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Want to refresh your retail store and stand out from the crowd? Do you want your product to capture the public’s attention in a dynamic form? UNIT smart LED poster helps you create a unique and impressive brand experience.

As a new star in the advertising industry, led poster display has many advantages.

At present, digital LED poster has become a magic weapon for many merchants to create a shopping environment. It is rapidly entering the commercial display market and gradually replacing some LCD posters.

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1. What is Smart LED Poster?

Poster led display, also called mirror screen. It is a new fashion advertising media. In addition to realizing the function of switching static pictures in time sequence, it can also play dynamic videos.

Users can realize centralized control, management, and transmission of multimedia content through 4G or WiFi. The high-definition and high-refresh screen displays clear dynamic graphics and texts, bringing people a novel visual experience.

2. Features of UNIT Poster LED Display

The UNIT smart LED poster has a stylish appearance and excellent visual effects. Human-friendly designs such as removable wheels and stand brackets make it easy to move and use.

More details? Just read this article to get a comprehensive understanding of UNIT LED poster.

(1) Light & Thin LED Cabinet

The screen cabinet of the digital LED poster has the characteristics of ultra-light and ultra-thin. The weight of the entire screen is only 45 kg, and the high-end and elegant appearance attracts the attention of consumers at a glance.

At the same time, the thin and light screen body can realize barrier-free and save your installation space. To a certain extent, thin and light LED posters can save transportation and installation costs.

smart led poster display

(2) Front Maintenance

You can remove the LED module from the front of the screen with special tools.

The front maintenance style makes field repairs and maintenance more time and labor efficient.

(3) Easy Management

Poster led screen adopts an independent media player. Easily upload media content via USB or WiFi.

Easily control the screen via WIFI/USB/Lan

Support PC and smartphone control. Easy software management gets you started.

(4) Multiple Installation Methods

Different installation methods are supported, including:

Wall-mounted installation;

hanging installation;

floor installation;

Double-sided LED Poster

Multi-level installation can be realized, and several led poster screens can be installed together to form a larger screen. Normal link 6 signs to get a 16:9 picture ratio.

(5) Customized Products

smart led dispaly screen

(6) Stability

The high-stability screen can control the jumping of static pictures in a few seconds, and there will be no imagination of fast and slow. Stability is also reflected in the control management system, information release, and other aspects.

3. P3 Smart LED Poster

P3 smart LED poster is a product that is widely loved by customers in the market. The small-pitch led display has a high-definition picture. The ultra-high refresh rate and good color reproduction make it easily the focus of the crowd.

P3mm smart led poster is perfect for close viewing. A good display effect will not cause visual fatigue to the audience.

UNIT poster led display
UNIT poster led display
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What Can P3 Smart LED Poster Do?

(1) Information Display

On the handrail of the elevator in the store or at the entrance of the exhibition hall, the p3mm smart LED poster usually displays a lot of information. Including business information, shopping mall layout map, precautions, etc.

(2) Advertising

Dynamic advertising videos with music can impress the audience even more. With a 3840hz high refresh rate and high contrast ratio, the P3 LED poster is an ideal advertising medium.

The easy management method makes the switching of advertising content and the management of advertising time slots easier.

(3) Improve Store Image

The poster LED Screen with a high-end fashion appearance can not only display information such as discounts and new products to customers, but it is also a sharp tool to enhance the image of the store.

4. Where Will You Need One?

Retail is one of the most important fields of application for smart LED posters. In addition to indoor retail, it is also developing rapidly in industries such as exhibitions and advertising.

Whether people are looking for a favorite clothing store in a shopping mall or visiting an exhibition hall, the digital led poster can splice high-quality images and successfully attract everyone’s attention.

Applications of Smart LED Poster

In general, the poster LED screen is very suitable for displaying information in small indoor places or at the entrance of important passages.

The following are common applications:

Shopping mall

Product launch

Retail store

Wedding ceremony


Food Industry

5. More Details of UNIT LED Poster

lifting led poster display (1)
lifting led poster display (3)

lifting led poster display

6. Conclusion

Looking for high-quality smart LED poster displays? UNIT LED is your trusted poster LED display manufacturer. Just contact us to get more information!

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