Shinjuku 3D Billboard-Immersive 3D Cat & More Examples!

The East Exit Plaza of Shinjuku Station is located in one of the most prosperous streets in Japan. The stunning Shinjuku 3D Billboard attracted many pedestrians and tourists to stop, watch, take photos, and share on social media.

Amazing naked-eye 3D displays are popular in many cities. How does Shinjuku 3D Billboard stand out from other cities? With its unique creativity and cartoon image, Japan has played new tricks on the 3D naked-eye big screen.

In this article, we will take stock of those Shinjuku 3D billboard advertising cases that have gained a lot of attention on the Internet! How to get more advertising value from 3D billboards? These cases may provide some inspiration for the form of 3D advertising.

1. Shinjuku 3D Billboard Introduction

This huge naked-eye 3D curved outdoor large screen is located in the “Cross Shinjuku Bijoun” building at the East Exit Plaza of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

The screen measures 155 square feet. Multiple creative 3D videos were played in turn on the huge curved screen spanning 3 floors, attracting many tourists to watch.

Shinjuku Station is one of the most crowded stations in the world and has been certified by Johnny World Records. The building on the corner of the street is ideal for installing curved screens showing 3D animations.


The Shinjuku giant curved screen outdoor billboard was commissioned by Cross Space Co., Ltd., and jointly operated by MICROAD DIGITAL SINAGE. Co., Ltd. and YUNIKA Corp. Co., Ltd. Once the Shinjuku 3D LED cat appeared, it set off a big trend on the Internet.

2. Why Shinjuku 3D Billboard is So Popular?

(1) Excellent 3D Visual Experience

Shinsuku 3D billboard is the only large 3D LED screen in Japan with a size of 150 square meters and an image equivalent to 4K. Its unique curved surface structure makes the picture more in-depth.

The best 3D visual experience can be obtained when people stand in the right position. The curved LED screen can play 3D videos that cannot be expressed by traditional LED screens.

The real and astonishing three-dimensional effect makes people feel amazing. It seems that the three-colored cat is about to break the screen and jump off in the next second!

(2) Creative 3D Video Images

The most impressive is the Shinjuku 3D cat. Looking up from the plaza at the east exit of Shinjuku Station, a giant three-color cat is screaming towards the plaza on the Shinjuku 3D billboard screen.

In addition to Shinjuku cat 3D images, anime characters from One Piece, Pokémon, and Dragon Ball have also appeared on the big screen.

The 3D advertisements of Nike and Louis Vuitton made people sigh the charm of the Shinjuku 3D LED display.

3.5 Most Stunning Shinjuku 3D Billboard Examples

3D billboards are very popular in the bustling streets of major cities. From Times Square in New York to the streets of Shinjuku in Japan, the outdoor naked-eye 3D LED screen has aroused people’s amazement at technology.

Outdoor 3D LED billboard uses technology to get a more interactive experience and visual flow.

By combining LED displays and 3D technology, more immersive and attractive 3D advertisements are more visually shocking.

Next, let’s take stock of the stunning 3D advertising examples on Shinjuku 3D Billboard. Let’s enjoy the immersive 3D visual experience together!

(1) Giant 3D Cat On Shinjuku 3D Billboard in Tokyo

The lifelike giant “Shinjuku 3D Cat” is a 4K 3D motion image created by MicroAd Digital.

This cute 3D cat in Shinjuku stands or lies down, and every movement is full of real feelings.

The 3D images of Sanhua cats are divided into three modes: getting up in the morning, standing up and tweeting during the day, and sleeping on the front legs at night.

It not only dozes off, combs its hair, and shakes its head and tail, but also actively interacts with people.

At 7 a.m. with the screen turned on, the Shinjuku 3D cat will wake up and stare at passers-by. At one o’clock in the morning, when the cat falls into a drowsy sleep, the screen will turn off on time.

On YouTube, Cross Shinjuku Vision (the production company of the Shinjuku 3D cat) broadcasts its every move every day.

With the popularity of the Shinjuku LED billboard 3D cat, its advertising value has also been noticed.

Do your pets shed hair? Maybe you need a robot vacuum to clean your house. The combination of 3D LED cat and advertising creativity makes people impressed by this kind of advertisement. 

Nissan Motor (NISSAN) even specially designed a “car” for the 3D cat, allowing it to ride on the advertising screen.


(2) 3D kitten Jumping Between Two Billboards in Shinjuku

A British shorthair blue cat named Nyaro is attracted in his sleep by the scent of fish on the billboard on the right. It quickly jumped in direction and jumped into the big screen next to it to look for food.

The same scene is smoothly switched on the two large screens, and the vivid picture makes passers-by laugh.

Japan’s Sony Optical Fiber released the naked-eye 3D advertisement. The difference is that the advertising screen realizes multi-screen interaction. This imaginative plot brings users a new visual experience.

Distributing the content of a single large screen to multiple large screens can achieve horizontal expansion in physical space.

The multi-screen linkage model makes the connection and integration of marketing content more creative.

(3) Imma x Lenovo | Shinjuku 3D Billboard Vision

Virtual model imma appeared on the outdoor Shinjuku 3D LED screen. In the picture, she stretches her waist, waves her hands, and greets people on the streets of Shinjuku.

Imma is a virtual model created by the Japanese Modeling Cafe team. She is currently the most influential AI Internet celebrity. Her style of interlacing virtual and real has made her extremely popular.

Computer brand Lenovo invited imma to be the spokesperson for its lightweight laptop YOGA series.

The 3D naked-eye advertisement tailored for Imma appeared on the Shinjuku 3D billboard and achieved good advertising benefits.

(4) Nike Japan’s Air Max Day Shinjuku 3D Billboard

Nike’s Tokyo studio teamed up with Japanese creative team Cekai to launch a new 3D campaign on a huge 150-square-meter curved LED screen at Cross Shinjuku, a new landmark in Shinjuku.

The 3D ad opens with the recognizable orange Nike shoe box. After the dissolution, a variety of color-matching Air Max shoes were launched one after another.

The shoes floating in mid-air are colorful. The creative team demonstrated the creative process and inspiration behind it with vivid pictures.

Finally, a cat’s paw dragged the shoe box back. The cat is the 3D Shinjuku cat that lives on the big screen.

Outdoor naked-eye 3D billboards bring users a unique visual experience. In a short time, you can learn about the brand’s latest activities or products.

(5) Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama 3D Billboard in Japan

Tokyo Shinjuku LV&Yayoi Kusama 3D joint advertisement strikes, come and feel the shock from the gaze of the spotted pumpkin head! This one-minute 3D advertisement was placed on the Shinjuku cat screen.

In the beginning, it was a well-regulated LV box with polka dots, and the classic three polka-dot pumpkins jumped out of the box.

Next, the yellow polka-dot pumpkin in the middle turned 180°, and it turned out to be Yayoi Kusama’s head!

As she looked left and right, the other two polka-dot pumpkins began to transform, and they even grew tentacles! Finally, the polka-dotted pumpkin returned to the trunk.

4. Where to Find More 3D Billboards in Japan?

(1) Giant Akita Inu in Shibuya 3D Billboard

Hachiko, a giant Akita dog, dominates an outdoor display at a Shibuya intersection.

This 3D dog will jump back and forth between 8 advertising screens, trying to catch a Frisbee. The agile movements and naive appearance attracted many tourists to take pictures.

The official name of the 3D video display is “Shibuhachi Hit Vision” of the advertising company Hit Vision.

HIT company set up 8 LED signboards to display it. Each screen is 420 square meters, with a total area of about 1235 square meters, equivalent to three basketball courts.

Except for 19:00, from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., these 8 LED displays will become a paradise for this Akita dog.

It flexibly shuttles between the screens, catches the Frisbee, and finally jumps into the dial showing the time, showing a naive smile.

(2) Amazing Harajuku's 3D Billboard

Amazing Harajuku’s 3D billboard is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. With cute cat, dog, bird, and donkey, Harajuku’s 3D billboard becomes the next hot landmark.

This billboard is by Change Vision. The 3D video is sponsored by the clothing company Beams.

While providing a unique sensory experience, 3D billboards also provide a platform for designers to showcase their creativity.

Huge, three-dimensional virtual characters give people an immersive experience.

5. How Do They Make Those 3D Billboards?

Compared with traditional LED displays, 3D billboards are easier for viewers to stop. It integrates commercial advertising into unique naked-eye 3D visual images.

How to make a digital 3D LED display with an immersive 3D experience? We will discuss it from the following 4 aspects:

(1) Hardware facilities – LED display

(2) Software facilities – playback software

(3) Naked-eye 3D content

(4) Suitable location

5.1 Hardware Facilities-LED Display

To obtain the best image display effect and bring people shocking and vivid naked-eye 3D visual images, 3D LED billboards must use high-quality LED screen boxes.

First, use a curved LED display panel or a 90-degree right-angle LED display.

It is difficult to present a 3D effect on a flat screen because the rendered image cannot enter the left and right eyes of the person through the optical structure, causing parallax.

Secondly, to clearly and vividly express the details of dark and bright parts and display realistic 3D content, LED screen cabinets need to have high brightness, high refresh, better contrast, and HOD high dynamic range.

In addition, factors such as power consumption, pixel pitch, and maintenance methods must also be considered.

Low energy consumption and simple maintenance products can help you save extra money.

5.2 Software Facilities - Playback Software

Large naked-eye 3D LED displays require more professional decoders.

The decoder must be able to support the material mapping and correction functions of the special-shaped display carrier and support the underlying optimization of high-bit rate decoding.

It is recommended to choose software that supports high-definition, high color depth video encoding and can adapt to a variety of video import and playback software.

5.3 Naked-eye 3D Content

The cost of 3D video animation materials accounts for a large part of the total cost of the entire 3D billboard project.

Creative content production costs range from $500 per second to thousands of dollars per second.

Excellent creativity brings people a highly immersive visual experience through high-quality screens.

In addition to gaining more offline attention, excellent 3D LED screen cases have also received tens of millions of views, reposts, and comments on the Internet. Viral speed allows your ads to reach more people around the world.

The selected main perspective requires a three-dimensional structure based on the perspective relationship of the display shape, and the resolution is customized point-to-point.

3D content needs to adapt to screen shape, size, viewing angle, and other parameters. Replicating content in different locations and on different screens is difficult.

Therefore, each additional large LED screen requires additional time and cost to create 3D content.

5.4 Suitable Location

Generally speaking, outdoor 3D billboards are usually located in the center of business districts, intersections or squares, and other places with high traffic flow.

After determining the approximate location, determine the specific installation location of the LED display. It is recommended to choose the turning angle at the intersection.

The large-area curved screen can coordinate with the building to the greatest extent while ensuring that pedestrians are at the best viewing angle and obtain the best naked-eye 3D visual effect.

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6. Conclusion

The stunning Shinjuku 3D billboard captures the audience’s attention through visual presentation. The combination of vision + technology makes the IP of Shinjuku 3D cat more favored by more brands.

These successful 3D advertising cases may provide some inspiration for your marketing content. For example, multi-screen linkage, IP creation, and separate delivery.

Do you want to get a 3D display with stunning visual effects to gain more brand awareness? We can provide you with a complete 3D LED solution!

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