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Rental LED Display

UNIT LED is a global-leading Rental LED Display manufacturer, we offer high-quality, highly stable Rental LED screens with ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin thickness, excellent performance, seamless splicing, and more. From indoor to outdoor, or pixel pitch P2 to P5.95, We always have a perfect product to meet your need.

The Rental LED display has high stability and a high refresh rate. It is thin and light. With the innovation and development of LED technology, rental LED screens have been favored by many large-scale event planners.

The stability and excellent display effect of the LED display screen help you to create a beautiful stage background. If you don’t know about rental displays before, this article will bring you a professional buying guide.

1. What is a Rental LED Display?

In the era of digitalization and informatization, all walks of life are affected by technology. The LED display industry is no exception.

From fixed LED screens to rental LED displays, it fully reflects the impact of market demand and technological progress on the LED display industry.

Different from the indoor/outdoor fixed LED display, the most obvious feature of LED rental screens is a high degree of flexibility.

Mobile LED screens can serve multiple activities instead of being fixed in one place all the time. It features a custom die-cast aluminum case design. 

The LED screen cabinet is thin. So you can install or remove it quickly. It generally appears in the form of rental, so it is called LED screen rental.

In addition, the rental LED video wall has a wide range of applications, such as stage performances, event production, product launch, exhibitions, weddings, auditoriums, and other event venues.

outdoor rental led display_副本

2. Features of LED Screen Rental

Before buying anything, we know how it performs and what benefits it can bring us. The purchase decision is made only after an assessment of its value.

In the same way, before buying a rental led panel, it is necessary to understand its characteristics. So you can estimate what additional effects you might get after investing in rental LED screens for your project.

(1) Ultra-lightweight, Slim Design

The cabinet size of the rental led panel generally adopts the standard size of 500×500mm and 500×1000mm, and the thickness is only 80mm. The screen is made of ultra-light die-casting aluminum.

Compared with other LED display panels, the LED display rental cabinet is much lighter in weight. The weight of a single cabinet will not exceed 10kg.

The ultra-light and ultra-thin box is convenient for transportation and carrying. Therefore, it is very suitable for rental.

(2)Perfect Cabinet Design

Compared with indoor/outdoor fixed LED displays, the cabinet design of rental led screens is also very distinctive.

It mainly includes a cabinet fixing slot, quick lock, magnet adsorption module, module installation knob, detachable power box, etc.

While ensuring the stability of the various components of the LED wall rental, the appearance is also very aesthetic.

The images displayed by p2.5mm and p3.91mm led video wall rental are vivid and delicate. High-resolution gives viewers a good viewing experience.


(3) Exquisite Display Screen

An exquisite display effect depends not only on the pixel pitch. The help of a high-quality LED display control system, driver IC and the industry’s top lamp beads is also crucial.

The pixel pitch of the rental LED video wall is mostly above P2.5mm and below P6mm. A high refresh rate and high contrast ratio make the large led display rental clear. And, it has high color reproduction.

(4) Dual Service Design

Dual service design means reduce of maintenance time costs. At the same time, you can easily remove the modules for repair and replacement with the help of a magnet adsorption tool.

(5) High Protection Performance

Whether it is an indoor rental LED screen or an outdoor LED screen, ultra-high protection performance is standard.

Excellent heat dissipation design and good heat dissipation performance ensure its stable operation without external fans.

The outdoor rental LED screen has an IP65 protection level, which can resist the potential rain and wind in the outdoor environment.

(6) Arc Stage Rental LED Screen

According to different venues or installation environments, you can bring different experiences to the audience through the curved stage rental LED video wall.

Curved LED display is divided into an outer arc and an inner arc. With the high-precision curve lock design (-10° to +10°), you can adjust the degree of the curve more quickly to get the best picture image.

3. Why do You Need to Rent Video Wall Displays?

What benefits can rent video wall displays bring to your event or project? The answer to this question is why you need to invest in video wall rental.

(1)Portable LED Screen Rental

The portable LED screen rental has a slim appearance and is lightweight. These features make it very easy to move and manage.

That is to say, you can install displays in different locations and display relevant advertising messages.

Meanwhile, mobile LED screens let more audiences know about your promotions and bring you more customers.

(2) Long-term Service

The position of the fixed led display is stable. But if you buy a rental LED video wall, you can get its long-term service. Long-term service comes from two aspects.

On the one hand, the end of an event does not mean the end of service for the rental LED video wall.

At the next event, the rental led display board still has excellent performance. As rental led displays can serve multiple activities, they are energy-saving.

On the other hand, by changing models with different pixel pitches, you can get a rental LED display suitable for different viewing distances.

Depending on the size of the venue and the demand for image quality, you can implement different led display solutions without difficulty.

As we all know, the led screen has a specific working time. Once this time is exceeded, the screen cannot obtain the same picture quality display effect. With rental led boards you don’t need to worry about this problem.

UNIT provides high-quality LED modules. Buying modules only can save you the extra cost of repurchasing the whole screen.

(3) More Affordable Options

If your company or organization does not have much budget to invest in a giant fixed display, then renting led video wall displays is a good choice.

Renting the installed led display will save your cost, as you only need to pay the rent according to factors such as the length of use and the area.

Whether your budget is limited or you want to save money, renting video wall displays is a more affordable option.

Especially for the large led screen, the price is much higher. Therefore, there are many powerful large companies aware of this superior.

So they launched a large led rental project. Customers only need to pay cheaper rent to enjoy professional customer service.

(4) Excellent Display Effect

In outdoor music festivals, wedding venues, and theatrical performances, more and more customers choose to rent LED displays to build stage backgrounds.

Its excellent display effect and stable operation performance have won the favor of event planners and the general audience.

You deserve a high-quality led video wall rental with high resolution, high contrast, and high grayscale. An exquisite and smooth LED display image, shocking lights and music, brings an audio-visual feast to the audience.

4. How to Get LED Panel Rental Price?

How to estimate the rental of LED display screen? It is not difficult, as long as you know the length and width of the screen and the rental standard per square unit. There are rules for how the rental of LED screens rental is calculated.

Video wall rental cost calculation method

H – Video Wall Height (feet)

W – video wall width (feet)

Z – rent per square foot

Rent for the first day: H*W(area of LED video wall)*Z. The rent for the following days is 20% of the rent on the first day.


Calculate the rent for four days of renting a rental video wall of 10*18 feet. Let’s say rent is $70 per square foot.

Day 1: 10*18*70=$12600

Day 2-4: 12600*20%=$2520

Total cost: 12600+2520*3=$20160

Factors Affecting LED Screen Rental Cost

① Pixel pitch

Generally speaking, the smaller the pixel pitch of the display, the more lamp beads. Therefore, the displayed picture is clearer, and the price is higher.

For example, the price of a P2.5mm rental led panel is higher than that of P3.91mm. Just select the appropriate display screen according to the corresponding viewing distance.

② Installation method

The more difficult installation methods require more human resources. And need the guidance of experienced technicians. Therefore, the simpler the installation method of LED panel rental, the lower the price.

③ Indoor or outdoor

The working environment of outdoor rental led panels is more complex and changeable than indoors, and waterproof and dustproof must be considered.

Therefore, additional protective measures must be taken, and the corresponding cost will naturally increase.

④ Mobile or modular

The cost of a mobile rental led panel is lower than that of a modular led video wall. It is because the movement, assembly, and disassembly of large-area modular led displays require more personnel to participate.

5. How to Get a High-quality Rental LED Screen?

The high-quality rental LED screen has excellent display performance and brings pleasing visual effects to your event or stage.

High-quality products are inseparable from high-quality raw materials and excellent design. Next, we will show you how LED screen rental can have good display effects.

These factors are also what you need to consider when purchasing or renting stage and event LED screens.

(1) LED Module

The rental LED screen uses a 250x250mm standard-size magnetic module. A single rental LED panel only requires 4 modules.

This kind of box can reduce internal wiring and improve product stability.

At the same time, the magnetic module is easy to disassemble and install.

There is no need to open the box, and the module can be easily removed in 5 seconds with the help of a suction cup tool.

(2) Cabinet Frame

The lightweight magnesium alloy material box is convenient for transportation and installation. It can greatly save your labor and transportation costs.

500x500mm and 500x1000mm cabinets can be used together. This can meet the needs of more scenarios.

(3) High Brush Driver IC

PWM’s high-end constant current driver chip ensures that the rental LED screen has a high refresh rate and high grayscale.

The 3840Hz LED screen video effect is smooth, the picture quality is delicate and the colors are rich. It can meet the needs of stage performances, broadcasts, etc.

The high refresh screen can meet the needs of taking pictures. When you take photos against the stage screen at a concert, the picture on your phone will not flicker or have black lines.

(4) Mask

The mask is assembled with a snap fastener at the rear, making it easy to maintain the LED light from the front.

The screen surface has good integrity and there will be no bright spots caused by light leakage from the screws when it is lit.

(5) Heating Plate

An aluminum base plate replaces the traditional plastic bottom case. While ensuring flatness, it improves the heat dissipation performance of the product.

No additional fans are required for efficient cooling. There will also be less noise.

6. Where Will You Use LED Rental Screens?

From the aspect of installation environment, there are indoor LED rental displays and outdoor rental LED displays.

It has a wide range of applications in various indoor and outdoor activities. Next, we’ll walk you through where you can use it.

(1) Stage Rental LED Display

In various large-scale cultural evenings, concerts, and music festivals, LED display screens are used as stage backgrounds.

Stage rental led screens can display different screen content according to the programs. And cooperating with the on-site lighting and sound system, they present a beautiful dance effect.

stage rental led screen

(2)Event production

In recent years, many event planners have increased the demand for rental LED screens. Event LED screen rental is widely used in conferences, seminars, exhibitions, large recruitment venues, and other large-scale events.

Not only can it be used to display event information, but it can also play personalized promotional videos.

Large led screens have become an integral part of event productions. LED video wall rental stands out among many display devices because of its portability and high resolution.

(3)Mobile LED Screen

Mobile advertising truck is suitable for renting. When you don’t have enough funds to cover the full cost of the mobile advertising truck, mobile led screen can be your perfect substitute.

Compared with modular LED screen rental, LED screen truck rental has richer activity trajectories. But you have to take into account the difference in labor costs.

You can flexibly move this portable large led screen from one place to another for a multi-directional display of the event site.

(4) Wedding Scene

Wedding LED display is the new favorite in the industry. The LED display screen plus the color screen and gauze curtains create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

At the wedding ceremony, the pictures or video content matched with the wedding session are played through the LED screen.

It makes the wedding scene more appealing. Rental LED screen is gradually becoming the mainstream of the wedding stage.

(5) Product Launches

The update speed of digital products is accelerating in response to the progress of science and technology. At the launch sites of new products of major brands, LED display rental can basically be seen.

The large screen not only perfectly displays product details from multiple perspectives, but also impresses the audience through customized videos.

(6) Other Application Fields

The application fields of led rental screens are far more than those mentioned above. You can use it on various occasions. Because of its portability, some customers use rental LED video walls for fixed installation. In a word, its use depends on your needs.

7. Rental LED Screen Installation

(1) 90-degree Right Angle Installation

The LED right-angle screen has a beautiful appearance, small right-angle seams, and stable and reliable quality.

The 90-degree right-angle installation allows you to obtain high-quality display effects from all angles.

(2) Curved Installation

The high-precision arc lock allows the rental LED screen to easily realize curved installation, whether it is an inner arc or an outer arc.

Taking the NG500 series as an example, Curved with every 2.5° between -10 and 10°, it can make a convex and concave LED screen.

NG curved led screen

(3) Hoisting

The size of the suspended rental LED wall should not be too large, generally below 6x10m.

Exceptions include special cabinet materials and curtain types. This is to ensure the safety of stage performers and rental LED panels.

The top is equipped with a hanging beam and the bottom is equipped with a bottom beam. The upper and lower boxes are connected with a lifting mechanism. The horizontal boxes are tightened by locks.

Characteristics of the three lifting mechanisms:

Gear type

More expensive and beautiful


Conical rod type

Affordable and reliable


Bolt type

the cheapest. However, assembly is troublesome and is not suitable for situations where repeated disassembly and assembly are required.

(4) Stage LED Screen Stand Truss Installation

Display Stage Led Truss is a new design and trend truss system to hold LED screens from the ground.

This removable stage stand is made from high-grade lightweight aluminum. It is applied to cabinet sizes 500*500mm and 500*1000mm.

The wheels at the bottom are removable. In addition to flat video walls, it even enables curved LED screen rentals with adjustable legs.

(5) Fixed installation

Truss fixed installation is the most common installation method for indoor/outdoor rental LED screens.

First, build the steel frame, and then assemble the LED video wall by stacking.

The quick lock design can greatly save installation time. The LED cabinet can also be quickly disassembled after the event.

8.Why Choose UNIT as Your LED Screen Rental Manufacturer?

How to quickly lock a trustworthy LED display rental company? UNIT LED is a professional LED rental screen solution provider from Shenzhen, China.

With high-quality products, professional technical support, and first-class customer service, our rental screens have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions around the world.

Some Cases of LED Screen Rental



P3.91 stage rental led screen in America

The MA500 series rental LED screen has a beautiful appearance, excellent quality, and easy installation.

P3.91 Outdoor-500x500-curved-USA-4
indoor rental led


P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Video Wall in the USA

The MA1000 series LED screen rental has a high refresh rate, high resolution, and good waterproof performance. It can work both indoors and outdoors.


P4 outdoor rental LED display in Serbia

MA960 series is equipped with high-quality components such as high-standard driving chip 2038S, MDI5124, and Nationstar LED lamp beads. It perfectly meets the needs of customers for high-definition picture quality.

P3.91 Outdoor-500x500-curved-USA-3
P3.91mm concert rental LED display


P3.91mm Rental Concert LED Display in Italy

Perfect visual enjoyment comes from high-quality lamp beads and ICs. UNIT P3.91mm rental concert LED board presents a perfect display effect for the audience at the concert site.

UNIT Rental LED Screen Cases Gallery

stage background led display
stage background led display (2)
stage background led display (4)
stage led display screen (1)

Why Choose UNIT LED?

UNIT LED guarantees customer satisfaction with excellent quality and after-sales service. Adhere to the principle of “quality first, service first”.

  • High Quality LED Parts

We have established close cooperation with suppliers such as Linsn, Novastar, Cree, Nationstar, Epistar LED, Meanwell, G-energy, etc. The first-class raw materials in the industry ensures that our products are stable and reliable.

  • LED Module Aging Test

UNIT LED promises that all LED display modules will undergo a comprehensive and rigorous burn-in test and professional quality inspection in the test room before they are delivered to customers

  • 3 Days (72 Hours) Aging Test

For each finished LED display screen, we promise three days (72 hours) aging test to ensure that the LED has high flatness, good color uniformity, good visual display effect, and stable performance.

  • Top Workshop, Professional Worker

UNIT LED has first-class automated production equipment, a set of efficient production lines, and professional workers. We efficiently provide high-quality LED display products.

9. FAQs of LED Screen Rental

(1) What Are the Benefits of Rental LED Screens for Events?

Rental LED screen is widely used in various indoor and outdoor events: trade shows, concerts, weddings, and more.

The benefits of rental LED screens for events include but are not limited to:

Excellent visual effects

Broaden the visual range of the stage (especially for large events)

Dynamic content display

Enhance brand awareness

Easy and quick assembly and disassembly

advertising opportunities


(2) How Much Does it Cost to Hire an LED Screen?

Price is what customers care about most. However, LED display rental companies do not give precise figures.

This is because the price of renting a display screen is affected by many factors. Such as screen specifications, event venues, functionality, etc.

However, you can use these factors to give you a rough estimate of what your event will require.

(3) What Are the Advantages of Using a Curved LED Screen Rental for Immersive Advertising?

Curved LED screen rental can surround the viewer, thereby creating a visual space for people to have an immersive experience.

At the same time, the curved rental LED screen takes up less space and can display a complete image.

The curved rental LED screen has stable image quality. The visual effect is not inferior to that of a flat screen. What’s more important is that it can create lifelike immersive effects.

(4) How to Choose the Right LED Video Wall Rental for Your Exhibition Stand?

Decorate your booth with a high-quality rental LED screen. Dynamic videos and high-definition bright images make your brand stand out in the exhibition.

Taking into account factors such as the space of the booth and the viewing distance of the audience, it is best to ensure that the screen meets the following requirements:

  • Smaller pixel pitch
  • 3840Hz high refresh rate
  • Suitable screen size and resolution. Determine according to the space of the booth
  • Curved LED screens and right-angle LED screens are more attractive than ordinary screens.

10. Conclusion

In this article, we give you a detailed introduction to the knowledge of rental LED displays. Including its benefits, application areas, prices, and recommending a trustworthy led screen rental company to you. If you want to know more about discounts on rental screens, contact us now.