Advantages of Small Pitch LED Display-High Refresh Rate

In the commercial display industry, the word “refresh rate” has always been one of the important indicators of small-pitch LED displays.

The operation principle of the “refresh rate” of fine pixel pitch LED display is refreshing the screen by lighting the light-emitting chip line by line, where the “refresh times” per second is what we call the “refresh rate “, and the high refresh rate, also brings a lot of advantages.

led display refresh rate

Advantage of High Refresh Rate

A.Comfortable eye protection

Generally speaking, when the refresh rate reaches more than 1000HZ, it is difficult for the human eye to distinguish the flickering changes.

But even so when the refresh rate is low, it is still easy to produce discomfort when watching, and even cause damage to the eyes.

And the current market mainstream small pitch LED display refresh rate up to 3840hz or more, not only to protect the visual effect of the screen, more eye protection to reduce discomfort.

B.Good publicity effect

In the media publicity, often need to use photography, video. With the LED display as an important part of the stage event, there is no doubt that it will be brought in on video.

However, if a video camera is used to record an LED screen with a low or regular refresh rate, there will be scan lines and shadows in the video.

You may be wondering why you see LED screen video is normal, but on the camera video appears this scan line.

Although the human eye cannot notice it, the camcorder does. Exposure times or shutter speeds in modern video cameras can range from a few seconds to a few milliseconds.

If the LED display has a low refresh rate, the refresh rate of the LED display and the shutter speed of the camera are not synchronized.

Thus, when we use the camera to record the screen image, it will record each refresh cycle of the screen, i.e. the scan lines we see in the video.

The high refresh rate of the small-pitch LED display can easily solve this problem. It will allow the led display to show better image quality and there will not be any scan lines or shadows in the camera video.

Let the cell phone shooting or camera shooting achieve as close as possible to the realistic, realistic effect as seen by the naked eye, so that the publicity can get twice the result with half the effort.

C.Wide range of applications

LED displays are essential for creating ambiance and creating a dramatic impression. The high refresh rate of a small-pitch LED display will create a dynamic event with its various colors that will create a stunning visual impact.

As a result, it absolutely captures the audience’s attention to fit the event. The communication between the audience and the event will positively contribute to the live atmosphere of the event.

On the other hand, it will be an amazing experience for the audience.

The high refresh rate of the small-pitch LED display can bring a better visual experience and also broaden the application of the small-pitch LED display.

small pitch led display

Such as small pitch LED display can be used in live sports events, concert projection, news display, business district display, commercial securities display, etc. The stable picture effect and vivid color, while not letting go of every inch of detail, are also restoring the excitement as much as possible.

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