Sport Stadium LED Screen Solution

unit sport led display solution

1. Sports Stadium LED Display

Sports stadium LED Screens play a more & more important role in many sports events. Including these basic functions, it’s gradually to be the key point to motivate the audience’s emotions, render the atmosphere of the scene, and highlight the excitement of sports events.

UNIT stadium led screen case
sport led display case

2. Sports stadium LED Display Main Features

Sports stadium LED Screens can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, as well as for rental at sporting events. Unit Sports LED displays typically feature a 3840Hz refresh rate driver IC for smooth image playback without flicker, especially for certain large displays Sporting events for live video programming .

outdoor perimeter led display

Sports stadium displays need more protection, such as soft masks and pillowcases to protect not only the screen, but also the athletes or spectators who hit the led screen.

stadium led display protection designs

The led cabinet adopts a unique design with adjustable viewing angles. and it can be adjusted for different viewing angle according to different requirements, so that all audiences can see the content being played.This design save both shipping costs and labor costs.

sports led screen cabinet

After removing the pillowcase and standing structure, you can use the led display cabinet for outdoor led billboards. If you install a hanging bar, you can also use the led cabinet for hanging installations. This makes it available for multiple installations and applications. You may refer to it as a “Transformer” in the sports LED display field.

outdoor led billboards

To enhance viewer’s visibility, sport perimeter LED display can be adjusted with different angles of supporting bracket. The brackets are solid but flexible, which makes sure the stable installation and elegant appearance.


Our outdoor LED screens can reach IP65 protection level, and has high durability to encounter changeable environment. This can prolong the lifespan of our screen, and save your budget for maintenance and purchasing.

easy installation

You can assemble our stadium LED cabinets by yourselves but do not need for professional technicans and devices! This can facilitate your installation to a large extend.

outdoor led display with easy installation

3. Why Choose UNIT LED?

why UNIT led

4. UNIT Stadium LED Screen Solution

stadium led screen solution

MA960 Series

MA960mm*960mm | 1280mm*960mm Series

Die Casting Aluminum & Magnesium Alloy LED Cabinet is Lighter & easier installation, 30kgs/pc around for 960mm×960mm with pillow case and backward bracket.

Meanwhile, with humanized design for quick lock, makes it more user friendly.

The 1280mmx960mm are avaliable. It can be used for all 320x160mm LED Standard Module Size from P2.5mm to P10mm.

Energy Saving >50% Desgin

1. Using R / GB to separate power supply, current is accurately distributed to the lamp beads, reducing power consumption.

2. Reduce the temperature, no need for air conditioning, save cost.

3. Reduce power consumption, save electricity and energy, reduce costs greatly.

4. Uniform heat distribution, constant color temperature, no color deviation, no color block, good consistency.

5. The screen cabinet has low heat, which is about 16°C lower than the common LED display product

MA960 series perimeter led display cabinet (3)

Seamless Splicing

Equipped with unique lock, the position of each cabinet can be precisely adjusted from Six directions, left or right, up or down, front or back.

So every cabinet can be positioned to the exact place with accuracy to millimeter, presenting a ultra-flat and seamless cabinet alignment.

MA960 series perimeter led display cabinet (1)

Multi Installation Way of Cabinet

Support fixed installation for advertisement, adding flying bar, connectors and fast lock for rental installation, adding rubber sushion and bracket for perimeter installation LED display.

Sports Stadium LED display

MA960 Series 960×960mm | 1280mm×960mm Series Magnesium Alloy LED Display is designed as multi-function use, can be used as sports stadium LED display.

MA960 series perimeter led display cabinet (2)

OF800 Series

OF800 Series 1600mm×900mm Stadium LED display

OF800 energy saving led display (5)

Unit OF800 series 1600*900mm Outdoor Frontal Service LED Display is Unit latest outdoor fixed stadium LED display with frontal service, Unique Cabinet desigh with 1600*900mm dimension, Unique panel design with 400*300mm size. Ultra low heat, energy saving and excellent visual experience.


Perfect Cabinet Design

OF800 Outdoor Frontal Service LED screen adopts top-class design standard and industry-leading idea to design. the cabinet is beautifull and operation is user-friendly. The overall black color style with red module handle makes the entire LED display elegant and noble.

OF800 energy saving led display (1)
OF800 energy saving led display (2)

Sleamless Splicing

Seamless splicing design with fast locks, the LED display has no gaps and the LED screen is ultra high flatness.

Dual services supported

The maintenance can be fast and easy just with a simple maintenance tool.

You can easily finish the installation, and for a large 3D outdoor LED display, it can save you huge energy no doubt.

how to maintain OF800 series


Saves up to 30% electricity power compared with traditional display

High waterproof ability

IP65 waterproof design with module level. Both frontal and back protection ability can reach IP65.

OF800 sport stadium led display (1)

Great visual performance

High brightness level, high definition LED panel, high contrast ratio of 5000:1, and stable performances.

Sports Stadium LED display

With Soft LED module Mask and adjustable back brackets, OF800 Series 1600×900mm Outdoor Frontal Service LED screen can be use as sports stadium LED display

EV960 Series

EV960mm*960mm | 1600mm*900mm Series

EV960 sport stadium led display (4)

Unit OF800 series 1600*900mm Outdoor Frontal Service LED Display is Unit latest outdoor fixed stadium LED display with frontal service, Unique Cabinet desigh with 1600*900mm dimension, Unique panel design with 400*300mm size. Ultra low heat, energy saving and excellent visual experience.


Saving power

The CCES technology and dual voltage output can save more power consumption, thus saving your electricity cost.

CCES technology of led display
Ev960 series

Saving space

Dual services avaliable, EV960 LED panels support real maintenance that does not need back room.

And more installation methods supported such as wall-mounting method.

Saving maintenance cost

High protection ability includes waterproof and fireproof ability (TUV certificates and IP66 certificates).

You can also be benefit from the easy maintenance and installation design.

EV960 sport stadium led display (6)

Sports Stadium LED display

After increasing the stand and pillows, EV960 Series 960×960mm & 1600×900mm Outdoor Energy Saving

LED display can be use as sports stadium LED display.

EV960 sport stadium led display (7)

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