Shopping Mall LED Display

The shopping mall LED display is used for brand promotion and product promotion to create a good shopping atmosphere.

LED Display For Shopping Mall

UNIT LED provides a series of high-quality shopping mall LED displays. The high-refresh, high-contrast screen provides users with an excellent visual experience.


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Why Do You Need LED Screens in Shopping Malls?

Shopping mall LED interactive floor

The shopping mall is a leisure and shopping venue that integrates eating, drinking, and entertainment. And it plays an important role in the lives of urban residents. Due to the huge flow of people, shopping malls have also become an excellent platform for advertising.

LED displays in shopping malls are often used to display promotional information or advertising. As a diversified commercial space, shopping malls provide customers with shopping and consumption and meet consumers’ entertainment needs.

In addition to the pursuit of commercial advertising benefits, the creative application of LED screens can also comprehensively enhance the grade and value of the business district.

Advertising Value of Shopping Mall LED Display

1. The average daily passenger flow of each large shopping mall is large. The excellent location of the media can intercept and disseminate passenger flow.

2. The LED screen is installed in the traffic core of the shopping mall. The high-resolution screen brings excellent visual impact to the audience.

3. Shopping malls are the most important consumption scene in the daily life of urban residents. Merchants use LED display screens to promote their products and attract consumers to shop.

4. Concentrated business districts and medium and large shopping malls assume the role of regional business districts, making them a matrix-style focused life and consumption center in the city.

5. A large shopping mall has a living center. The LED display screen simulcast in each life center makes the business circles truly linked together, making brand communication faster and more convenient.


Shopping Mall LED Screen Types


Large Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED displays are usually installed on the exterior walls of shopping malls. People who come and go near the shopping mall can clearly see the advertising content displayed on the screen.

Clear picture quality and smooth video playback are beneficial for businesses to promote their brands and services.

At the same time, distinctive display screens can be used as landmark displays in shopping malls, covering a wider range of advertisements.

The fiery naked-eye 3D LED screen has become a landmark building in the city’s commercial district with its super visual shock. It not only improves the effect of advertising communication but also activates the commercial value of the business district.


Indoor Advertising Display

Many merchants choose indoor LED screens to promote their products.

In the lobby, nave, and near the elevators of the shopping mall, the indoor LED advertising screen shows people the promotional activities of the shopping mall.

When consumers sit down to rest, the FMCG advertisements on the display may arouse their immediate interest.

Display the latest products and the latest promotional information at any time to attract more consumers to shop.

Transparent LED Display

The window LED transparent screen displays product advertisements and discount information to customers with a perspective screen to attract customers’ attention.

It has a wide range of applications in any commercial space with thematic display functions such as shop windows, store image areas, and shopping mall booths.

In the sightseeing elevator in the atrium of the shopping mall, the huge transparent LED screen can not only be used for advertising display but also can display special screens in festivals to create an atmosphere.


Floor/Ceiling LED Display

According to the principle of human body induction, the interactive floor tile screen can present real-time picture effects following the movement of the human body. Generally installed in the hall of the shopping mall.

The high-tech LED sky screens have different shapes and gorgeous pictures. Accompanied by three-dimensional surround music, it brings people an immersive feeling.

The sky curtain wall is generally used on the ceiling of large buildings such as large shopping malls and commercial pedestrian streets. 

Excellent visual effects allow consumers to focus on the LED screen, thus achieving a good advertising effect.

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Shopping Mall LED Display: Full Guide Here!

When you go shopping or consuming in a mall, will you be attracted by the huge LED advertising display?

You’ll quickly learn about store events or promotions in the mall, and then you might want to eat at that new restaurant.

This blog will introduce you to the relevant information on LED screens for shopping centers, including benefits, how to choose, different types, etc. If you are interested, please read along with us!

1.Why Shopping Mall LED Display is so Popular?

Shopping mall LED displays are no stranger to shopping malls in major cities.

You can see it on the exterior walls of the building at the entrance of the mall or on the outside of the sightseeing elevator in the atrium of the mall.

Shopping mall LED screen is mostly used for advertising and product promotion.

Create a good shopping environment with high-definition images, bright colors, and smooth advertising animations. Then stimulates consumers’ desire to buy.

(1) Advertising Effect

As the display technology becomes more mature, the screen display effect and cost are very friendly to investors.

An LED display screen can play multi-product and dynamic advertisements every day to achieve good advertising effects.

At the same time, the big screen will also bring more popularity to the mall.

As long as you give full play to your creativity, your shopping mall LED display can attract more people to check in and watch, like the Shinjuku 3D billboard.

shopping mall led display (2)

(2) Excellent Advertising Platform

A large shopping mall is a building complex integrating shopping, consumption, entertainment, leisure, and other functions.

Most shopping malls are located in commercial centers and bustling areas. Shopping malls with large traffic and many consumers are an excellent advertising platform.

Many large companies and brands choose to advertise in densely populated shopping malls. They take a fancy to the foot traffic and attention the mall brings.

Many large companies are increasingly focusing on combining online and offline advertising.

For example, in 2022, LV launched a one-minute naked-eye 3D advertisement of the LV × Yayoi Kusama collaboration on the famous 3D cat LED screen in Shinjuku.

2.5 Benefits of LED Displays in Shopping Centers

(1) Excellent Visual Display

The super large screen has a good publicity effect and gives people a visual impact. Working long hours can reach more people.

The high-quality full-color LED screen is very colorful. And there are many types of presentations. It can display pictures, text, and play animations, etc.

(2) Dynamic Advertising

Compared with static monotonous text and pictures, video advertisements are more likely to attract consumers’ attention.

Creative advertising videos can stimulate users’ desire to consume. They are also willing to share it on social media.

This online communication effect brought by creative videos may bring unexpected gains to your brand.

(3) High Brightness

The brightness of the outdoor LED advertising screen is between 5500-6500nits. The high brightness ensures it can display content even under direct sunlight.

High-quality LED screen for shopping mall has a wide viewing angle. As long as you are in this commercial area, you will notice it.

(4) Quickly Change Advertising Content

The LED screen is simple to operate. You can change the advertising content easily through program editing and playback software.

It is very convenient to change the advertising content. Directly set up the program in the background to change the advertising screen.

On the contrary, replacing large-scale inkjet advertisements is more troublesome.

(5) High Stability

The LED video wall with high stability can guarantee continuous operation for more than ten hours. During the business hours of the shopping mall, commercial advertising LED displays can play a role.

Good color reproduction and high refresh rate ensure high-definition images and video smoothness. Anti-static, dust-proof design and efficient heat dissipation system greatly extend the working life of the screen.

3. 6 Types of Shopping Mall LED Screens

(1) Outdoor LED Billboard

Outdoor large LED billboard is generally installed on the building exterior wall above the entrance of the shopping mall.

High-brightness, large-area screens allow people entering the mall to receive information accurately.

In the bustling business district of the city, the oversized 3D billboards located at the intersection have become beautiful scenery on the streets.

In addition to being used to promote promotional activities in shopping malls, naked-eye 3D art installations have become beautiful scenery in the city with their shocking and immersive 3D visual experience.

(2) Indoor LED Display Screen

Indoor LED display screens in shopping centers mainly display merchant advertisements, such as store promotions, promotions, product displays, etc.

In addition, various retail stores use indoor LED displays or poster LED screens to display product details to attract people to buy in the store.

Wondering what screens to choose in your store to help increase sales? UNIT retail LED display solutions are here!

shopping mall led display

(3) Transparent/Curtain LED Display

The curtain transparent LED screen has high transparency and is very suitable for installation behind glass curtain walls.

During advertising display and material production, if there are areas where the content to be conveyed does not need to be illuminated, the screen will display a transparent effect.

Retail store windows, glass curtain walls, and sightseeing elevators are all suitable places for installing transparent LED walls. Showcasing content without disrupting the overall appearance of the building.

(4) Floor LED Display

The large-area floor LED screen creates a very immersive picture. Realistic images and interesting interactive special effects keep pedestrians’ attention focused on the screen.

Interactive floor LED displays in shopping mall halls can increase the stickiness between consumers and businesses.

When people stand on the screen, special effects such as fireworks, waves, and fish will appear. Animated special effects change with the person’s footsteps.

(5) Ceiling LED Display

The ceiling LED display screen is installed on the dome of a relatively closed space to render atmosphere, decoration, and quantification.

It is very suitable for installation on the ceilings of large shopping malls and commercial pedestrian streets.

The magnificent and colorful sky screen has a strong visual impact. The clever combination of LED screens and architectural structures has become an eye-catching tool for major shopping malls.

(6) Creative LED Screen

According to the shopping mall environment and layout, the personalized and creative LED display screen can firmly capture people’s attention.

Moreover, it maintains a high degree of coordination with the environment.

Spherical LED displays, pillar LED displays, and cylinder LED displays make your shopping mall look classy. The unique shape is impressive.

4. More Possibilities for Shopping Mall LED Screen

In addition to advertising, what else can LED displays in shopping malls be used for?

Large LED screens have almost become a standard feature in shopping malls. From shape, and size, to large curved screens, the application of LED in urban business districts is becoming common.

How to get more pedestrians to stop and notice your screen? How to use screens to bring more potential consumers to shopping malls?

Perhaps planners can get inspiration from the Shinjuku 3D billboard. Let cute 3D images replace cold advertising and conventional shopping mall event materials.

3D led screen

Imagine there is a cute corgi and calico cat rolling around on the big screen. You’ll be attracted to them and take out your phone to take a video, right?

(1) Turn the LED screen into a public visual art installation!

(2) The combination of technology + art + creative capabilities provides content planning for shopping malls.

(3) Creating artistic and interactive 3D visual products is another marketing direction.

5. Real Customer Cases!

(1) Indoor P3.91mm Ceiling LED display

Screen Size: 33m (W) x1.5m (H)

Location: South Korea

Cabinet material: Aluminum box, rear door sealed

Maintenance: Full front maintenance

(2) Outdoor P10mm 3D LED Billboard

Screen Size: 13.44m (W)x2.88m (H)

Location: Egypt

Product: EV960 Series

Cabinet size: 960x960mm

EV960 is popularly used for Outdoor 3D Advertising Billboard. UNIT EV960 series is the latest common cathode aluminum display with a size of 960x960mm and, a high IP68 waterproof level.

6. Conclusion

Large shopping mall LED display plays the role of advertising, decoration, and beautification, creating a good consumption environment for consumers.

Want to use LED displays to create the most eye-catching advertising space? Want to attract more people to the mall for shopping and entertainment?

UNIT LED provides you with the most affordable Shopping mall LED display solutions. Just send a message, and our team will provide you with the best service!