2023 Smart Light Pole LED Display, Create Smart City!

With the advancement of smart cities, light pole screens are becoming more and more popular. Smart light pole led display has the characteristics of electrification, networking, and wide distribution. And it has become an important facility for smart city construction.

As one of the smart city IoT infrastructures, the smart pole has played an important role in building a smart city. It is a complete system that can realize multiple functions, such as lighting, monitoring, information display, charging, weather detection, etc.

Integrating multiple functions, smart city poles become a data collector for smart cities by integrating multiple technologies. Through the cloud platform and Internet technology, it realizes more efficient and integrated urban management.

In this post, you will have a comprehensive and deep understanding of the smart street pole-led display. Including features, functions, composition systems, applications, etc.

smart light pole led display
smart light pole

Table of Content

1. What is a Smart Light Pole LED Display?

A smart light pole is a device with multiple powerful functions composed of LED lighting, a camera, an LED display screen, an electric vehicle charging system, and other systems.

In addition to the lighting function of traditional street lights, smart city pole has more intelligent functions: video surveillance, multimedia information screen, weather detection, charging function, etc.

The smart street pole is connected to the Internet through a 4G network or network cables. And it realizes remote management, remote power switch, and program release through the supporting information release system. 

Numerous street pole led displays are distributed on both sides of the city’s streets, realizing the full coverage of the city.

Large-scale advertising display carriers and intelligent management methods are conducive to building a complete smart city and facilitating people’s lives.

2. How Does a Smart Pole Work?

Before explaining the working principle of a smart pole, we need to understand the supporting equipment on the smart light pole.

The smart street pole uses the pole as the carrier, and a variety of devices are configured on the light pole to realize functions such as LED information display, urban public services, and environmental monitoring.

Detection, control, and management are carried out through the background system. And the smart pole led displays become social information collection and convenient service terminals.

(1) Components of the Smart Light Pole System

5G base station

  • Embedded 5G base station, unified deployment of efficient communication equipment
  • Build a comprehensive and efficient network coverage

WIFI coverage

  • Wifi network coverage of smart light poles to meet the needs of citizens when they go out and surf the Internet
  • Provide WIFi hotspots for different distance
  • Optimizing Internet service for citizens going out

Smart Lighting

  • Smart Lighting Control Facilities
  • Carry out a division of labor and detailed management and control of the lighting system
  • Timing control, light control, fault alarm, status query, remote control power switches

Led display screens

  • To establish a unified information release platform through led display screens
  • Display advertisements, and public information in words, pictures, and videos on an LED screen
  • Play colorful pictures or videos to create city signs and enhance the city’s appearance during special festivals or major events

Intelligent monitoring

  • Face detection, face recognition monitoring function, background remote visualization effect
  • License plate recognition, dynamic tracking, etc.
  • Record road conditions for real-time monitoring

Charging pile

  • Integrated AC charging pile
  • Real-time display of charging information
  • Meet the charging needs of cars or other external devices

Environmental detection

  • Use weather sensors to detect meteorological parameters, such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind direction, visibility, etc.
  • Detect urban environmental parameters, such as noise, and air quality (PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO) through gas and sound sensors

(2) Working Principle of Smart Light Pole LED Display

The smart light pole consists of four parts: sensing device, network communication, data collection center, and platform application.

  • Sensing equipment: sensing equipment such as cameras and sensors. The sensing device realizes comprehensive perception of all terminal devices of Smart pole for smart city
  • The network center is the core of the smart light pole system. Sensing devices transmit information to the data center through the network. At the same time, related applications can receive corresponding operation instructions and execute them.
  • Communication method: NB-IoT and 4G, ZigBee, lora+wired, 4G, wired, and other solutions are adopted at the same time.
  • By integrating information and network control, the application layer can realize the lighting, LED display, environmental monitoring, charging pile, and other functions.

3. Advantages of Street Light Pole LED Display

Street light pole led display is suitable for special applications such as streets, shopping malls, convention centers, and scenic spots.

Its most attractive part is that all led display screens are controlled by the Internet. Playing images or videos at the same time will bring shocking advertising effects to pedestrians.

However, its advantages are not limited to stunning visual effects. Let’s experience its charm together!

street pole led display

(1)Advanced Technology

High-quality street Pole combines LED display technology, sensing technology, and Internet technology. It creates a multifunctional device that benefits smart cities.

You can control the update of video and graphics through the unlimited network, and realize the batch release of programs.

Many successful engineering cases show that smart city pole has unique advantages in road condition broadcasting, road guidance, information release, advertising, and so on.

(2)Powerful Remote Control Function

The powerful multimedia publishing system supports multi-level operations. It can automatically adapt to the screen ratio of tablets, mobile phones, and computers. It supports the following operations:

  • (1) Support centralized management, and check the online and offline status in real-time;
  • (2) Support the release of real-time notifications;
  • (3) Support to obtain the screenshot of the current screen of the control card;

(3)Simple Operation

Through 3G and 4G signal transmission, it is easy to realize the batch release of the content of the light pole screen.

At the same time, the file is encrypted and transmitted to the terminal to ensure its security.

There is variety in the way for playing content. It can achieve multi-screen parallel, picture-in-picture embedded, multimedia combination, and other effects. A variety of display effects make the presentation of content more vivid and flexible.

(4)Real-time Synchronous Playback

Firstly, after the terminal is connected with a GPS module, the system can realize the real-time synchronous playback function of all terminals.

It can realize the simultaneous broadcast of large-scale advertisements and activities in the smart city. It is helpful for improving the overall impact effect and advertisement grade.

Secondly, it can achieve accurate advertising. Customers can specify the period and geographical location, and place advertisements accurately on each specific screen.

(5)Human-computer Interaction

With the help of the camera that comes with the screen body, street pole led display can realize remote monitoring. At the same time, remote voice and video interaction are realized through the cloud platform.

Human-computer interaction is one of the directions of technological development. Smart light pole led screen helps to build a smart city.

(6)Helping Urban Construction

As an important application platform for smart cities, the smart light pole led display has a variety of humanized functions: monitoring management, lighting, weather detection, etc.

These functions are conducive to creating a smart city that is more convenient to manage. The security monitoring, face recognition, and other functions of the smart light pole screen are indispensable

Meanwhile, the LED display can play public welfare information or city publicity content. It helps to beautify the city’s appearance and enhance the image of the city.

4.How to Control Multiple Smart Pole LED Displays?

Pole led displays connect street lights in cities to form the Internet of Things. They have the characteristics of small screens, large numbers, and wide distribution.

So how can we manage light pole screens simply and quickly? The Led controller is the key to the whole system.

Firstly, the 4G/3G data SIM card in the Led controllers allows them to access the Internet.

Then, the corresponding software can control and manage multiple led display screens via the Internet.

Huidu Smart Light Pole LED Display Controller Solution

Taking the Huidu street pole led display controller solution as an example, you can understand the operation process of street pole led display more clearly.

As shown in the figure above:

LED Control System of Smart Pole LED Display



Led control cardled control card

upports Internet remote cluster management; remote control the power of pole led screen; supports playing video, pictures, and other content; supports cascading receiving cards.

LED receiving cardled display receiving card

Cascade sending card used; double-sided screen, one screen, and one card.

4G communication module4G communication module

Realizes remote cluster management led display, multi-screen synchronization; access to Internet weather information, etc.

RF synchronous playback module

RF synchronous playback module

The RF module based on LoRa technology realizes synchronous playback of multiple LED display contents.

Brightness sensorBrightness sensor

Brightness sensing device; realize the automatic adjustment of screen brightness of the display screen as the brightness of the surrounding environment changes; energy saving and environmental protection.

GPS synchronization moduleGPS synchronization module

Realize multi-screen synchronous playback utilizing satellite timing; support GPS positioning function; choose one of RF synchronous playback modules.

5. 3 Typical Application Scenarios

(1) Smart Community

In the construction of smart communities, smart poles can realize functions such as smart lighting, security monitoring, and environmental monitoring. Charging piles can meet the charging needs of new energy vehicles.

“Internet + smart community” makes community management more efficient and scientific.

Suggested collocation: lighting system, led display, outdoor WIFI, security system, charging system, environmental sensing system.

(2) Smart scenic Spots

Scenic spots and parks have a large flow of people. The management of these locations has certain security and regulatory pressures on the government.

Pole led displays in smart scenic spots can play functions. Such as intelligent monitoring, lighting, and signage.

(3) Urban Arterial Roads

The light pole screens on both sides of the main road in the city are mainly for lighting needs. You can consider other diverse equipment according to special demand.

Suggested collocation: smart lighting system, led display, environmental sensing system, video system.

Functions: lighting, traffic guidance, parking instructions, traffic flow, vehicle monitoring, emergency rescue, illegal evidence collection, etc.

6. 3 Reasons to Invest in Smart Light Pole LED Display

With the construction of smart cities, pole LED displays may become an important helper in community and urban construction in the next few years.

Whether it is from the perspective of business promotion or urban management, it is a wise choice to invest in smart city pole LED screens now.

(1)Advertising Benefits of Digital Signage

More durable and affordable outdoor street pole led display with smaller pitch and higher brightness. Viewers can enjoy clear content up close in an outdoor environment.

Double-sided screens help to attract a wider audience. The shocking display can cover pedestrians and vehicles traveling in both directions, and increase advertising revenue.

(2)Safer Environment

With the support of various technologies, the led pole display creates a safer living environment for residents. Emergency alert systems and monitoring systems alert people to potential dangers in times of crisis.

These systems can provide people with early warning information to help users send a warning or help information.

(3)Smarter City Management

LED poles connect multiple data nodes in the city. In order to provide big data support for the management of people’s livelihood, environmental protection, and public safety.

7. Street pole LED Display VS. Traditional LED Display

(1) With Multiple Functions

As the early entrance of the Internet of Things in smart cities, led light pole screens have multiple functions.

“5G+led pole display” enables the smart light pole to have many highly intelligent application functions.

In comparison, the function of the traditional led display is relatively single.

(2) More Energy-saving and Environmental Protection

Light pole led screen uses high-quality raw materials to meet the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction. Energy-saving led screen helps save operating costs.

Therefore, the high-quality smart light pole led display adopts energy-saving solutions in terms of circuit design, material selection, and scene application.

(3) More Power Supplies and Cooling Fans

Due to the all-metal structure and small size, the inside of the cabinet may reach a high temperature of 60°-80° in summer. Therefore, more power supplies and fans are required for cooling.

The demand for high-temperature resistance also requires manufacturers to use high-quality electronic components.

(4) Higher Brightness and Clarity

The light pole screen is a product installed on an outdoor light pole. Because of the outdoor environment and small size, the street pole led screen needs to have a brightness of more than 6000cd and sufficient clarity.

(5) Beautiful & Fashionable Appearance

The exquisite and compact cabinet makes it look more technological and modern.

At the same time, the beautiful and fashionable cabinet appearance can play a role in beautifying the city.

The double-sided screen can bring a more shocking display effect.

8. Why UNIT Smart Street Pole LED Display?

UNIT LED is committed to providing high-quality smart light pole led displays to global customers. We have established close cooperative relations with many well-known partners, such as Novastar, Huidu, and so on.

(1) Simple and Elegant Appearance Design

The UNIT pole led display adopts the drawing aluminum profile technology. And the appearance is simple and elegant. We use simple lines to highlight the product. The design style of the cabinet is very unified.

The perfect aspect ratio makes the appearance of the display more elegant. At the same time, we launched two different color cabinets, black and white. They can be fitted with poles of different colors.

smart pole led display
pole led display aparts

(2) Excellent Display Effect

High-quality LED lamp beads and driver IC components ensure the excellent display effect of UNIT pole LED screens.

P4mm and P5mm street pole displays have high brightness and high contrast. Even in bright outdoor environments, the screen content is still clearly identifiable.

(3) Perfect Cabinet Structure

Due to the all-metal structure and small size, the inside of the cabinet may reach a high temperature of 60°-80° in summer.

Therefore, more power supplies and fans are required for cooling.

The demand for high-temperature resistance also requires manufacturers to use high-quality electronic components.

(4) More Energy-saving

Our smart light pole led display uses a common cathode driver IC, which can better reduce the supply voltage of red LEDs, thereby reducing system power consumption and achieving energy-saving effects.

Low voltage 4.2v start, 20% energy saving than the conventional power supply.

The screen can automatically adjust the brightness. More energy efficient.

(5)High Protection Level

The outdoor environment is harsh, and the high protection level can protect the internal components of the led display. The protection level of the UNIT LED Pole led screen is as high as IP65.

Good waterproof, dustproof, and windproof capabilities make it suitable for changing climates. Good stability makes the screen solid and not easy to fall.

high stability of smart pole led screen

(6) Front and Rear Maintenance

This pole LED display supports rear and front maintenance, and the frame can be opened from both sides.

You can quickly disassemble the led module with a suction cup tool. Fast maintenance reduces maintenance costs.

To Sum Up

With its powerful functions and novel display effects, Smart street pole led display has become a part of the smart city.

If you want to know more project details about smart light pole led display, please contact us online or email us directly. We will do our best to provide you with a suitable solution.

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