Rental Indoor LED Display-NG500 Series

Rental indoor LED display refers to the rental LED screen used indoors. LED screen rental is a product mainly used for rental. According to different classification standards, LED displays are classified in various ways. The rental led screen is a display device specially designed for indoor and outdoor activities such as stage performances and event productions. Compared with other display devices, such as projection and LCD screens, led displays have unique advantages.

The R&D team of UNIT LED has launched new products NG500 and NG1000 series of high-quality indoor and outdoor rental led panels by summarizing customer needs and researching market trends. This article will show you its features and what benefits does it bring to your events, stages, and wedding venues?

NG500/NG1000 Rental LED Display

NG500 rental led screen

500*1000mm Cabinet Standard Size

SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation technology

Dual Service with Frontal and Real Maintenance

Support Right Angle Installation

Detachable Back Cover Box

Indoor & Outdoor are Available

CE, Rohs Approved

3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

Advantages of NG500 Rental Indoor/outdoor LED Display

Light, thin and quick installation are the distinctive features of the NG500 series indoor rental led screen. The thin and light LED screen cabinet can be quickly installed, disassembled, and transported. Therefore, rental led screens are more suitable for large-area screen rental and fixed installation application scenarios.

In addition, the rental led screen adopts an asynchronous control system, which is easy to operate. It supports DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV, and other video input signals, and can play various videos, graphics, and more information in real-time and synchronously.

1. Excellent display performance



UNIT NG500 series rental indoor LED display has high contrast ratio and high refresh rate. A high contrast ratio brings high-definition display quality. The gray level is up to 14bits, which can display rich colors. The high-definition rental LED video wall with excellent display performance can help all your indoor activities.

2. Ultra-high protection level




The protection level of the indoor rental display is IP54, and the protection level for the outdoor is IP65. P2.604mm and P2.976mm are suitable for indoor evnets. And P3.91mm and P4.81mm are both available for indoor and outdoor activities.

3. Various installation methods



On some specific event occasions, planners need to adopt different installation methods for the display screen due to the differences in the on-site environment. Our high-definition led rental screen supports a variety of installation methods, including hanging installation, concave and convex, stack installation, and right-angle installation.

Curved Installation

4. Excellent price/performance ratio

NG500 indoor led screen


Currently, our HD rental led screen series is on sale. The new NG500/NG1000 Rental LED Display is our flagship product. Based on retaining the advantages of the previous MAX500 and MA500 series rental indoor led video wall, some innovative elements have been added. Our displays have excellent display effects and competitive prices. How to get the best indoor rental led display price? Just contact us!

Factors Affecting Indoor Rental LED Display Price

The price of indoor events rental led video walls is what customers care about. Many factors affect its price. Next, we will list some main influencing factors to help you better choose a suitable event and stage rental led screen.

  • Cost of LED screen rental cabinet

Generally, the salesmen of display screen manufacturers make quotations by XXX RMB (USD)/square meter. If the model and configuration are different, the price difference will be relatively large. The price of the screen includes the cost of the module, chip, power supply, box, signal cable, and power cable.

  •  the cost of the control system

China indoor rental led screen generally adopts an asynchronous control system. The manufacturer will determine the number of sending cards and receiving cards according to the size of the rental led video wall. The larger the screen area, the more cards are used.

  • Ancillary equipment

There are many types of supporting equipment here, such as computers, audio amplifiers, power distribution cabinets, led video processors, etc. Compared with outdoor, the supporting equipment of indoor rental led panel is less. After all, lightning protection is not required. At the same time, indoor led screen requirements for waterproofing will be lower.

  • Steel frame labor cost

The manufacturer can provide two options. One is to contract the decoration and installation of the fixed steel frame by the manufacturer, and complete the overall installation and debugging of the LED display. The other is the steel frame drawings provided by the manufacturer and completed by the local steel structure contractor. Technicians are available to assist on-site.

  • Technical expenses

If you need technicians to provide on-site assistance to guide installation and commissioning, you will be responsible for the cost of room and board and round-trip travel expenses for the technicians.

NG500/NG1000 Indoor Rental LED Screen Video

Aging Test of NG500/NG1000 Indoor Rental LED Screen

aging test of NG500 led screen rental 3
aging test of NG500 led screen rental 2


Pixel pitch





Pixels per cabinet

192×384 (HxV)

168×336 (HxV)

128×256 (HxV)

104×208 (HxV)

LED lifetime

100,000h (video – 50% brightness)


≥1000 nits;

Module size


Module resolution





Refresh rate


Hor. viewing angle

140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)

Vert. viewing angle

140° +/-5° (@50% brightness)

Brightness uniformity




Grey Level

14 bits

Avg Power consumption

350 W/m²

320 W/m²

300 W/m²

280 W/m²

Max Power consumption

680 W/m²

640 W/m²

620 W/m²

600 W/m²

Operation power voltage

100-240V / 50-60Hz

Operational temperature

-10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F

Operational humidity


IP rating

IP54 for Indoor, IP65 for Outdoor


500 x 1000 x 80 mm (WxHxD)/ 19.6 x 39.2 x 3.14 inch (WxHxD)

Weight / Tile

12.5 kg / 27.55 lbs


Front and back service




2 years standard product warranty


The new product NG500/NG1000 is an excellent rental indoor led display. Want to add sparkle to your indoor event or stage? UNIT indoor rental led screen with high-definition picture quality and stable performance is the best choice. Contact us to get the best china rental LED screen with the best price!

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