2023 Comprehensive Guide for Small Pixel Pitch LED Display!

The small pixel pitch LED screen has effectively improved the image quality of the LED display screen and shortened the viewing distance.

After solving the technical problems of “high brightness and low gray scale,”  it has good application prospects in many industries.

But do you really understand it? There are the information you can get from this article below.

Small pitch LED display introduction

Chapter 1: What Is Small Pixel Pitch LED Display?

Small-pitch LED display refers to indoor LED display with LED dot pitch below P2.5.

The dot pitch of the screen is small and the resolution per unit area is high.

The screen adopts pixel-level point control technology to realize the state control of the brightness, color reduction and uniformity of the display pixel unit.

It can display higher-resolution images and videos, and can also display more channels of video And the image screen, the display color is natural and true.

In terms of image stitching, seamless and arbitrary large-area stitching can be achieved.

Chapter 2: Characters/Advantages of Small Pixel LED Display

Compared to common LED displays, the small Pixel LED screens has the following features and advantages in addition to the smaller spacing between the most obvious lights and higher pixels.

1.Seamless splicing

For steel or normal material, there will be obvious seams after slicing into large screens. But Small pixel screens haven’t this problem.

2.High grey scale

The grayscale performance of the screen is almost perfect even at low brightness, the level and vividness of the display are higher than that of the traditional screen, and it can show more image details without loss of information.

3.High refresh rate and high contrast ratio

Show the pictures more stable, there is no ripple and black screen, the edge of the image is clear, and the real information of the image is accurately restored.

4.Lighter and thinner cabinet, easy installation and maintenance

Modularity wireless design makes it could be maintained on the front surface directly. With quick-disassemble magnetic back cover, it is also light and easy to installation and maintenance, which also allow it to take less space for delivery and storage.

5.Quick cooling & quiet operating

Excellent structure design makes it emit heat fast with no fans. This can not only save consumption but also work quietly.

6.Super larger viewing angle

The small pixel type uses high brightness LED lamps and high quality plastic accessory parts, to achieve a wider and bigger viewing angle, the horizontal and vertical angle all could reach 160° degree.

7.Diversified installation methods

The size of small pixel type adopts 4:3 proportion and light weight design, which could be installed into any directions and sizes. It also could be assembled into creative shape, supporting fixed installation, ground installation, hanging installation and seat-mounting installation, etc.

Chapter 3: Main Classification of Small Pixel LED Display

The popularity of small-pixel LED display in the LED display market has greatly inspired the research and development boom of manufacturers. 

And it has encouraged the continuous emergence of many innovative technologies and products.

According to its structure. The small pixel pitch LED display can mainly divided into SMD,COB, Micro LED and Mini LED.

Among them, Micro LED and Mini LED require high-technology processing, only big brands factories have relatively high-technologies at present and the market can’t afford the high cost for its technology.

So we will not discuss them further for the time being and only introduce SMD and COB deeply on this article.

1. SMD LED Display

SMD is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices, which means: surface mount device, which is one of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components.

SMD occupied the main market share of small pixel LED display market at present.

We have 4 models of SMD small pixel pitch led display cabinet for your option, below main difference and some features for you to know more about them:

Item       N169(16:9)           MA250        HD480(1:1)                MA640
PictureMA250 double sided led display (2)
Cabinet Size600*337.5mm250*1000mm480*480mm640*480mm
Module Size150*168.75mm,250*250mm240*240mm320*160mm
Pixel pitch availableP1.25,P1.56,P1.667,P1.95,P2.5,P2.976,P1.667,P1.875,P2.5P1.25,P1.538,P1.667,
Maintenance ModeFull Front MaintenanceFull Front MaintenanceFront&Rear MaintenanceFull Front Maintenance
Feature16:9 golden ratioFull Front MaintenanceFront & Rear dual maintenanceFull Front Maintenance
Full frontal serviceDouble-sided LED displayBig size moduleHigh Definition
Dual backup interface   

N169(16:9) LED Display cabinet features:

a. 16:9 golden ratio design

UNIT LED N169(16:9) 600*337.35mm series cabinet with 16:9 resolution, is specialized for the command center. Perfect replacement for LCD display.

Die-cast aluminum cabinet design, guarantee you will have a flat and seamless screen. Good uniformity. Dot-to-dot correction technology provides you pure image with great gradation.

b. Full frontal service

The front serviceable ultra HD LED screen cabinet has fully described the strength of its light weight. Meet the needs of a small space or where the needs of the cabinet thickness are needed. 

Enhanced the vision of the space as well as its visionary effect. It allows for easy maintenance, saving time and labor on site.

c. Dual backup interface, challenging all possibilities

Supporting dual control system, dual power supply backup, automatically switch the picture in an LED screen when it courses any problems to make sure a stable and reliable image.

HD480(1:1) LED Display cabinet features:

a) Front & Rear dual maintenance

HD480(1:1) 480*480mm series cabinet adopt front & rear dual maintenance with 240mmx240mm Front-service LED module. 

Add the structure, it can support Wall-mount, reduce the cost of maintenance.

b) Big size module bringing perfect visual experience

LED cabinet with 240 mm x240 mm LED module, big size module to make the cabinets more flatness, best contrast to show the videos, LED module with the mask to achieve the best contrast. 

P1.667, P1.875, P2.5 with Hub75 interface easy to control by LED control system.

MA640 LED display cabinet features:

a) Full Front Maintenance

UNIT LED MA640 640*480mm series cabinet small pixel pitch LED display screen can be easy to realize front maintenance.

No need maintenance space, convenient and fast, reinforced kit, front surface is very evenness.

b) High Definition

To compare with traditional LED display, LINSN MA640 Series LED display screen has high refreshing rate, 3840Hz, gray transition is smooth, no ghost phenomenon.

2. COB LED Display

COB is the abbreviation of Chip On Board. It is an innovation of the existing SMD packaging mode, and it can also be called a change of SMD small-pitch LED.

COB packaging is to directly bond the chip to the PCB board, and then protect it through the glue technology.

The SMD method is to first encapsulate the chip die-bonding, wire bonding, and glue into an independent lamp bead, and then solder it on the PCB board through surface mount.

The two package structures are shown below:

COB Small Pixel LED Display VS SMD Small Pixel LED Display

The following is a brief description of the advantages and disadvantages of the COB LED display.

1) The COB small pixel LED display can easily achieve smaller spacing (≤1.5mm), making the display screen more clearer and delicate, and the color softer.

2) For COB, the device is enclosed in the PCB board directly, and there will be no defective phenomena such as falling lighting or dead lighting during transportation, installation etc.

3) Due to the sealing COB packaging, COB is not easy for maintenance when the LED lamps is broken, there is no space for maintenance after the COB screen is installed.

4) The heat dissipation is stronger than SMD types, and the heat is directly dissipated through the PCB board, without accumulation, guaranteeing the long life span.

5) As a new LED display product, the COB technology is currently not as complete as SMD technology, which requires high technical requirements and high R&D costs.

6) Considering the production processing is different, the transformation cost of the enterprise is high, so there are few manufacturers.

7) The price of the COB screen is 10-20% higher than that of the LED display with the same pixel pitch.

As above, we are mainly focusing on SMD types at this stage. Although the current COB technology has made certain breakthroughs in the LED display field, it does not mean that SMD technology has completely withdrawn and declined.

For the pixel pitch 1.25-2.5mm LED display , SMD technology relies on its mature performance and extensive market practice are still the leader on the small pixel LED display market, and they are also the best selection for users and the market. 

Chapter 4: Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Installation and Maintenance

Considering the high cost of small-pitch LED Display Screens, careless installation and maintenance may cause damage to the screen or affect the LED Display effect directly.

For different installation methods, the detailed requirements for installation will be a little different.

The main installation methods are : Wall-hanging, Embedded, and Floor-standing.

1. Wall-hanging and Embedded

These two installation methods of the LED Display are Wall-mounted installation, which means that there is no maintenance space behind the LED Display, and the cabinet needs to support Full front service.

When installing, we need to fix the structure on the wall firstly, then install the cabinet on the structure. The following points need special attention:

1) Steel structure construction 

The welding process of the steel structure will affect the flatness of the screen installation directly.

In order to avoid the blind angle of the viewing angle caused by protrusions or depressions, please find a professional welding master to make the structure according to the CAD drawing we provide structure. As follows:

Wall hanging LED display

2) Lightning protection and anti-static treatment

Keep the LED display body and the shell well-grounded, and the grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms.

The static electricity generated during the installation process and the large current caused by thunder and lightning can be discharged in time, and avoid the failure of LED and IC caused by static electricity even the case of a damaged situation.

3) Installation of ventilation equipment

When the display screen is working, a certain amount of heat is generated.

If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the integrated circuit may not work properly or even be burned, which will make the display system unable to work normally.

2. Floor-standing

In addition to the above points of attention, this installation method needs to leave a certain maintenance space behind the screen (at least 50 cm.

It can accommodate one person) to facilitate the installation of the cabinet, but the front service is still optional for LED modules and power supplies.

Floor standing LED screen display

For the front maintenance of the internal wiring items, we will pack the module and the cabinet separately to reduce unnecessary damage during installation.

The front maintenance + rear aviation plug-in and the rear maintenance models are directly packaged after the assembled Cabinet.

3. Small pixel pitch LED Display Maintenance

1) The LED Display screen is often powered on. If it’s not used for a long time, turn on the screen with low brightness to remove the moisture, then restore to normal brightness.

2) Check the inside of the cabinet regularly to check if the relevant vulnerable parts such as cooling fans, waterproof rubber strips, door locks, hinges and others are abnormal, keep the inside of the cabinet clean and well ventilated.

3) If the module displays incorrectly, please contact the supplier/professionals to determine the specific problem or arrange fixed.

Chapter 5: Application Range of Small-pitch LED Display

Thailand Indoor LED Display

1. Security monitoring

The characteristics of the small-pitch LED display determines that it can be used in high-end indoor applications.

Such as command and control center, radio and television studios, and meteorological information centers that require higher image quality. 

Compared with large DLP rear projection splicing screens that currently dominate in the fields of security monitoring, command and dispatching centers, and fast-growing LCD splicing screens, the obvious advantage of small-pitch LED displays is seamless splicing, and the size can be expanded indefinitely.

And the installation methods are flexible and diverse, the thickness of the screen is thin, space saving, and high brightness, which can meet the needs of semi-outdoor environments. 

In addition, there is no high bulb replacement cost, low energy consumption, and low later operation and maintenance costs.

2. Exhibition

The flexible splicing methods, wide viewing angle, ultra-thin body, easy installation, and low power consumption.

It can be widely used in various public information display fields, such as hotel lobbies, airports, theaters, hospitals, etc.

Information bulletin board, as well as corporate image promotion, museum cultural relic display, sports stadium scoreboard, etc.

In the commercial field with public information display requirements, small-pitch LED displays can replace large and medium-sized commercial displays.

Its significant advantage is that it can achieve super-large seamless splicing, low power consumption, long life

And it can adapt to the long – time continuous starting up the operation of high – intensity use requirements.

3. Business education

Small-pitch LED displays can replace projectors to create a bright office environment.

Such as corporate conference rooms, network video conferences, and so on. So narrow pixel pitch led display is a good choice for a conference LED screen.

Its rich electronic whiteboard supporting functions can also meet the information presentation needs of various schools and educational institutions. 

Although the current business and education field is not the main direction of the small-pitch LED display.

Compared with traditional projectors, electronic whiteboards and other products, the small-pitch LED display is more convenient to install and maintain.

Especially its self-luminous characteristics, which can satisfy Bright meeting rooms, classrooms, etc. use demand.

4. Household field

With the continuous improvement of display technology, We have more demand for the improvement of the fineness of the picture.

So LED TVs based on small-pitch LED display technology have also emerged. As a household appliance, the outstanding advantage of LED TV is the use of independent light-emitting technology, brightness, color, and refresh rate are all superior to LCD TVs. 

It is more convenient than projectors in terms of installation and maintenance, and does not need to rely on projection screens, and can display normally even in a bright video room.

However, the current small-pitch LED display as a household TV product is still in the preliminary stage of testing the waters. 

The main problems are that the cost is too high and it is not suitable for long-term viewing.

And the smaller the pitch, the higher the price of the product. Compared with the existing LCD TV, although it has obvious advantages in size and power consumption, the price shortcoming is also very obvious. 

Therefore, the most likely breakthrough for small-pitch LED TVs should be high-end villa large-size private theaters.

In the future, with the decline in costs, the possibility of entering the living room of an ordinary family also exists.

Chapter 6: How to Choose A Suitable Small Pitch LED Display?

With the advancement of technology, the pixel pitch of LED Display is getting smaller and smaller.

When you choose it, don’t pursue ultra-high Configuration Blindly, like tiny pixel, big size and higher resolution. 

During the practice work, there is many other external factors except the internal factors (such as pitch, size, resolution). 

So how to choose a suitable small-pitch LED Display? The following information should be taken into consideration:

1. Project Budget

The most highlighting advantages of a small pixel screen is no stitch and could be splicing infinitely.

But increase of LED lamp beads per unit area, the design requirements for heat dissipation and circuits are getting higher and higher.

So the cost of a small pixel LED display goes higher. But with the productivity rose, tech developed, the defective product rate and prices will be reduced.

2. Maintenance costs

But in actual practice use, for big size screen, the project budget is not the only thing to think over, higher maintenance cost should be take into consideration. 

Commonly saying, although the life of the LED display can reach more than 100,000 hours, but the density of the lamps is higher.

At the same time, the indoor thickness request of PCB is not as high as outdoor, so this will make it difficult to dissipate heat and then cause partial failure. 

Besides those, the power consumption can not be neglected, later operation cost of big size LED displays are commonly higher too.

3. Installation Space

The small pixel screen also means that the picture quality is very clear even when viewed at close range.

So if you want to watch from a distance, please choose a slightly larger pixel pitch. \

Some view distance can be calculated as follows: View distance=pixel pitch/0.3~0.8.

4. Signal Transmission Compatibility

Multi-Signal and complicated signal cut in is the priority problem. Different from the outdoor type, indoor signal acts as diversified, huge quantity, decentralized position, concentrate management requests, etc.

If wanna perform the small pixel screen well, the signal transmission equipment is important.

For instance, in the front-end monitoring system of security monitoring application , the common video signal usually is D1, H.264, 720P, 10801, 1080P,part of small pixel LED display couldn’t support some of those format signals. 

So you need to know whether there will be a relative video processor or controller to support these video signals, the resolution is not the only factor decisive your determination.

5. Fill Factor

LED Display Fill Factor, also known as the bright area ratio, reflects the ratio of each dot lighting area of physical surface area.

The LED display is made of discrete dots, there are explicit non-luminous black areas, when getting closer, the picture is incoherent and incomplete, and brightness is non-uniformity (also called granular sensation).

If the luminous source is crowed in a really tiny dot surface area, leading the single dot brightness rise to several times or even ten times than the overall screen, it will cause a severe eye-harsh feeling.

According to the commonly accepted knowing of display market-TCO’99 standard regulation, the fill factor should be higher than 50%,but most of the current LED display haven’t reached this index standard.

What needs to be payed much more attention to is, for the small pixel LED display, if wanna gain a higher performance effect, besides the nature performance, suitable solution plans are very essential. 

Choose a corporation with good reputation and quick response team really saves your time and energy.

UNIT LED own the diversified products models, sufficient pre-sales guide, timely after sales service.

Chapter 7: Client Case for Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

Here is some feedback from our customers below:

1. South Africa P1.66 Indoor LED Display-4:3

Small pitch LED display screen South Africa case
  • Pixel Pitch: P1.66mm
  • Cabinet Size: 400x300mm
  • Cabinet Material: Die-casting Aluminum
  • Final screen size: 4m x 1.8m
  • Configuration: Nationstar LED+MBI5153IC (3840HZ)+Novastar Control system+Plywood case packing

2. USA P1.25 Indoor LED Display-16:9
Indoor LED display case USA
  • Pixel Pitch: P1.25mm
  • Cabinet Size: 600×337.5mm
  • Cabinet Material: Die-casting Aluminum
  • Final screen size: 4.8m x 2.7m
  • Configuration: Nationstar LED+MBI5153IC (3840HZ)+Novastar Control system+Plywood case packing

3. Thailand P1.923 Indoor LED Display-4:3
Thailand P1.923 Indoor LED Display
  • Pixel Pitch: P1.923mm
  • Cabinet Size: 400x300mm
  • Cabinet Material: Die-casting Aluminum
  • Final screen size: 4m x 1.8m
  • Configuration: Nationstar LED+MBI5153IC (3840HZ)+LINSN Control system+Plywood case packing

Generally Speaking, The Small pixel LED Display supports a higher-definition video display, while the ordinary screen does not. But the relative cost of a small pixel screen is more expensive.

The Bottom Line

This article introduces small pixel HD LED display from the aspects of the definition, features, classification, installation methods and so on.

The small pixel pitch LED display is one of the tendencies of the whole LED display industry which is occupying more and more market share.

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