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New Generation Shelf LED Display

Slim & Lightweight Design, Little Space to Install, Excellent Visual Display, Super slim in depth and light in weight, Multi-installation Method.

UNIT Shelf LED Display

UNIT Smart LED shelf Billboard is a slim LED advertising screen designed for impact and creative visual marketing. You can upload content with USB, Wifi, 4G, network.
You can connect multiple Smart shelf Billboard to create a large screen or divide the screens to play multible video product promotions. With the advent of the 5G era and the era of smart new retail, for the value of users and advertising, it is already possible to predict the market investment and application of LED shelf screens in global supermarkets.

Ultra-thin Design

Super slim in depth and light in weight. 22mm thickness, thickest in the whole market, easy to install and move.
The ultra-thin case is convenient for transportation and packaging, saving your costs.

Lightweight Cabinet

Our shelf LED screens are ultra-light weight, only 835g per unit.
Don't worry about the load-bearing problem of the shelf, which ensures safety during use.

Excellent Visual Display

GOB small-pitch LED display has high-definition picture display effect. High refresh rate driver ICs are ideal for vivid colors and high grayscale.
Digital shelf LED display with high refresh rate and high grey scale provides more effective visual communication for your shelves.
digital shelf led display

Top-GOB Technology High Protection

Front view and rear view for 150X60mm led Module for reference. Other sizes are 300x120/200x50/200x150/200x100/128x128/128x64...
TOP-GOB process do a surface coating and whole PCB board is fully sealed with epoxyresin: which enhance the protection level from physical damage with
anti-fog /dust-proof, easy to clean, abrasion proof, damp-proof, anti-collision, antistatic, anti oil-pollution and anti-oxidation etc.
shelf led display screen

Simple Operation & Convenient Management

Multiple linkage modes, such as single display application, cascaded application and creative application, etc.
USB/ Wi-Fi/ HDMI / cable connection; mobile phone & PC quick management & publish.
LAN integrated publish & remote publish via internet. Calibration data saved on modules, recover factory settings in 5s.

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Shelf LED Display

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Optical ParameterPixel Pitch (mm)P1.2mmP1.5mmP1.875mmP1.5625mmP2mm
Viewing Angle (H/V)160° / 160°160° / 160°160° / 160°160° / 160°160° / 160°
Brightness (cd/sq.m.)800800800800800
Refresh Rate (Hz)>3840>3840>3840>3840>3840
Optimized Viewing Distance (m)1~101~101~101~101~10



Input VoltageAC110V or AC220V±10%50/60Hz
Input Interface Ethernet / USB / Wi-Fi




Module Size in Pixel (W×H)125×50100×4080×32128×3264×32
Module Size in mm (W×H)150x60mm/300x120mm
IP RatingIP 40



Operating Temperature/ Humidity (℃/RH)-10℃~40℃/10~90RH%
CertificationCCC / CE / ETL / FCC

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Digital Shelf LED Display: New LED Solution For Retail!

The retail industry is in full swing today. LED displays can be seen in various large shopping malls and retail stores. Today we will introduce you a new retail LED display: shelf LED display.

Retail LED display screen helps you build an excellent immersive shopping environment, attract consumers and make your store more creative. What benefits can shelf LED display screens bring to you? Compared with other products, what advantages does it have?

All the answers are in this post. This post will be your ultimate shopping guide! Just read it now!

UNIT shelf LED display screen (1)
UNIT shelf LED display screen (3)

1. What is a Shelf LED Display?

The shelf LED display is a slim led screen specially designed for shelves in supermarkets and retail stores. You can easily install it on the edge of the shelves to display the price of goods, promotional information, or advertisements.

There are some common application scenarios: supermarket shelves, exhibitions, and convenience stores.

As a new retail LED display, the smart shelf LED display can play dynamic advertisements.

A large screen can be created by connecting multiple digital shelf LED displays. It supports split-screen playback of multiple video ads for advertising promotion.

The thin and light structure makes it easy to move. And it is very friendly to the load-bearing capacity of the shelf. Small spacing makes it very close viewing. Attractive visuals make it a real asset for businesses to attract customers and generate more sales.

2. What Problem Does it Solve?

With the subdivision of the LED display industry, LED display products for special application fields have gradually emerged. A shelf LED screen is a creative LED digital signage used to connect physical retail.

What problems does it solve in the retail industry? It is one of the reasons it has become a popular solution for retailers.

Supermarkets are important places for people to purchase daily necessities. Supermarkets once became the first choice of shopping for urban residents due to their wide variety of products and neat displays. It takes a lot of labor to replace the information on the label of the goods or to reproduce the barcode of the printed goods.

Digital shelf LED display solves this tedious work and saves more manpower and time costs. You can use USB, Wifi, 4G, and Network to upload content and change the shelf label content easily.

product details? Promotional information? Dynamic and brilliant advertising video? The LED screen can present it all for you. It helps improve the visual impact of the store and attracts the attention of shoppers, thereby stimulating them to purchase products.

UNIT shelf led display (1)

At present, only a few supermarkets are trying to apply it.

This kind of creative LED display product application has also aroused the interest of many retail industries.

With the advent of the 5G era and the smart new retail era, shelf LED displays may get more attention around the world.

After all, there are huge user attention and commercial value hidden behind creative display products.

3. Where You Can Use It?

(1) Convenience Store

At present, some well-known chain convenience store brands have chosen to use Shlef LED screens to replace paper or plastic labels.

LED shelf screens can display limited-time special offers, fast food packages, member discounts, and other information.

This helps to increase product exposure in convenience stores and increase sales.

In addition, you can also play carousel ads to attract customers’ attention and enhance the image of your convenience store.

(2) Supermarket

In some supermarkets, LED price tags display promotional information, new product promotions, price information, recipe recommendations, and other information.

At the same time, it can also help guide customers’ shopping routes and increase product awareness and sales.

During some specific festivals or activities, LED price displays can display holiday activities, seasonal products, and other content to attract customers’ attention.

HD LED shelf display adopts cluster control, and the display content of all supermarkets can be changed at one time.

retail shelf display (2)

(3) Cosmetics Store

How to make your cosmetics store look brand new? LED shelf screens can display the effects of using cosmetics, brand videos, star product recommendations, etc.

Shelf display solutions help you build a high-end cosmetics store to attract consumers to try and buy.

You can update the display content periodically. Customers experience a sense of novelty, which helps increase repurchase rates.

(4) Drugstore

LED shelf screens can display drug efficacy, health information, doctor’s advice, and other content in large drugstores.

Improve consumer understanding and trust in medicines through better reminders.

What’s more, the lighted shelf display can also display seasonal medication tips, healthcare product recommendations, etc. This can satisfy consumer demands and promote sales growth.

4. What Can Shelf LED Displays Do For You?

A normal label simply shows the product name and price. As a new commercial display solution, digital LED price tags have injected new ideas into the retail industry. 

Smart shelf LED displays present products in a unique way. Next, we will take a closer look at what uses the popular shelf LED panel has.

(1) Rolling Advertisement

Dynamic advertisements must be more attractive to consumers than posters and banners. Installing digital LED price tags on the shelves of supermarkets and stores can make your product advertisements move.

Rolling advertising allows consumers to have a deeper understanding of the product, which can help stimulate the desire to buy, thereby achieving conversion and increasing the turnover of the store.

(2) Attract Customers' Attention

The novel shelf LED screen has high brightness and vivid picture. It is easier for consumers to see the product and increase the probability of purchase.

Simple and convenient controls allow you to easily change what is displayed on the screen. You can attract consumers’ attention by playing customized content or special colors.

Moreover, at present, most led display manufacturers have launched customized services. It means you can customize the color of the display to match your brand colors. A consistent color can enhance the visual impact of a product.

(3) Create Comfortable Environment

When you are shopping in a supermarket, do you feel uncomfortable if a salesperson keeps selling you products? The answer for most people is yes. Because they want to enjoy shopping.

Shelf LED displays can promote goods to consumers in a gentle way by playing advertisements. A comfortable shopping environment is also a factor that makes consumers willing to come back again.

UNIT shelf led display (1)

(4) Low Down Labor Cost

The content of the shelf screen can be easily changed through the control system. The simple and easy-to-operate control method can save a lot of labor costs.

In addition to this, this shelf screen is easy to install and can be easily integrated into existing shelving systems.

5. Tips for Using Digital Shelf Display

(1) Eye-catching Product Display

With its high brightness and clarity, digital shelf display can make products come alive on the screen, thereby attracting customers’ attention. This increases the visibility of the item and helps boost sales.

(2) Real-time Promotions and Advertising

Merchants can use LED display shelves to publish real-time promotional information, discounts, or advertising content.

It can effectively remind customers about the latest offers and product features.

LED price tags (2)

(3) Build Brand Image

By displaying the brand story, company values, or other attractive content, the LED price tag helps strengthen the brand image, thereby increasing brand loyalty.

(4) Real-time Inventory and Information Updates

Publish real-time information such as new product launches, latest promotions, in-store navigation, and more.

Update product inventory status in real-time to ensure customers receive accurate information. This helps prevent inconvenience caused by expired or out-of-stock items.

(5) Improve Shopping Experience

Shelf LED screens can interact with customers and provide more information about products, usage suggestions, or user reviews, thereby improving customers’ shopping experience.

UNIT LED shelf screen (2)
UNIT LED shelf screen (3)

(6) Digital Retail Space

digital price display makes the retail space more digital and modern.

Merchants can easily update and customize screen content as needed to accommodate different promotions and seasonal needs.

(7) Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency

OEM shelf LED screens are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting and advertising methods, have a longer service life, and help reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

(8) Market Research and Data Collection

China LED shelf display can be used to display questionnaires or collect customer feedback.

Merchants can collect data in this way to understand customer preferences and shopping behavior to optimize products and services.

6. Features of UNIT Digital LED Price Tag

In general, UNIT shelf LED display has the following characteristics:

UNIT digital LED price tag
UNIT led price tag

Simple design. It uses internally connected data and power cables. The simple and elegant appearance enhances the overall appearance. Brings neat wiring while saving space.

High protection ability. GOB LED modules have high protection capabilities: waterproof, dustproof, and scratch-resistant. This unique process keeps the led module safe from impact, dust, and moisture.

Various installation methods. A variety of installation methods can meet different installation needs. UNIT shelf LED display comes with hooks, screws, and magnets. Support wall-mounted and mobile bracket installation. It takes very little time to install or maintain.

UNIT shelf led display (5)

Seamlessly. Multiple shelf LED display panels can achieve seamless splicing. This is suitable for installation on longer shelves for displaying more content.

Long lifespan. LED has a long service life, and the GOB module has high protection ability. It means you don’t have to replace them as often. In the long run, this will bring rich value to your store and save your cost investment.

Energy saving. The energy-saving led display is friendly to your electricity bill while bringing you a great display effect.

How to Get the Right Shelf LED Display?

How to choose a suitable product for your shelf? You need mainly the following aspects:

First of all, the appearance of the Digital LED price tag needs to be simple and elegant, without damaging the overall image of the store. Secondly, consider whether the color of the display screen can complement the product or brand.

Choose the power supply method according to your actual situation. You can choose a direct power supply or battery power supply.

The screens need to be compatible with your existing shelving system.

The digital price tag is available in various models. Pixel pitches: P1.2mm, P1.5mm, P1.5625mm, P1.875mm, P2mm. Choose the product with the right price according to your budget.

7. Top-GOB Technology High Protection

High-quality GOB LED modules

Front view and rear view for 150X60mm LED Module for reference.

Other sizes are 300×120/200×50/200×150/200×100/128×128/128×64…

GOB LED display module (2)


GOB LED display module (1)


(1) What is GOB?

GOB is the abbreviation of Glue on Board. It is a new packaging technology to solve the protection problem of led lights. The GOB LED module uses a new type of transparent material to encapsulate the substrate and the LED packaging unit. This encapsulation technology has an ultra-high protection capability.

substrate and the LED packaging unit. This encapsulation technology has an ultra-high protection capability.

In the current LED market, SMD LED display is still the mainstream. However, GOB technology solves the problem of inherent deficiencies of SMD technology in terms of protection performance and point light source display performance.

At present, GOB technology is mainly used in small-pitch products. The production process has higher requirements for glue. It generally adopts new materials such as epoxy resin.

(2) Advantages of GOB

High protection ability. It has ultra-high anti-fog/dust-proof, easy-to-clean, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-collision, anti-static, anti-oil, and anti-oxidation capabilities.

The unique process improves the protection level of the module against physical damage.

Better visual effects. GOB LED display realizes the transformation from a point light source to a surface light source.

The display effect is more clear and transparent, which is very suitable for close viewing. At the same time, the anti-blue light effect is beneficial to reduce visual fatigue.

8. How to Assemble & Install Digital Price Display?

How to assemble A Shelf LED Screen?

Shelf LED display fitting

Shelf LED display fitting

For more details, please watch the video on the right.

How to Install Shelf LED Display?

In this part, you will know how to install shelf LED displays.

(1) Installation Preparation

In addition to shelf LED displays, you need to prepare installation tools: screwdriver, and glove.

  • Please operate on a clean and flat platform. If directly on the ground, please protect the unit from any damage.
  • Please operate with gloves to keep clean.

(2) Installation Method

shelf led display installations
shelf led display installations

9. How to Control Smart Shelf LED Displays?

(1) Display Application Via Control Box

UNIT shelf led video wall (2)

Control system diagram of UNIT-Shelf Led Display

(2) Shelf LED Display Router Application

UNIT shelf led video wall (3)

UNIT-Shelf LED Display router application connection diagram

Using playing software updates playlist to each display. Each screen also can be controlled and managed via LAN and the Internet.

(3) Shelf LED Display played via CLOUD

UNIT shelf led video wall (1)

Connect the TB6 for UNIT-Shelf LED Display to the Internet via Wi-Fi / Cable, log in to the cloud platform, and remotely control and manage the UNIT-Shelf LED Display in different regions.

Multiple LED screens can be controlled remotely through the Internet. This control method can easily realize the program replacement of the screen.

10. The Future Trend of LED Price Tags

In the retail industry, lighted shelf displays are widely used for product display, promotion, and brand promotion.

This gives merchants a compelling digital way to capture customers’ attention, enhance the shopping experience, and increase sales opportunities.

(1) Digital Retail Trends

With the digital transformation of the retail industry, supermarket LED screens are expected to become the standard feature of future retail stores.

It can provide merchants with a more flexible and vivid way of displaying products, improve brand image, and create more sales opportunities.

(2) Intelligent Interactive Technology

With the development of technology, digital price LED displays will be more integrated with intelligent interactive technology, such as touch screens, sensors, etc.

It will enhance the user experience and make it easier for customers to access information, interact, and shop.

(3) Sustainable Development

With the advancement of LED technology, LED price tags will be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The use of low-power and long-life LED displays helps reduce energy consumption and is in line with the trend of sustainable development.

(4) Industry Innovation

The application areas of LED shelf screens will continue to expand, covering more industries and scenarios.

Its innovation and flexibility make it expected to become one of the preferred tools for business promotion and messaging.

Overall, retail LED shelf screens have broad prospects in increasing brand exposure, improving user experience, and promoting digital innovation.

8. Conclusion

Want to give your retail store a new look? UNIT shelf LED displays feature high definition and high color saturation. If you have any questions about the retail LED display solution, welcome to chat with us!

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