of SMD and RGB Led in China, focusing on high-end customized market. Reestar has become the world-famous Led packaging brand, leading the world in terms of sales revenue in SMD RGB Leds and market share of Narrow Pixel Pitch Leds. Its cases can be seen at many international events such as the Oscars ceremonies and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Nationstar is the representation of high technology and good reputation in the flied of Led lamp beads. Founded in 1969, the company began to set foot in Led packaging in 1976. It has developed into one of the largest Led manufacturers in China so far. According to the public report released by Led Research Center (Ledinside) of TrendForce in May 2018, Nationstar ranked first among the global Led manufacturers in Chinese Led display market of 2018. In recent years, the company ranked TOP8 in global Led packaging enterprises revenue cause company accomplished much in the Led display subdivision field with countless success stories.

reestar led annual revenue

The jump in annual revenue of RGB Led division from 2012 to 2018

At the ISE exhibition in Netherland of 2019, Nationstar showcased the Reestar brand, advanced mini Led and transparent Led screen components, stunning the audiences. These are all the most powerful proof of the status of Nationstar in Led packaging field.

reestar ise show

The stand of Reestar Led at the ISE exhibition

However, Reestar represents the highest level of Nationstar Led packaging technology, and becomes one of the most significant brands of Nationstar occupying the global market. In 2013, the RGB division devoted itself in creating the marvelous Led – Reestar, which met the market demand for high brightness Led display at that time. Since then, it has redefined the global high-end Led display components.

Advantages of Reestar Led

Nationstar is a classic brand in high-class Led lamp beads market, and Reestar belongs to the most comprehensive, best quality and the top Led product brand of this international Led company. Reestar has two product lines – indoor Leds and outdoor Leds and can deliver perfect picture quality even in high intensity of lighting condition with its’ technical breakthroughs in achieving super narrow pixel pitch. The advantages of Reestar Led can be concluded as high-technology, trustworthy reliability and rigorous quality.

Reestar Redefining the Advanced Led Display Technology

Reestar develops a series of advanced Led technology patents. For example, it pioneered the low pins high frame patent technique and full black encapsulation patent technique to improve structure and contrast, applies the matte encapsulation to make epoxy resin on Led surface become smoothness and to solve the picture distortion problem caused by high intensity of lighting, etc. It is noteworthy that RGB Led division possesses more than 800 R&D teams and the number of patents over 500.
black led lamp

Matte encapsulation brings more perfect picture and wider angle

Reestar is a technology-intensive brand who continuously dedicates to more high-definition picture, more durable and reliable Led package and never-ending technique breakthroughs to win the worldwide leading Led market position. The unique design of high frame with low pins ensures the good air-tightness and easy, less potting.

reestar led design

Low pins high frame patent technique

In 2014, Reestar first launched a Led lamp light whose five sides are all colored black using the same material. That means, the Leds can perform high contrast whatever from its’ front or sides after being installed in Led modules, which tremendously improved the appearance effect. All black matte encapsulation helps the high contrast realize, with good consistency in low grey scale and effective wide view angle being guaranteed.

reestar led development

Full black encapsulation patent technique

Reestar Led achieves high brightness paralleling energy-saving. Besides, the wide color gamut standard introduced to 1515 dimension in 2017 has greatly improved color reduction, indicating that Led display is capable of getting into cinema, broadcasting and other professional fields. And Triple waterproof function is a competitive property under severe outdoor environment. All these advantages solve the technological problems of traditional Led lamp beads from different aspects.

reestar led color comparision

The comparison of color gamut of RS-1515 and DCI-P3

Guaranteeing the Reliability of Reestar LED Production Process


The inspection equipment such as Sonoscan acoustic microscopes and production machines of Reestar are all first-class level in the world. What is more, the independent automated production workshop and imported materials also can guarantee the high reliability. The Led chips produced by international chip companies including Reestar Leds equipped with bring the products stability, and imported UV resistant Led packing glue can promote waterproof function. In addition, the leadframes are supported by pure copper which protects the products from out of shape.

reestar led material

Imported and good quality materials of Reestar Led


Reestar Led apply for automotive quality management IATF16949 and automotive grade discrete semiconductors(AEC-Q101) . The SMT failure rate<10PPM and the production capacity of RGB Led division exceeds 6000KK per month.reestar led production

Ten thousand level clean workshop

Reestar family Leds include indoor Leds and outdoor Leds and have already been widely used in different application fields. For instance, high end rental LED display for auto show, product launch conference, Led billboard, cinema, stage Led display, stadium LED Screen and fine pixel pitch displays in airport, traffic Led screen, sports Led display, street pole Led display, etc.

RS1515 is indoor Led which introduced wide color gamut standard into Led industry in 2017 and effective view angle is up to 160°. All these give RS1515 the competitive ability to improve color reduction. The launch of this product means Led screens can be applied in cinema, broadcasting and other professional fields.

reestar rs1515 led

RS1515 Led lamp bead

RS3535 is a classical high end outdoor Led lamp bead. The production process of this product contains many patent designssuch as upgrading high frame with low pins to strength reliability, contrast and view angle. The large number of successful cases make it enjoy good reputation around the world. In 2017, RS3535 experienced an all-around upgrade and performance even better.

reestar 3535 led

RS3535 Led lamp bead

RS1415 is the smallest dimension outdoor RGB Led in the world with pixel pitch

reestar led 1415

RS1415 Led lamp light

RS1921, once won the 2017 Gaogong Golden Ball Award, performing outstandingly in high bright display with its’ luminous intensity up to 4500nit. It is no doubt the lead product in the market of high-end outdoor Led.

reestar 1921 led

RS1921 Led lamp light

RS2727 is also a premium outdoor Led lamp light. The full screen luminous intensity can reach 4000nit and 7000nit so it is not afraid of any kind of light environment.

reestar smd 2727 led

RS2727 Led lamp light

Reestar LED Specifications Download

You can download the full information about nationstar and reestar led catagory for 2020, reestar led specifications for free.

MINI LED BrochureDownload
Reestar LED BrochureDownload
RGB Brochure 2020Download
reestar led project

Reestar will persevere in offering customers with great quality, customized service and innovative Led display components. We can believe that the future of Reestar Led is splendid, the heading direction of RGB Led division is customers and market orientated and international RGB Led display market will be always powered by Reestar – the accomplished icon brand.

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