2023 Ultimate Guide of Round LED Display Screen!

Are you looking for an eye-catching digital identity for your retail store to highlight your brand? Then don’t miss the round LED display!

Bright, colorful round LED screens display your logo or distinctive logo to customers with an outstanding visual image. They are small but bring more business opportunities to your retail store.

If you are interested in a creative round LED display, this post will be a good way to give you a comprehensive understanding of this versatile creative LED display. Let’s read now!

1. What is a Round LED screen?

Round LED display screen is a creative LED display with excellent visual impact and a perfect round shape.

The unique shape makes it stand out from conventional rectangular LED screens.

The increasing demand for creative displays allows round LED displays to attract the attention of pedestrians in more places.

Based on the individual needs of application sites and customers, LED display products must be updated to meet the needs of diversified application scenarios.

round led screen

The specially designed LED screen rounds bring people a unique visual experience with their special shapes.

So, as a creative LED screen, what functions does it have?

2. Functions of Round LED Screen

Full-color LED display round has a very wide range of applications, such as stages, shopping malls, airports, hotels, etc.

The LED screen has powerful functions. Here we list some for your reference:

(1) Brand Promotion

Digital LED signage round LED display is suitable for various retail stores, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, chain brand stores, etc.

This type of round LED display is usually hung and fixed on the front side of the store. It can display the brand name, trademark, logo, and other content.

Bright images showcase your brand image to customers. Bright and detailed visuals make your brand stand out on the busy streets.

LED screen round

(2) Information Display

For retail stores, it can display logos, text, images, and other information to promote the brand.

For functional places such as airports or stations, round LED screens can be used as signage to help passengers quickly find exits or other directions.

(3) Advertising

LED displays support displaying text, pictures, videos, and other types of media content.

The dynamic display attracts more customers to pay attention to the products or merchant promotions promoted in the advertisement.

(4) Attract People

Large commercial centers usually create creative display devices to attract more people around them and bring more popularity to businesses.

The huge round LED display in the mall atrium attracts consumers to experience a unique visual experience.

More and more creative LED displays have become a popular choice for shopping malls.

(5) Decoration and Beautification

The LED display screen can play personalized materials and play the role of decorating the building.

For example, in science and technology museums, theme exhibition halls, and hotel lobbies, round LED displays create architectural spaces with different styles by playing different styles of material videos.

3. Benefits of Round LED Display

(1) Excellent Visual Effect

High-brightness, high-contrast, and high-refresh-rate LED screens ensure high-quality image quality.

Clear and flicker-free images are very friendly to your eyes.

A bright image makes your logo easier for customers to notice among regular store signs.

(2) Lightweight and Slim

The round LED signage used at the doors of various shops and coffee shops supports a double-sided display.

The lightweight, slim LED screen cabinet can be suspended and fixed via a bracket.

The lighter-weight cabinet has lower requirements on the load-bearing performance of the installation structure. At the same time, the lightweight box is safer.

(3) Can be Customized to Meet a Variety of Creative Needs

High-quality LED display round supports customization.

Parameters such as size, pixel pitch, brightness, and refresh rate can be adjusted according to your application and the desired display effect.

round LED screens

(4) Widely Used

LED screen round provides high-quality image or video content. You can create such attractive LED display signs in any place.

For example:

Various retail stores: coffee shops, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, etc.




business center


(5) High Stability and High Protection Capability

High-quality LED modules, power supplies, aluminum LED cabinets, and other high-quality raw materials and excellent production processes ensure the durability and high stability of round LED screens.

The excellent dustproof and waterproof design protects the electronic components inside the screen and extends the LED display lifespan.

(6) Simple Control Method

The circular LED display can play videos, pictures, and GIF files in various formats through an asynchronous control system.

It also supports remote control through WIFI or a professional APP, making it easy to change or release programs.

In short, the round LED display screen has a more distinctive visual impact and is an ideal product to replace light LED screen cabinet advertising or traditional door headers.

4. How to Get An LED Screen Round?

The circular LED logo screen is an important window to display the brand image and convey the corporate image.

In addition to door signs used in retail stores, large circular LED displays bring customers an extraordinary visual experience with unique image effects.

So, compared with traditional LED displays, how can we make a perfect LED screen round?

The three most common production methods are as follows:

(1) Conventional LED Display Module

First, a conventional LED display module is used to make the screen appear circular through circular wrapping.

Then, the circular display effect is achieved by controlling the software settings.

Considering the best visual effect, for round LED displays with small diameters and areas that need to be viewed at close range, the smaller the frame diameter, the better.

round led display

(2) Sector PCB Splicing

The second production method requires more complicated process steps than the first.

First of all, the LED display factory needs to open a mold to customize the sector-shaped PCB board.

Then, the customized sector-shaped PCB is spliced in concentric circles, showing a perfect circular shape.

Advantages: Using this design scheme, the screen edge size is small, the appearance is better, and the visual effect is better.

Disadvantages: Requires customization. The product cost is high and the price is expensive. At the same time, the production cycle will be relatively longer.

If the area or diameter of the circular LED display changes, the mold needs to be re-opened.

(3) Trapezoidal LED Module Splicing

The above two production solutions are suitable for smaller circular screens.

If you need to customize a larger round LED screen size, use the trapezoidal LED module splicing solution.

When the circle area is large, trapezoidal modules are used to splice a large-area circular LED display.

led module

Whether indoors or outdoors, LED screen manufacturers provide two product solutions:

(1) Round LED display with frame (larger frame size)

(2) Frameless round LED display (frame size less than 2cm)

5. Different Types of Round LED Screens

(1) Double-side Round LED Display

Double-sided round LED displays can display logos, trademarks, logos, and other information. Good color reproduction makes your store stand out on a busy street.

LED digital displays help you attract more target customers and increase sales.

At the same time, it helps you establish a unified store style and create a unique corporate image.

(2) Outdoor Round Advertising LED Screen

Outdoor round advertising LED screen has high waterproof performance and high brightness. Excellent performance ensures that the screen can display high-definition advertising content.

(3) Round Shaped Transparent LED Display

The clever circular transparent screen has become an eye-catching artifact in major chain stores.

The unique circular screen and see-through visual effects are in harmony with the overall design style of the store.

The highly transparent round shaped transparent LED display is suitable for a variety of places. For example shopping malls, shopping malls, chain stores, etc.

round shaped transparent led display

(4) Round Ceiling LED Screen

Many large commercial centers or real estate centers are equipped with large ceiling LED screens.

Round-shaped LED displays are installed on the ceiling domes or sky corridors of large buildings.

Ceiling round LED display helps commercial centers gain more popularity and attract more potential customers for merchants.

6. More Creative LED displays

In addition to Round LED display, triangular LED display, DJ booth LED display, LED screen mask, and rhombus LED screen can also dazzle your customers.

Creative LED display has a unique shape and clear picture quality.

The highly flexible soft flexible LED module allows your creative content to bring a shocking visual impact to the audience through the LED display.

High-quality flexible LED modules can create LED screens with various shapes for you. Such as cylindrical LED screens, spherical LED screens, curved LED screens, etc.

UNIT LED has professional creative display manufacturing technology and a professional technical team.

As a professional LED display solution provider, we provide novel and personalized creative LED screens to customers around the world.

7. The Bottom Line

In this post, we tell you some information about round LED screens. Includes features, benefits, and how to make them.

In addition to round LED displays, UNIT LED provides a variety of high-quality creative LED displays, including cylindrical screens, spherical screens, etc. Customized services can meet your individual needs! Just send us a message and get more details!

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