Flexible LED Display

Flexible LED display is also called flexible LED screen, soft LED display, or soft LED screen. The main feature of those LED displays is that the LED panel is soft and flexible. Compared with indoor fixed LED displays and outdoor rental LED displays, the flexible LED panels can be designed for rolling, bending, and swinging to do any shape of LED video wall as you want.

soft flexible led display
soft flexible led display

UNIT flexible led panel screen display adopts the latest advanced SMT technology. The silicone frame, silicone mask, and strong magnet design make the flexible screen have good quality. The ultra-thin flexible led screen is not only thin, ultra-soft, and lightweight, but also has no splicing gaps on the surface, making it ultra-flexible.

soft flexible led display

1. What is a flexible LED display?

The flexible LED display screen is a display product with good shaping ability. The design of this product is inspired by an OLED flexible display. OLED flexible display is a screen used in high-end smartphones. With the gradual maturity of LED display technology and people’s love for various creative LED displays with unique shapes, soft LED screens have gradually entered people’s attention. You can use flexible led video wall to get all kinds of creative LED displays. And, flexible led video wall are increasingly popular in the market.

Unlike traditional displays, soft LED displays can be bent arbitrarily. Traditional LED screens are rectangular or square with a single shape. And flexible displays can bring your ideas to reality. With the help of LED soft modules, you can get various special-shaped LED displays such as curved screens, curved screens, streamer screens, and cylindrical screens according to project requirements.

2. Features of UNIT Flexible LED Display

In order to meet the needs of customers for different shapes and application scenarios of display screens, UNIT LED has specially launched flexible screen solutions. We support customization according to your needs. If you are not familiar with this kind of flexible led display panels, this article will help you. After you understand the characteristics of a soft led screen, you can predict its effect on your project.

solf flexible LED display

High Flexibility

Special silicone masks and circuit boards made of flexible materials are the crucial parts of soft led screen. Excellent flexibility, stability, and high quality are the embodiments of its quality. We can make flexible led panel screen with more complex shapes according to customer requirements. You can use flexible led module to create any LED display or video wall with various appearances. And it’s not limited by the specific shape of traditional screens.

Ultra-thin, Ultra Light

Various from the LED display module made of ordinary PCB, the UNIT flexible LED display panel only weighs 75g without the bottom frame and cover. Single module only weighs 150g with bottom frame and mask. The ultra-thin and ultra-soft characteristics can reduce the bearing weight of the LED display structure. The ultra-light and ultra-thin screen body can ensure the load-bearing capacity of the special-shaped LED display. And easy to transport and assemble.

soft flexible led display
soft flexible led display

Front Service

The UNIT flexible video screen uses super strong magnets inside, making the LED display screen available for frontal maintenance. Installation is quick and easy. You can easily assemble modules in seconds without any tools. And it will save your time and labor.

Customized Shape

High-quality flexible led display screen can be customized in any shape according to customer needs. We have a range of sizes to meet LED display requirements. Such as spherical LED display, cubic LED display, cylindrical LED display, circular LED display, oval LED display, wavy LED display, etc.

soft flexible led display
Soft Flexible LED display

Wide Application

Soft LED video walls can be used in various fields and applications, such as shaping centers, shopping malls, bars, discos, stages, indoor architecture, outdoor architecture, TV, exhibition, and performance. Especially for various irregular buildings, the UNIT soft led screen is very suitable.

Striking Appearance

The naked eye 3D led display can easily make pedestrians notice its existence with its 3D visual effect. Compared with the traditional regular LED display, you will definitely be attracted by the creative LED display with a peculiar appearance. The role of the bendable led display is beyond doubt. Therefore, the use of flexible displays in advertising media and other fields may have unexpected benefits.

3. LED Flexible Display vs. OLED Flexible Display

Many people don’t know the difference between the two screens. So many people confuse them. Although, there is only one-word difference between them, they are two different types of products in reality. Although there are some similarities between LED Flexible Display and OLED Flexible Display, the differences are also quite apparent.

(1)What is LED?

LED means Light-emitting Diode. LED display is composed of an LED dot matrix. It displays information such as pictures, texts, and videos. The large LED screen adopts a modular design, so you can easily create a LED video wall with a large area. At the same time, there are many types of led screens, such as LED transparent screens, fine pixel pitch LED displays, poster LED displays, etc.

(2)What is OLED?

OLED means Organic Light-Emitting Diode. It is a thin and light screen with low energy consumption.At the same time, it has high brightness, and a pretty luminous rate. What’s more, it is bendable. Therefore, the OLED display is a popular screen for curved TVs and mobile phones. As more major manufacturers increase their investment in OLED technology research and development, OLED is widely used in computer monitors, flat panels, and other fields.

(3)Differences Between LED Flexible Display and OLED Flexible Display

  • Lighting Principle

First, LED flexible display emits energy by recombining electrons and holes to emit light. However, OLED flexible display is driven by the electric field of organic semiconductor materials and light-emitting materials, resulting in light emission through carrier injection and recombination. Therefore, the two screens have different display effects.

  • Application Field

According to the difference in display effect, their main application areas are also different. LED flexible display is mainly used to manufacture various creative led screen works. It is more common in stages, bars, science and technology museums, and other occasions. OLED flexible display is mainly used for curved screen mobile phones, TVs, and other equipment.

  • Viewing Distance

The OLED screen has a small pixel pitch and a high-definition picture. So it is suitable for close-up viewing. The LED display has a large pixel pitch. Therefore, it is better for long-distance viewing. In the case of the same area and pixel pitch, an OLED screen is much more expencive than an LED flexible display. So LED flexible display is a perfect way to save cost.

(4)Similarities between LED Flexible Display and OLED Flexible Display

  • Good display performance.

The two display technologies have their advantages, such as good brightness, low power consumption, wide viewing angle, good luminous efficiency, and high picture clarity.

  • High flexibility.

The screens are both bendable. And, the high flexibility allows them to bend while keeping components stable without damaging equipment.

4. UNIT Solution for flexible LED Panel

P2.5 soft flexible led display

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm
Module Size: 240×120mm
Resolution: 96×48 dot
LED: 1R1G1B SMD2121

P3 Solf flexible LED display

Pixel Pitch: 3mm
Module Size: 240×120mm
Resolution: 80×40 dot
LED: 1R1G1B SMD2121

P4 Solf flexible LED display

Pixel Pitch: 4mm
Module Size: 256×128mm
Resolution: 64×32 dot
LED: 1R1G1B SMD2121

P5 Solf Flexible LED display

Pixel Pitch: 5mm
Module Size: 320×160mm
Resolution: 64×32 dot
LED: 1R1G1B SMD2121

5. What Can You Achieve By Flexible LED Modules?

Next, we will introduce some solutions for flexible LED modules. You can use the LED soft module to get the display with the following shapes.

  • Curved LED display

Curved LED displays can bring a better visual experience. The curved LED display has high flexibility. Therefore, many large shopping malls have adopted transitional all-around curved LED displays for outdoor advertising. It helps advertisers make better use of space and deliver information to more people.

  • Spherical LED display

The spherical led display allows viewers to watch it with a 360° viewing angle. The spherical led display can not only play video advertisements but also can be used for decorative lighting. Moreover, the installation methods are diversified. So, it can meet the installation needs of different customers.

  • Cylindrical LED display

The cylindrical led display has high practical value and outstanding innovation. It is very common in subways, bars, and other places.

  • Wavy LED display

The wave-shaped LED display is thin and light, and the installation is simple. flex led screen can make various curved shapes such as curves, arches, and arcs. The wavy LED display is not just an electronic product, but more like a work of art.

  • All kinds of special-shaped led display

With the flexible LED Modules, you can get a variety of exotic displays, such as masks, diamonds, five-pointed stars, Rubik’s cube screens, etc. UNIT has rich experience in creative LED display production.

6. Where can You Possibly Use Flexible LED Panels?

Do you often see a lot of display decorations of different shapes in some public places? Are you drawn to some round, wavy displays? In fact, the application of flexible LED screens is extensive.

  • Shopping malls

Shopping malls are heavily crowded. Display screens with various cool shapes can easily attract people’s attention. For merchants and mall operators, flexible LED panels may be a good helper in attracting business.

  • Entertainment venues

In bars, discos, restaurants, and other entertainment venues, round and oval LED displays are installed for decoration. In addition to being decorative, the bendable led screen can also play matching content according to different themes. It can set off the atmosphere well and bring customers a different experience.

  • Museum

In many museums, various circular and fan-shaped LED displays are also very common. The unique shape and vivid pictures make the audience feel immersive.

  • Technology Exhibition Hall

Flexible displays are also often used in technology showrooms. On the one hand, the unique shape can play a role in decorating the exhibition hall. On the other hand, the flexible video display is also a technology product. Cylindrical, wavy LED displays allow visitors to feel the power of technology.

7. Factors affecting the Flexible LED Display Price

The creative LED display is different from the conventional display. Rich shapes with customized images or video content can always easily attract people’s attention. Therefore, creative LED display is becoming more and more popular. And this is inseparable from the technical support of flexible LED modules. Next, we will discuss which factors affect flexible led video wall price.

(1) Quality of flexible LED modules

High-quality LED Screen Cabinet, the price is naturally higher. A LED screen cabinet includes multiple parts, such as LED display modules, power supply, box frameworks, cable power cords, etc. Among them, the LED display module has the highest fraud. The lamp beads and led chips are different, and the price is different too.

(2) Giant LED screen control system

LED large screen has two control systems: synchronous control system and asynchronous control system. The full-color LED display is mostly an asynchronous control system. The cost of control systems for indoor LED displays is slightly higher. Because its pixel density is much higher than the outdoor LED display. The price of the control system of different brands is also different. UNIT provides multiple control systems such as Novastar, Colorlight, Linsn, and other control systems.

(3) Flexible LED display accessories

The role of accessories is to auxiliary LED display work. Basic accessories include computers, lightning mocks, power distribution cabinets, multi-functional cards, video processors, etc. The price of these accessories is very different. Display manufacturers are generally purchased on their behalf and do not produce related accessories.

(4) Steel structure of large LED screen

Depending on the installation method of creative LED display, the cost costs differently. For security considerations, the large-scale outdoor LED screen has high requirements for steel structures. For creative LED display, a structure with good load-bearing performance is conducive to ensuring the stable operation of the LED display.

(5) Logistics, packaging

The cost of logistics and packaging only accounts for a small proportion. It is important for electronic products. In order to protect the safety of the goods, all the goods are protected by pearl cotton and plastic wrap. UNIT use wooden boxes or aviation boxes to pack according to customer requirements.

Flexible LED display Specification

Flexible LED Module Video

8. Conclusion

In this article, we introduce soft flexible LED display to you in detail, including its application fields, features, solutions, and its comparison with flexible OLED display. UNIT is an established flexible LED display manufacturer. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

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