Something You Must Know about Small Pixel LED Display

Speaking of today’s LED display, small pixel LED display is undoubtedly the focus of attention. Different from the traditional LED display focusing on outdoor applications, the rapidly rising small pitch LED display has focused on the indoor application market that led has never set foot in, and launched a direct confrontation with the strong LCD splicing and DLP splicing.

In addition to no splicing, compared with DLP splicing products, the application of small pixel LED display products is more flexible, which can combine touch, naked-eye 3D, 4K, and other superfluid elements to meet more diversified application needs.

small pitch led display

Advantages of Small Pixel LED Display

1. Seamless splicing

The splicing large screen display technology can not avoid the influence of the physical frame when meeting the needs of customers to the greatest extent.

Even if the ultra-narrow edge professional LCD screen still has a very obvious splicing seam. Only the LED display screen can make the spliced seam meet the seamless requirements, and the advantages of high-density and small pixel led seamless splicing can be highlighted.

2. High brightness intelligent adjustable

The LED screen has high brightness. In order to meet the comfortable viewing effect for the viewer in a strong light environment and dark light environment and avoid visual fatigue, it can cooperate with the light-sensing system to adjust the brightness.

3. High gray level for better color performance

Even under low brightness, the grayscale performance of the display screen is almost perfect, and the level and brightness of the display screen are higher than those of the traditional display screen. It can also show more image details without information loss.

4. High contrast, faster response, high refresh rate

The number of times the electron beam repeatedly scans the image on the screen. The higher the scanning times, the higher the refresh rate, and the better the stability of the displayed image.

The lower the refresh rate, the more severe the image flicker and jitter, and the faster the eyes get tired. Small pixel LED Display under high refresh, the captured picture is stable, there is no corrugated black screen, the image edge is clear, and the real information of the image is accurately restored.

5. Color restoration and naturalization

The international leading point-by-point correction technology is adopted, and the LED luminous principle is used to completely retain the authenticity of color, avoid color loss and deviation caused by other display technologies such as backlight projection material and light operation path, and realize color reproduction in the real sense.

6. Stereoscopic visual experience

When customers choose to use 3D playback mode, the splicing wall will present shocking high-definition images. Whether live TV, exhibition, or digital advertising, it can incisively and vividly interpret the wonderful vision and let the audience enjoy an extraordinary visual experience.

Small Pixel LED Display Packaging Technology

1. SMD

SMD LED display packaging is to weld a single or multiple LED chips on a metal support with a plastic “Cup” outer frame (the outer pins of the support are respectively connected to the P and N levels of the LED chips), fill the plastic outer frame with liquid epoxy resin or organic silica gel, then bake it at high temperature, and then cut and separate it into a single surface-mount packaging device.

2. IMD (Four In One)

LED display enterprises have a deep technical accumulation in SMD mounting process, and the Four in one packaging is a further development based on the inheritance of SMD packaging.

SMD packages contain one pixel in one package structure, while IMD packages contain four pixels in one package structure.

Although the IMD LED display adopts the new integrated packaging technology IMD (four in one), its process still uses the surface pasting process.

“Four in one” mini LED module IMD package combines the advantages of SMD and COB, solves the problems of ink consistency, splicing, light leakage and maintenance, and has the characteristics of high contrast, high integration, easy maintenance, and low cost.

It is a better case on the road to smaller spacing. At present, the “four in one” mini LED module adopts formal chips for cost consideration. With the packaging manufacturers making more requirements for chips, the “six in one” or even “n in one” scheme will be further launched.

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3. COB (Chip On Board)

COB packaging is a method of bonding the bare chip to the interconnect substrate with conductive or non-conductive adhesive, and then wire bonding to realize its electrical connection. COB packaging adopts integrated packaging technology.

Since a single LED device is omitted, the chip mounting process is carried out after packaging. COB can effectively solve the problems of SMD packaged display screens, such as shrinking point spacing, increasing process difficulty, reducing yield and increasing cost. COB is easier to realize small spacing.

When you buy a small pixel LED display, you should consider the display brightness and refresh rate. The best performance for the display is a high refresh rate with low brightness. Meanwhile, you need to pay attention to the pixel and balance the performance and technology.

The view distance= pixel / 0.3~0.8. For example, the best view distance for P2 is 6m. Last but not least, you should notice the combination with signal transmission equipment.

The smaller the pixel, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the screen image.

In practice, if users want to build a good small pixel LED display system, they should not only pay attention to the resolution of the screen itself but also consider its matching with the front-end signal transmission products.

As a professional LED display manufacturer, small pixel HD items are just our best feedback indoor LED display goods.

Most of our customers can`t repair the defective modules for the small pixel and have to send back to our factory compare with bigger pixel (more than P2.5mm) which some customers could repair by themselves, thus the quality of the small pixel modules should be very important for saving the maintenance cost in the future.

It’s better to choose a full assembled cabinet from your supplier than purchase single modules and assemble the cabinet by yourself because there might be damages when customers assemble the cabinet by themselves


In this article, we introduce to you small pixel LED display including the advantages and three prevailing LED packaging technologies. The fine pixel pitch LED display has high-standard visual effect and advanced packaging technologies. For more information, welcome contact us or follow us LED FAQ page! 

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