Latest Right Angle LED Display Customer Case & Product Recommendation

Unit right angle LED display has a wider viewing angle and attractive appearance, which is popular among the LED display market. For shopping mall, theater, subway station, museum, cell of buildings and so on are all the applications of right angle LED screen, which will impress your customers and improve the brand images.

Functions of Unit Right Angle LED Display

(1) Attract people’s attention effectively.

As an innovative type of advertising LED display, it is very suitable for trade shows, exhibitions, museum,s and so on. The elegant appearance can show the contents in a stylish way, and attract people’s eyes immediately.

(2) Seamless transition over the entire cube.

The unit supports the cube LED display to show the contents entirely and vividly even on the corner.

We have different types of LED screens allowing such functions as such EV1000 series. With its aluminum material and our precise production technology which will upgrade LED modules to right angle ones, we minimize the side effect which will affect the visual experience.

(3) Available in different sizes and pixels.

Unit provides right-angle LED screens with multiple sizes and pixels from large pixel pitches to high-definition LED displays. We offer customized cube LED screens to customers worldwide with all-around services.

(4) Wider angle, people can see the content from any angle.

One of the most outstanding features of this LED display is the wide viewing angle that can let customers view the contents from every side, and expand the visibility of the screen.

(5) Each side can be controlled separately with different content.

(6) High waterproof protection, even the junction can resist water and moisture greatly.

Unit provides LED cabinets designed for outdoor L shaped displays such as OF800 and EV960. This can improve

Product Recommendation

We have multiple series for you to choose from as your right angle LED screens. For example, MA500, EV960/1000, OF800 series, and so on.

(1) For people who want the cube LED screens without gap, it is recommended to consider MA500, EV960, and EV1000. They are also the top sellers, and both support indoor and outdoor LED displays with dual services.

(2) For customers who have medium budgets, we recommend I960 and MA500 series. The former one will have a little gab, but do not affect the final visual effect. They are both cost-effective, and also reliable.

(3) If you want LED displays with arc-angle, our OF800 series can achieve this perfectly! It supports multiple pixels from 4.16mm to 10mm.

For the detailed plan, we have professional staff to design and help you choose the most suitable products based on your projects.

Customer Case

Project details

  • Installation Country: South Africa
  • Pixel Pitch: P10mm
  • Module Size: 480X320mm
  • Cabinet Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Cabinet Size: 960X960mm
  • Pcs: 85Pcs
  • Refresh Rate: 3.840Hz
  • Grayscale: 14bit
  • Application: P10 outdoor LED screen

In this case, we introduced our EV960 series to our customers. This LED cabinet is made of aluminum, and supports dual services including frontal and back services.

The waterproof level can reach IP66, which can resist water and moisture perfectly. And the energy-saving ability can save customers’ budgets and endow this cabinet environmental-friendly features.


Today we discussed Unit right angle LED display, and recommended corresponding products to you, and finally, we introduced the customer case. For more about right angle LED screen, welcome contact us anytime and anywhere you want!

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