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LED Panel

Soft Flexible LED Module Panel

High-quality indoor soft flexible led display panel module Including the Data Power Cables and 2 Years Warranty, All LED modules have With Best Contrast and Color uniformity to ensure the LED display has an excellent visual effect.

Soft Flexible LED Module

3 In 1 SMD LEDs

Adopting highly reliable SMD1010, SMD1212, SMD1515, and SMD2121 to ensure flexible LED screen modules with high refresh rates 1920Hz or 3840Hz.

High Flexibility

The bendable soft led module is highly flexible and ideal for creating creative led displays with unique shapes.

It can form special-shaped LED displays as you like to make the screen more fashionable and attractive.

72 Hours Aging Test

72 hours aging test (white balance aging (2×24 hours) and video aging (24 hours)) to improve the reliability of the indoor LED display modules and ensure the LED modules are without broken LEDs.

More Pixels Available

We offer various pixels for flexible LED panel ranging from P1.875mm, P2mm, P3mm, P4mm to P5mm. The panel sizes can be 240*120mm, 320mm*160mm, and 256*128mm.

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240*120mm, High Flexibility, 256*128dots


240*120mm, High Flexibility, 192*96dots


240*120mm, High Flexibility, 152*76dots


240*120mm, High Flexibility, 144*72dots


320*160mm, 300*168mm 16:9


240*120mm, High Flexibility, 128*64dots


240*120mm, 256*128
mm, 320*160mm


240*120mm, 320*160
mm, High Flexibility


240*120mm, 320*160
mm, High Flexibility


240*120mm, 256*128
mm, 320*160mm

P4mm Outdoor Flexible LED Module

P4mm 320*160mm outdoor high brightness 3840Hz flexible LED display module for special shape projects

Flexible Soft LED Display Module Specification:

240X120mm Series Flexible LED Module

Pixel Pitch

LED Type


Module Pixel

Module Size(mm)

Driving Mode


240*120mm Series







































































320X160mm Series Flexible LED Module

320*160mm Series




































256X128mm Series Flexible LED Module

256*128mm Series

Flexible LED Screen Case Gallery

Flexible LED Display Video Center

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Order soft flexible led modules? Please feel free to contact us at any time, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Have you ever drawn attention to a cylindrical LED display in a shopping mall or hotel lobby? Have you ever marveled at the novel shape of those spherical, wavy displays? These stylish and attractive LED displays are made with flexible led modules.

With a unique shape, good display effect, and high flexibility, creative LED screens are popular. These advantages of this led display module panel make it an excellent helper for creating creative led displays.

If you want to make your event or venue more attractive, flexible led modules will meet your needs. In this post, we will give you a comprehensive introduction to the relevant knowledge of the soft LED display module.

1. Quick Introduction of Flexible LED Module

What is a Flexible LED module? A flexible LED Module, also known as a soft led module, is a crucial part of the led display screen with high flexibility. The outstanding feature of the Soft led module is that it has high flexibility and can be bent.

P2.5mm Indoor Flexible LED Module

P2.5mm Indoor Flexible LED Module

Conventional led modules use hard-board PCB boards and hard-shell masks. Therefore, the conventional led display module panel has no flexibility.

In some special occasions where LED displays with radians need to be used, special processes such as cutting corners are required to make them. Not only will the cost increase, but the effect will be unsatisfactory.

A flexible led display has super flexibility. Bendable modules can better adapt to different positions at different angles. In addition, it has high-standard visual performance, such as high brightness and high contrast.

It also has high protection ability, such as high waterproof and dustproof. So it can build various irregular led displays.

2. Features of Flexible LED Display Module

If you want to buy an led display for your venue to get more traffic, then you must not miss the soft flexible led display.

Indoor Flexible LED Module

With a thin and light design, flexible modules, and bright colors, flexible led display modules are wonderful for making various special-shaped LED displays. Such as wave-shaped LED displays, spherical LED displays, and tunnel LED displays.

High Flexibility

Horizontal or vertical bending is supported. The ultra-high plasticity and flexibility allow it to present a perfect display in complex installation environments.

Excellent Visual Performance

It has high brightness, high contrast, and a high refresh rate. Good color uniformity brings a better visual experience.

Simple Maintenance

There are magnets on the back of the Soft module. The magnetic suction module is convenient for installation and post-maintenance.

Wide Application Field

With the flexible LED display screen, you can get a variety of creative LED displays with different shapes. Such as a large led arc screen, Mobius ring, imitation screen, etc.

Ultra Light and Thin

UNIT soft flexible led modules have a lightweight design. Ultra-thin led display modules can reduce transportation costs and labor costs.

soft led module (2)
soft led module (1)
A Variety of Packaging Methods

We offer a variety of packaging methods: carton, wooden, and flight cases. A strict packaging process ensures that you receive the mod in good condition.

High-definition display, modular design, constant current static drive, bright true color output, clear picture without jitter. UNIT LED soft modules became the first choice for making special-shaped LED displays.

Outdoor Flexible LED Module

Want your outdoor venue to easily attract more people’s attention? Want to use creative LED displays to bring more popularity to large squares or shopping malls?

The high protective performance of outdoor flexible LED modules allows creative displays to move from indoor to outdoor scenes!

Outdoor LED soft modules are widely used in building facade decoration, billboards, stage backgrounds, landscape lighting, and other fields because of their flexibility, lightness, and high waterproof performance.

Its main advantages include:

(1) Flexibility: adapts to the needs of various curved surfaces and irregular shapes, enabling more diverse design effects.

(2) Lightweight: Compared with traditional hard LED modules, soft modules are lighter and easier to install, reducing the requirements for support structures.

(3) High waterproof level: The LED soft module adopts a special waterproof design and has good waterproof performance. It can cope with the changeable outdoor weather and ensure the normal operation of the creative LED screen.

(4) Energy saving and environmental protection: The LED soft module uses LED as the light source, which has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, and is in line with the development trend of modern green lighting.

(5) Easy maintenance: Compared with traditional light boxes or hard LED modules, soft modules are easier to maintain and replace, reducing maintenance costs.

In general, outdoor LED soft modules have good adaptability and flexibility and can meet various outdoor creative design needs.

UNIT LED display provides high-quality outdoor waterproof soft flexible LED modules to help your outdoor creative display projects.

GOB Flexible LED Module

GOB soft LED module combines the characteristics of GOB and soft modules.

GOB LED soft modules are encapsulated with high-quality transparent materials and have excellent waterproof, dustproof, and UV resistance.

It is suitable for outdoor use under various harsh weather conditions.

The Difference Between LED Flexible Screen and Normal LED Screen

LED flexible screen and normal LED screen are two different types of LED display screen, they have some differences in structure, application and characteristics.

So what is the specific difference between LED flexible screen and normal LED screen, which one is more durable?

(1). The difference between LED flexible screen and normal LED screen

Structure: LED flexible screen uses flexible substrate as the base, can be bent and folded, the screen can present various shapes and sizes, such as curved, cylindrical and so on.

While the normal LED screen uses a rigid substrate, can not be bent, and generally can only display a flat rectangular screen.

Installation: flexible screen can be more conveniently installed on curved or irregular surfaces, suitable for curved stages, cylindrical buildings, etc.

The normal LED display screen is suitable for flat installation, such as indoor and outdoor billboards, and large screen displays.

Reliability: A flexible screen relative to the normal screen, more resistant to shock, pressure, impact resistance, can to a certain extent reduce the damage caused by external forces. The normal screen is relatively fragile and requires careful use and maintenance.

Viewing angle: A flexible screen usually has a larger viewing angle, you can watch the screen content in a wider range of angles, while the viewing angle of the normal screen is relatively small.


creative led display

(2). LED flexible screen and normal LED screen: which is more durable?

Normal LED screen connection is more reliable, and not prone to leakage and other problems, if a long time not to move or not go to different forms of display, a rigid LED screen can be used for a longer time.

Of course, when choosing a product, not only need to consider the life, but also to consider the cost-effective.

A flexible LED screen is a more cost-effective advantage. On the occasion of the choice is not particularly high requirements, flexible LED display price advantage is still obvious.

The same area size, LED flexible screen price than the normal LED display screen expensive by about 10% ~ 30%.

But for the pursuit of the effect of the business, the flexible LED screen is not an unattainable brand.

To sum up, normal LED display and flexible LED screen have their own characteristics.

But in terms of pixel density, brightness and colour performance, there is no obvious difference between the two, which should be decided according to the specific application scenarios and needs.

If it is a commercial plaza, building facade advertising and other places of traditional use, it is recommended to choose the traditional normal LED display.

If the stage design, science and technology museum exhibition hall and other requirements of beautiful personalized display, then choose LED flexible screen may be better.

3. Amazing Flexible LED Modules Solutions

What can soft modules do for you? Undoubtedly, it can be a unique sight to attract more foot traffic to your venue. UNIT LED offers a variety of Amazing Flexible led module solutions.

Curved LED Display

For large LED display screens with large curvature, soft modules can achieve excellent display effects. The large curved LED display screen is widely used in large-scale stage performances to create an immersive space.

These curved panels can be combined with modular LED screens for a smooth transition from flat at corners. UNIT LED has rich experience in the LED display industry, welcome to consult.

Tunnel LED Display

The LED time tunnel display screen includes an inner spherical 180° display screen and a 360° cylindrical inner arc display screen. It can realize human-screen interaction through VR technology and interactive devices.

LED time tunnel display + interactive LED floor tile screen create an immersive visual space. It is mostly used for the entrance of major scenic spots and playgrounds.

Cylindrical LED Display

In some hotels, bars, and subway passages, there will be some cylindrical LED displays. They can play some special videos. It can not only improve the decoration grade but also achieve the purpose of advertising.

Mobius Strip LED Display

A Möbius ring has no beginning and end planes. UNIT LED provides a unique Mobius strip LED display solution. It is both a led display and a work of art.

Mobius strip LED display is a solution for personalized reality needs. The unique shape can quickly attract people’s attention.

Other creative LED display

With the high-quality flexible led display module, many creative led displays with unique shapes attract people. Such as waves, and ribbon-led displays.

These creative LED screen solutions with different shapes require Flexible led module manufacturers to have high-standard production technology. As a well-known LED module and screen manufacturer, UNIT LED has rich experience.

4. Boost Your Business with Flexible LED Display

Want to get more business value? One of the best investment tools is an led display. Moving videos with bright colors will always attract more customers’ attention than still pictures or text.

You might consider investing flexible LED video wall. It can use the full visual advantage of catching people’s eye. People use flexible led displays to get the message that you want to convey.

Realize creative design

With the increasing demand for personalized led screens, creative led screens are gaining popularity in the led market. flexible led display module gives you a platform to show your ideas.

The UNIT’s LED display provides the best image results. Besides, you can give full play to your creativity. We offer a variety of modules with sizes and spacing.

Good advertising effect

The soft flexible led display comes in handy when you want to use the displays to attract new customers for your business. It’s a great advertising vehicle. Because it has a memorable shape and excellent visual presentation.

Cost friendly

Before starting an investment, the enterprise decision-maker must first consider whether the cost is proportional to the benefit. Due to the continuous progress of led display technology and the gradual maturity of the soft module process, their prices are generally more friendly.

When used correctly, a high-quality led display will result in great investment reporting for your business.

Trend of intelligence

The flexible screen is suitable for all kinds of artistic modeling. With the development of naked eye 3D, VR/AR, human-screen interaction, and other emerging technologies, Flexible led display is gradually becoming intelligent. There is no denying that the development of soft modules has become an irresistible trend.

5. How to Make a Cylinder LED Display Screen

Cylindrical led display can meet the display of 390-degree complete image content without dead angle. It is the new favorite of many media exhibition venues such as exhibition venues, shopping malls, stage bars, casino game halls, and other public places.

How to make a cylindrical led display? What information you should provide? A successful cylindrical led video wall consists of multiple combined parts: soft led modules, brackets, control systems, etc.

UNIT LED has rich experience in cylindrical screen production. When purchasing a cylindrical led display, you need to provide the following information.

5.1 Installation Environment

For different installation environments, we can recommend different types of led modules to you. In bars, restaurants, shopping malls, and other places with large traffic, GOB LED modules with ultra-high waterproof and anti-collision capabilities are a good choice.

Indoor and outdoor Outdoor flexible led modules have different waterproof levels. Prices vary.

5.2 Module Specifications

The pixel pitch affects the viewing distance of the cylindrical screen. And the price is different. If you don’t know how to be sure, you can consult a professional.

Common pixel pitch for outdoor full color led display

P3.91, P4, P5, P6, P8

Common pixel pitch for indoor full-color led display


The size of the module affects the resolution of the display. If you have not determined the exact size of the cylindrical screen, then the size of the module is very important.

5.3 LED Display Area

You can provide the information on the cylindrical screen, and then we will provide you a detailed solution and quotation. If you want to make a cylindrical screen or other creative led screen and you are not sure where to start, please contact us.

5.4 Making a Fixed Steel Structure

The soft module adopts magnetic pre-maintenance and installation and needs to make a fixed steel structure. So what should be paid attention to before installation?

cylinder led display structure (1)
cylinder led display structure (2)

① Check whether the structure is firm.

② Check whether the width and height of the steel structure are accurate.

③ Ensure that the size of the structure is within the controllable error range. The accuracy of the dimensions of the steel structure will affect the integrity of the screen.

④ Whether the fixation between the steel structure and the wall is firm. It ensures the safety of the screen.

6. China Flexible LED Module Manufacturer-UNIT LED

UNIT LED is a professional led display and led module supplier. UNIT high-quality indoor flexible led screen panels have good display performance and a wide range of applications.

Choose UNIT indoor/outdoor flexible LED modules, and you will get unique creative LED screen solutions.

High-quality LED Chips

UNIT indoor/outdoor flexible led display modules use high-quality led chips. Examples include Nationstar and Kinglight. Well-known led light-emitting chips to guarantee excellent color reduction and a high refresh rate.

SMD 3-in-1 And GOB Technology

The Indoor soft SMD LED module adopts SMD1010, SMD1212, and SMD1515 lamp beads to ensure the high reliability of the module.

GOB technology can be applied to the led soft module. This feature can perfectly protect soft LEDs as soft LED panels don’t have masks.

Strict module aging

We have perfect aging machines and professional aging workshops. Professional burn-in testing helps us identify problems and resolve them before shipping. The strict testing process only provides you with high-quality products.

Excellent Flexibility

The flexible LED display panel adopts highly magnetic magnets,  which makes front service available for the flexible LED display. With its high flexibility, it can form special-shaped led displays as you like.

7. Conclusion

In this post, we introduce some knowledge of soft flexible led module panels. A large flexible LED screen will make your places more eye-catching. As one of the best flexible led module factories, UNIT LED is ready to provide you with a better soft led screen price!