Soft LED Display Panel

Soft LED display panel is also called soft LED screen panel or flexible LED diplay panel, the main feature is that the panel is very soft and flexible, the panel can be bend, waggled, swayed, swing and twisted. These panels are mainly used for making flexible LED display, creative LED display and irregular shape LED display such as fan-shaped, cylinder, cube and more.

As the video in the above showed, soft LED display panel is made with special silicone frame mask to make the panel is ultra soft and flexible, and the silicone mask uses twelve strong magnets embed into the edge of panel, so the total panel can be adsorbed onto the surface of the LED display cabinet which is designed with metal material. In the meantime, because of particularity of panel material, soft LED screen panel is only used for indoor application, that is to say, the panel can not be used for outdoor environment because the pane is hard to meet the IP65 waterproof level. Currently UNIT soft LED display module only contains 5 kinds pixel pitch: P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm. they all have common features as following:

Features of Soft LED display Panel

  • Mask & Frame: Special silicone material to make the panel is soft, flexible and can be designed to any shape LED display as customer’s need.
  • Strong Magnets: With 12 strong magnets scattered over the 4 sides of the panel to make the panel can stick to metal structure easily and tightly.
  • LED: Pure Black SMD2121 3in1 LED to ensure the LED panel is high definition, high refresh rate with uniformity color and vivid image.
  • Driver IC: MBI5124 or ICN2038S Driving IC to make the LED panle is high contrast to display clear image and video.
  • Weight: Soft LED display panel is ultra light with only 150g. Easy transportation and reduce labor and cost.
  • Front Servie: the panel is front maintenance without any front side screw holes, the panel can be taken out easily as it is adsorbed on the cabinet using magnets.
  • Customized Shape: soft LED display pane can be customized for any shape LED display as customer’s demands.

8 key Characteristics

  • Silicone frame & mask
  • High Flexibility
  • Ultra-thin, Ultra Light
  • Front Service
  • Strong Magnets
  • Customized Shape
  • High Contrast
  • High Refresh Rate
soft led display panel

1: Silicone frame & mask

UNIT Soft LED display panel utilize high quality supple and sturdy silicone to design, the whole panel can be curved, arch or bend with 0 – 45 degree, and the panel can be shaped into a curve or angle to design the wanted shape LED display as you need.
soft led display panel
soft led display panel

2: High Flexibility

With all said above in the first feature, the soft LED display panel is made of soft rubber, which make the panel with high flexibility, can be assembled freely and has the ability to be bend and cured without any LED lamps are damaged.
soft led display panel
soft led display panel

3: Ultra-thin, Ultra Light

The weight of soft LED display panel is only 150g and the thickness of LED panel is only 6mm, super thin and super light for easy transport and carriage.In the meantime, it also save you labor, time and cost greatly.
soft led display panel

4: Strong Magnets

UNIT soft LED display panel adopts strong magnets embedded arround the panel, this feature of high magnetic to make the soft LED screen panel can be attached on the metal cabinet and help them keep their shape.
soft led display panel
soft led display panel

5: Front Service

UNIT soft LED panel is designed with the feature of frontal serive and front maintenance because of strong magnetic magnets, those panels can be taken out from the cabinet easily and quickly.
soft led display panel

6: Customized Shape

With the character of ultra soft and high flexibility, soft LED display panel can make many customized LED display according to customer’s needs. these customized LED display includes cube LED display, cylinder LED display, spherical LED display, polyhedron LED display and other irregular shape LED display.
soft led display panel

7: High Contrast, High Refresh Rate

soft led display panel
Unit soft LED display panel use nation star LED and high quality driver IC to make the LED display with feature of high refresh rate, high definition and high contrast. The display color is clear, uniformity and vivid.
soft led display panel
Red Color
soft led display panel
Blue Color
soft led display panel
Green Color
soft led display panel
Pink Color

Specification of Soft LED display Panel

Pixel Pitch 2.5mm 3mm 4mm
Pixel Configuration SMD3in1 SMD3in1 SMD3in1
Module Resolution 96×48 pixels 80×40 pixels 64×32 pixels
Module Pixles 4608 pixels 3200 pixels 2048 pixels
Module Size 240x120mm 240x120mm 256x128mm
Brightness ≥1000cd/m2 ≥1000cd/m2 ≥1000cd/m2
Driving Method 1/20 scan 1/20 scan 1/16 scan
Best Viewing Distance 2-25m 3-30m 4-40m
Max. Power Consumption 750W/m2 680W/m2 650W/m2
Avg. Power Consumption 350W/m2 320W/m2 300W/m2
Gray Level 14bits input 14bits input 14bits input
Display Color 16M 16M 16M
Frame Frequency ≥60Hz ≥60Hz ≥60Hz
Refresh Frequency ≥1920Hz ≥1920Hz ≥1920Hz
Screen Plainness <±1mm <±1mm <±1mm
Interface Standard Ethernet Standard Ethernet Standard Ethernet
Life-span ≥100,000 hours ≥100,000 hours ≥100,000 hours

Download Specification

Application of Soft LED Screen

Over time, people get used to traditional LED displays. In response to this status quo, many LED display panel manufacturers are also looking for new directions. In view of the fact that traditional LED displays cannot meet the needs of some sub-scenarios, many businesses are rushing to launch new products. Such as a soft led screen, and a naked-eye 3d led display.

The advantage of the Led flexible screen is that it can be bent. For some buildings whose walls are not flat, a soft led display can be better integrated with the building. Therefore, it can better coordinate with the surrounding environment while achieving the best display effect. Secondly, LED flexible screens can be manufactured into various forms of creative LED displays.

Next, we will list some typical flexible screen application solutions.

creative led display

Creative led screens with different shapes are very common. Such as cylindrical led display, spherical led display, and wavy led display. These displays can be used for decoration and landscaping on the one hand, and advertising displays on the other hand.

Cylindrical led display

A cylindrical LED display is the most common type of display. It has been used in hotel halls, subways, and large shopping malls. Such large buildings generally have load-bearing columns. They are drab and waste a certain amount of space.

And in such a crowded situation, it happens to be the most suitable place for advertising. Therefore, the application of cylindrical LED display not only efficiently utilizes space resources, but also realizes the commercial value of advertising.

Entertainment venue

Entertainment places pay more attention to the coordination of light and shadow effects. There are also many applications of Led display. Using soft led panels can be made into led bar screens, wavy led screens, running water led floor tile screens, and other products. While using the venue, the combination of sound, light, and shadow produces a more shocking effect.

art show

In addition to commercial use, soft led displays are also used by artists for artistic creation. With the help of led displays, various artistic ideas can be realized.

Soft LED display panel is mainly used for indoor LED display and customized LED display such as cube LED display, cylinder LED display, spherical LED display, polyhedron LED display and other irregular shape LED display. UNIT is a leading flexible LED display solution provider with more then 10 years and will give you a professional creative LED display solution depend on your requirement.

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