Shinjuku Cat Billboard – The Magic of OOH Advertising!

Innovation and interaction are key to attracting audiences in the modern advertising industry. Shinjuku cat billboard sets a new benchmark for outdoor advertising with its unique 3D technology and visual experience.

This blog will take you through the Shinjuku 3D billboard, including its influence, successful AD examples, and inspiration for OOH advertising.

If you are planning to use 3D billboards to promote your products or services, then 3D billboard in Tokyo is definitely a successful example worth learning from!

1. Learn About Shinjuku Cat Billboard

Located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the Shinjuku cat billboard is a giant cat billboard built with 3D technology.

This billboard uses advanced 3D display technology to make the image of the cat come alive, giving people the illusion that it is actually standing on the 3D billboard.

The cat’s dynamic display, including blinking, looking up, and stretching, attracted the attention of a large number of pedestrians and became a popular check-in point in Shinjuku.

giant 3D cat billboard
shinjuku cat billboard (3)

The uniqueness and appeal of Shinjuku 3D cat billboard are mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

(1) Innovative 3D Technology

Shinjuku cat billboard uses the most advanced 3D display technology to create a cat image with great visual impact.

Compared with traditional 2D billboards, this 3D effect is more attractive and can quickly capture the audience’s attention.

(2) Strong Interactivity

The dynamic display of Giant 3D cat increases the interactivity and fun of the billboard, attracting a large number of viewers to stop and watch and take photos to share.

This interactivity not only improves the communication effect of the advertisement, but also enhances the audience’s sense of participation.

(3) Landmark Check-in Place

As a landmark billboard in Shinjuku, the Shinjuku 3D screen has become a popular check-in point for tourists and residents.

It not only increases the popularity of Shinjuku but also drives the flow of people and economic development in the surrounding business districts.

2. Shinjuku 3D Screen Location

Shinjuku Cat Billboard is located in the bustling commercial district of Shinjuku, Tokyo, on the CROSS SHINJUKU VISION big screen at the east exit of Shinjuku District.

This location is one of the busiest areas in Shinjuku and is close to Shinjuku Station, which allows the billboard to attract a large number of pedestrians and tourists.

There are many large shopping malls nearby, such as Lumine EST, Bicqlo (a collaboration between Bic Camera and Uniqlo), and Shinjuku Isetan.

These shopping malls offer a wealth of shopping options and attract a large number of tourists and shoppers.

3. Why Did They Choose Giant 3D Cat?

(1) Origin of Shinjuku Cat Screen

The birth of Shinjuku cat screen began with an innovative advertising attempt in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo.

As a bustling commercial and tourist center, Shinjuku has always hoped to attract more tourists and consumers through unique advertising forms.

Since its debut, it has quickly become a landmark attraction in Shinjuku, not only attracting a large number of tourists, but also sparking widespread discussion and sharing on social media.

(2) Creativity and Inspiration of Shinjuku 3D Cat

The creative inspiration of giant 3D cats comes from the Japanese love for cats. Cats have a special status in Japanese culture and are considered a symbol of luck and wealth.

The design team hopes to convey this cultural emotion through a huge, lifelike 3D cat image while attracting the attention of passers-by.

Choosing cats as the protagonist can not only trigger emotional resonance among the audience but also increase the affinity and fun of the billboard.

(3) Creative 3D Billboard Technology

Shinjuku cat billboard uses the most advanced 3D display technology, which enables the cat image to present a three-dimensional effect on a flat billboard.

Through precise calculation and light and shadow effects, the 3D cat in shinjuku looks as if it actually lives in the billboard.

To ensure the best visual effect, the LED electronic billboard uses a high-resolution LED screen.

This screen can not only present delicate images, but also maintain good display effects under different lighting conditions.

The various dynamic displays of the advertising 3D cat, such as blinking, stretching and meowing, are achieved through carefully designed animations.

These dynamic effects increase the interactivity and viewing of the 3D advertising billboard, making the audience more willing to stop and watch and take photos to share.

To further enhance the visual and auditory experience, the Shinjuku 3D cat billboard is also equipped with sound and light effects.

The combination of the cat’s cry and background music creates a realistic atmosphere, making the audience feel as if they are in a real cat world.

4. Successful Advertising Case of Shinjuku Cat Screen

1) Calico 3D Cat In Large LED Billboard

One of the most famous and enduring campaigns on the Shinjuku 3D Billboard is the giant calico cat, which has become a beloved feature and a must-see attraction in Shinjuku.

The cat interacts with the audience by meowing, playing, and even floating in zero gravity at times.

2) Dragon Z: Explosive Battle 3D Billboard in Tokyo

In September 2021, Shinjuku 3D billboard announced the release of the 3D advertisement for “Dragon Z: Explosive Battle.”

Although this 3D ad was only 13 seconds long, it was an ad video that was placed in front of the official Shinjuku viewing area’s click queue.

The short 13-second 3D advertisement puts people in the zone and makes them feel like Feirisia is just interacting with them.

3) Pokémon in Shinjuku 3D Billboard

Pokerstars is using the Shinjuku LED Billboard to promote its new games and animations.

3D effects show classic characters such as Pikachu running and fighting on the screen, filling the screen with energy and fun.

Displaying new gameplay key scenes and gameplay, arousing public curiosity.

4) Ultraman, Evangeliom, Kamen Rider - 3D digital billboard in Shinjuku

Ultraman, Evangeliom, Kamen Rider – 3D digital billboard in Shinjuku

3D effects are used to display scenes of the battle between Android and the monsters, and the characters’ fighters appear through screens that resemble Buddhas.

The video screen displayed the classic Android transformation and combat actions, attracting many fans to watch.

5) Louis Vuitton X Yayoi Kusama | 3D Digital Billboard

The collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama for the 3D billboard ad in Shinjuku has been a remarkable success.

This collaboration featured the iconic artist’s signature polka dots and other artistic elements, creating a visually stunning display that drew significant attention​.

The video ad runs daily on the Shinjuku 3D billboard, creating a visually striking and immersive experience for viewers.

5. The Magic of Shinjuku 3D Cat

(1) Visual Effects of 3D Cat Ads

The Shinjuku LED Billboard has become an iconic sight in Shinjuku, Tokyo, with its lifelike giant 3D cat ads.

The ad shows a giant cat jumping, playing and napping on the screen, as if it really jumped out of the billboard.

The highly restored visual effects not only attracted the attention of passers-by, but also became a hot topic on social media.

3D cat billboard in Toyko
shinjuku cat billboard (2)

(2) Interactivity and Viewing Quality

In addition to the lifelike visual effects, the 3D cat on Shinjuku billboard is also highly interactive and viewing quality.

The cat will make various cute movements, attracting the audience to stop and watch and take pictures.

Some ads even show different scenes according to different time periods, giving the audience a new experience every time they pass by.

(3) Attracting the attention of tourists and local residents

The Large Shinjuku cat screen has not only attracted a large number of tourists, but has also become a frequent destination for local residents.

Whether it is day or night, there will be many people taking photos and checking in in front of the billboard. It has become a popular attraction in Shinjuku.

6.Influence of Shinjuku Cat Billboard

(1) For Local Businesses

The amazing Shinjuku cat billboard attracted a large number of people, greatly boosting the business of surrounding businesses.

By setting up specific promotions and advertisements, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores have linked up with this popular attraction to attract more customers.

(2) For Tourism

As a popular attraction in Shinjuku, the 3D cat advertisements have attracted tourists from all over the world.

Travel agencies and tourism platforms have also included it in their recommended itineraries, further promoting the development of tourism in Shinjuku and Tokyo.

outdoor 3D led billboard

(3) Spread Effect on Social Media

The Shinjuku 3D cat billboard has been widely circulated on social media, and users are keen to share their photos and videos in front of the billboard.

Hashtags such as #ShinjukuCat and #3DCatBillboard have become hot topics, attracting a lot of online interaction and discussion.

7. How to Participate and Experience?

(1) Best Time and Place to Visit

The best time to visit is at dusk and at night, when the lighting effects make the 3D cat advertisements more vivid and eye-catching.

The billboard is conveniently located at the Cross Shinjuku Vision big screen at the east exit of Shinjuku Station.

There are many other attractions and shopping places worth visiting nearby.

3D cat billboard
shinjuku cat billboard (1)

(2) Share and Interact on Social Media

Viewers can share their photos and videos on social media using hashtags such as #Shinjuku3DCat and #3DCatBillboard.

In addition, you can follow the relevant social media accounts to get the latest advertising updates and event information.

(3) How to Participate in Related Events and Promotions

Nearby businesses and brands often hold various promotions and interactive experiences near the Shinjuku cat billboard.

Viewers can pay attention to the information on the billboard or follow the social media accounts of the relevant businesses to get the latest event details and how to participate.

8. 5 Inspirations for OOH Advertising Screen

There are several key lessons that OOH advertising LED screen can learn from the success of the Shinjuku 3D cat billboard to enhance marketing campaigns:

(1) Leverage 3D Technology

Use 3D technology to create immersive and engaging ads. The realistic 3D effect of the Shinjuku cat billboard brings the content to life and grabs people’s attention.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional advertising by incorporating 3D elements can make your campaign stand out.

(2) Create Shareable Moments

Design ads that are shareable on social media platforms and encourage viewers to share their experiences using specific hashtags. This helps track and expand the reach of the campaign.

The Shinjuku cat billboard has become a viral sensation because people love sharing photos and videos of the lifelike cats.

(3) Localize Content

Customize content to resonate with local audiences. The 3D Cat Billboard in Tokyo is culturally relevant and appeals to Tokyo locals and tourists alike.

Using localized elements that reflect the environment and culture of the target location helps create a more personalized connection.

large led screens in shinjuku

(4) Narrative and Storytelling

Use engaging narratives to engage your audience. The playful and cute nature of the Shinjuku 3D Cat billboard creates an emotional connection with your audience.

Use storytelling to effectively communicate your brand message and make your ads more relevant and impactful.

(5) Real-time Updates and Dynamic Content

Use technology to update ad content in real time to keep it fresh and relevant. This can be used to show time-sensitive promotions or events.

Change content at different times of the day or during specific events to keep your audience interested and engaged.

9. UNIT 3D Billboard Solutions

(1) MA960 Series + Iron Cabinets

The size of the MA960 series outdoor LED display is 960*960mm. The size of the curved iron cabinet is 640*960mm. They can be spliced into a 3D curved LED video wall.

We use a small size module of 80*160mm to ensure a clearer and more delicate display effect.

The outdoor iron-fixed LED display has many features, including energy saving and low power consumption, IP65 waterproof, and cooling fans heat dissipation.

It supports 90-degree curved surface installation, suitable for fixed installation on building exterior walls.

3D led screen solution
MA960 series 3D LED solution (1)

(2) EV960 Outdoor 3D LED Display

It is our hot-sale screens for 3D advertising projects to maximize efficiency for your outdoor 3D advertising.

Especially for outdoor LED billboards, which are usually large, the EV960 LED screen can be your good advertising assistant to get more human traffic and save you money and time.

EV960 3D & 5D billboard solution

(3) OF800 Outdoor 3D LED Display

UNIT OF800 LED screen is a powerful curved LED display with an arc corner that supports customization.

10. The Bottom Line

In short, Shinjuku cat billboard is a successful attempt in the history of modern advertising. This giant 3D cat perfectly balances the dual roles of advertising and viewing.

Are you attracted by this novel 3D billboard? As a professional 3D advertising display solution provider, UNIT LED is here to help you create an attractive advertising marketing method!

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