SMD LED Display-Some Benefits You Must Know

SMD LED display screen has the characteristics of a wide viewing angle, long life, and good display effect. SMD LED screens currently occupy 80% of the entire LED display market.

Compared with other types of LED panels, what are the advantages of SMD LED panels?

This post will give you a detailed understanding of the most popular LED display type-SMD LED screen.

1. What is SMD?

SMD is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices, which is one of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components.

Twenty years ago, many manufacturers launched such products, and surface-mount packaged LEDs (SMD LEDs) have gradually been acceptable in the market and gained a certain market share.

The shift from pin-type packages to SMD is in line with the general development trend of the entire electronics industry.

The packaging technology is to encapsulate the LED light-emitting chip in the bracket to form lamp beads (SMD surface mount), and then paste it on the PCB board through solder.

Put the surface mount and PCB board into a high-temperature oven for sintering and curing (reflow soldering), and solder the LED leads through a pressure soldering process.

After bonding the bracket with epoxy resin to form the display module, the module is finally spliced into the unit.

The core material of the SMD process

  • Support: Conductive support and heat dissipation.
  • LED chip: The chip is the main component material of the LED lamp and is a light-emitting semiconductor material.
  • Conductive circuit: PAD chip connection (PAD) and bracket, and can be rotated.
  • Epoxy resin: It protects the internal structure of the lamp beads and can slightly change the color, brightness, and angle of the lamp beads.

2. Three-in-one SMD technology

Three-in-one is a kind of led display SMD technology. It refers to the SMT lamp encapsulated with red, yellow, and blue LED chips in RGB packaged in the same gel at a certain interval.

UNIT MAGIC500 Front Service Rental LED Display adopts three-in-one SMD packaging technology.

The LED display screen adopting this technology has a larger viewing angle of the whole screen, and the surface of the display screen can be treated with light diffuse reflection, and the image effect presented is excellent. The picture is not granular, and the color uniformity is good.

In terms of color processing, it is also easier to use the three-in-one SMD technology to separate light and color. The saturation of the color is also relatively high.

Since the three-in-one uses the entire display to emit light, the overall color is more uniform.

Coupled with the feature that it is easier to control the overall flatness of the screen, this technology has always been the standard technology used in high-definition LED displays.

3. SMD LED Display-Excellent Manufacturing Process

UNIT MAGIC500 Front Service Rental LED Display perfectly combines the core technology and the beautiful appearance.

Ultra-thin body, detachable back cover, perfect cabinet design, these excellent design schemes demonstrate its unique charm.

There are four corner protectors at the corners of each display screen. They can prevent the LED chips from being damaged due to external impact.


Ultra-light and ultra-thin design

This outdoor rental led display adopts a 500*500mm standard box size, and the body uses ultra-light die-cast aluminum, which is ultra-light.

The thickness of MAGIC500 is only 80mm. The weight, thickness, and size are convenient for transportation and portability. This design is conducive to saving transportation costs.

Super high waterproof level

As an outdoor LED display, waterproof is a concern for both manufacturer and customer.

The surface of the MAGIC500 outdoor Rental LED Display module adopts a unique gluing process, which can reach IP68 waterproof level, which can effectively prevent the module from entering the water and being damp.

In addition to waterproofing, it can also effectively protect the internal LED chip from most solid objects.

Try to ensure the safety of the internal chip, on the one hand, is also to maximize the service life of the display screen.

Perfect LED cabinet design

Excellent products come from the designer’s all-around control of details.

From the cabinet handle, cabinet fixed slot, to fast lock, the design of these small details conforms to the aesthetics and industrial concepts.

Equipped with a magnet adsorption module, a module installation knob, and a detachable power supply box, it makes the installation and maintenance of the display very convenient.

The entire cabinet adopts a front and back dual design, and the led screen adopts a magnetic panel, which is convenient for installation. The back cover is also detachable. With the protection of a double-sealed rubber ring, there is no need to worry about water ingress.

High precision arc lock

The high-precision arc lock design (-10° to +10°) solves the problem that the arc lock is difficult to use in the past.

he rotation control is more precise and easy to use, and the curve can be adjusted quickly. There is no problem at all in meeting the general arc installation requirements.

High-quality protection features

In addition to the protection design of the led panel, this product also takes into account the need for collision avoidance of the module body.

There are corner guards on the four corners of the cabinet to prevent the LED from being damaged.

This design ensures safer transportation and installation. In the actual assembly and operation process, the detachable folding design is easy to use.

Aging test

The aging test of our products lasts at least 24 hours to ensure the stability of the LED screen.

We have professional testers and standard workshops and strictly implement the standard aging test specifications to ensure that the products can show perfect results even under long-term working conditions.

4. Products Recommendations

The NG500 series rental full-color LED display has a total of 4 products. Its specifications are between outdoor fixed LED displays and small-pitch LED displays.

The pixel pitch specifications are P2.604, P2.976, P3.91, and P4.81. The first two models are mainly used indoors, and the latter two can be used indoors or outdoors.

UNIT NG500 Front Service Rental LED Display adopts three-in-one SMD packaging technology.

As a classic rental display, its good performance and excellent image effects have brought many customers a good experience. Next, let us learn more about this product together!

NG500 rental led screen


The full-color rental LED display is widely used. You can find it on the following occasions, such as stage shows, fashion shows, temporary advertising campaigns, new product launches, etc.

There are four MAGIC500 series products to choose from, and there is no need to strictly distinguish between indoor or outdoor.

You only need to determine the approximate viewing distance according to the application of the occasion, and then choose the appropriate rental LED display.  

If you want to know more about this powerful LED screen, just send us a message!

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