Sports & Stadium LED Display: The Complete FAQ Guide 2023!

To display commercial advertisements, record each special seconds & help for fair judgment, Stadium led display plays a more & more important role in many sports events. Including these basic functions, it’s gradually to be the key point to motivate the audience’s emotions, render the atmosphere of the scene, and highlight the excitement of sports events.

Today, we would like to share with you how to choose the sports LED display on different application, hope it’s helpful to you.

sports led display screen

What’s the stadium LED Screen?

The stadium LED display is used for advertising around football stadiums, basketball courts, badminton courts and other stadiums. While enjoying the wonderful game, the advertising information is played repeatedly. It is a perfect combination of modern sports and commercial operations. At the same time, the humanized appearance design protects the personal safety of athletes also plays a role in planning the stadium.

Judging from a basic technical performance such as brightness, viewing angle, protection level, and heat dissipation, LED stadium screens are not essentially different from the displays in other industries. However, if viewed from the professional direction of football sports events, the LED stadium screen emphasizes the real-time, accurate, fast and distortion-free dynamic information release (replay of wonderful shots, live broadcast).

In addition to wide viewing angles and high gray levels, general recommendations from technical parameters Achieve a refresh rate of not less than 3840Hz, integrate high-performance driving IC, static scanning, live broadcast and shooting should be stable without tearing.

Sports LED Display Main features:

1.High refresh rate

Usually 3840Hz refresh rate is needed, especially for some big sports event, as to meet live video show demand.

2.Wide viewing angle

Wide viewing angle (140°or even 160°horizontal/vertical) to make sure that more audiences (90-95%) can see what’s displaying.

3.More protections for led screen and player

The stadium display requires more protections, such as soft mask & pillowcase, which protect not only led screens, but also the athlelets or audiences who fell down on the screen somehow.

The stadium LED display application environment

Stadium screens classified by application purpose

  • Full-color LED lar screen

It is used to play highlights on the stadium (including other stadiums), or replay wonderful close-ups in slow motion.

  • Stadium LED fence screen

 The LED fence screen is mainly used to play commercial advertisements. It is composed of many individual LED boxes connected by snap-fit connectors, which can be quickly and easily disassembled and maintained. There are separate supporting feet behind each cabinet, through which the angle of the screen and the ground can be adjusted to ensure the viewing angle.

  • Timing and scoring LED display 

It is connected with the timing and scoring system of the game to play players’ game results and related information. In the sense of the game, the timing and scoring screen is more important.

Some stadiums may not have a large video screen, but it cannot be useless. Screen for scoring time. The key to the timing and scoring screen is real-time accuracy and clarity, and on this basis, try to be more vivid and expressive (such as animation, etc.)

Stadium sports led screen Classified by installation environment

1. Football field LED display: mainly installed around the football field. Stadium perimeter display is used to publish advertisements around the football field. Through the control of the system software, the advertisement can be broadcast in a loop with rich content and good performance.

2. Funnel-shaped LED display: Mainly used in the sky above indoor stadiums, suspended installation, used to introduce athletes, scores, event progress and other live events. More common in basketball stadiums and multi-purpose gymnasiums.

3. Stadium wall LED display: Mainly installed on the wall at one end of the gymnasium, it is used to synchronize live events and display real-time event information.

4. Outdoor column LED display: It requires high quality to be windproof and dustproof, good temperature adaptability to adapt to various weather. Which installed on the large column of the outdoor stadium.

Main Components Of Stadium LED Screens

The main components of a finished stadium LED Display cabinet:

sports led display cabinet

We have two option for Metal and Magnesium Alloy cabinet are available.

Metal Cabinet size can be customised according to the size of the LED Module and Magnesium Alloy Cabinet size can be 960X960mm and 1280x960mm.

Since Magnesium Alloy Cabinet is light weight with gross weight only 26KG for 960 series, it’s more popular for rental purpose of Stadium LED Display.

A finished Stadium LED Display Cabinet is composed of LED module, Receiving Card,LED Module Soft Mask, Adjustable Back Brackets and Soft Pillow, ETC. UNIT LED cabinet structure design meets the requires of Fence, Hoisting and Stacking for the three installation methods.

It can be used for different applications in various occasions and can meet the needs of users in various applications. It is simple and convenient to use. Below are the introduction of the different parts of the cabinets:

A: LED Modules: With higher Refresh Rate like 3840HZ can meet the needs of dynamic shooting on the sports field and effectively avoids the flickering phenomenon of shooting.

B: LED Module Soft Mask:

The soft mask not only protect the LEDs, but also protect athletes from being hurt when hitting on the displays.

C: Receiving Card: One Cabinet can be put 2pcs Receiving Cards for Dual Backup. That is when 1 receiving card has a problem, the other one will automatically take over to ensure that the display screen works normally.

D: Power Supply: G-Energy Power Supply and Meanwell Power Supply are available for choice.

E: Cooling Fans. 

F:Adjustable Back Brackets: 

The cabinet adopts a unique design with adjustable viewing angles. Our stadium screen can adjust the viewing angle of the cabinet according to different requirements, so that all audiences can see the content being played.

G: Soft Pillow:

It has the same function as the Module Soft Mask. It can effectively protect the safety of the athlete when the athlete collides with the screen violently.

The main perimeter LED display cabinet size

There’re 3 running models of stadium perimeter display worth a share, below main difference & some features for you to know more about them:

sports led display cabinet size

1.Iron cabinet-I960

steel led display cabinet

Steel LED Display Cabinet Features:

  • Firm & classic

As most common & OG display, the Iron cabinet is firm when applied outdoor, better heat dissipation. Operation temperature available for -20 to 60 Celcius degree, can meet the requirement for MOST installation environment, if need more firm & better rustproof, Aluminum cabinet will be a better option

  • OEM Size available

The Common size for stadium perimeter display is 960mm(W)* 960mm (H), while with Iron/Aluminum material, the cabinet size can be OEM according to the module size to fit the customer’s request, such as 960mm (W) * 800m (H), 1280mm (W)*960mm (H) & 640mm (W) *960mm (H), etc. OEM cabinet will allow you to have more customized request realized easier, such as cables inside cabinet routed, light sensor built-in, etc

2. Magnesium Alloy LED Cabinet-S960

MA960 LED Display Cabinet

MA960 LED Display Cabinet Features:

  • Lighter & easier installation

It’s lightweight than Iron cabinet, 30kgs/pc around for 960mm (W) *960mm (H) with pillowcase + backward bracket. Meanwhile, with the humanized design for the quick-lock, makes it more user friendly. The 640mm (W) *960mm(h) & 1280mm (W)*960mm (H) is also developing & coming soon.

  • High cost effectiveness & quicker delivery

It’s same square meter Iron screen, but including receiving card for free, which means saves at least 15$/sqm, as to it’s lighter weight & slimmer shape, the transportation cost & labor cost for installation are also decreased compared to Iron display. Meanwell, the production schedule is also quicker than Iron display.

  • Multiple installation available

After removing the pillow case, assemble the hanging bar, the cabinet is also available for hanging installation. Which makes it multiple installation & application available. You might call it transformers in LED display field. Some timing customers use it for timing also perimeter standing for advertisement etc.

3.Profile Aluminum 800*900 frontal service energy saving display-OF800

OF800 led display

OF800 LED Display Cabinet Features:

  • Smart design & front maintenance

The cabinet is new design for some high end users, energy saving, front service & smarter design– except module, all other acc.: power supply, receiving card, cables all in waterproof back cover, makes it more easier & quicker maintenance, and meet requirement to be applied in some special installation environment that need dual-front & rear service.

  • Handy & worry free, user friendly

The thin shape: only 98mm thickness, 800mm (W)*900mm (H): 26kgs/pc, 1200mm (W)*900mm (H): 33kgs/pc, EST. 35% lighter than Iron display. Sure it’s more economic for transportation, on the other hand, it makes handy for installation & maintenance, User-friendly.

OF800 series sports led screen

The control system of sports LED display

How to choose the Novastar Control System for run the sports led display?

Here is one example for reference:

Outdoor P10mm 960x960mm Magnesium Cabinet, total size 399.36mm x 0.96m height , total 416pcs cabinet, final resolution 383w pixel pitch. Acording to the full screen resolution, we suggest use:  1pcs x Vdwall LVP 909 Led Splicer Video precessor + 2pcs x Novastar Mctrl 600 LED display controller + 8pair Cvt320 optical fiber. 

Why we proposal with this solution?

  • Resolution: Each controller resolution can support 230W need 2pcs controller. Which can support resolution 460W pixel. also need LVP 909 Led Splicer Video precessor to achieve this.
  • Connection Port : 4 network port for each, total 8 network port. Each port support 52pcs cabinet.
  • Connect files: when setup for advertising space playing ,it will set for 16 pcs width x 32pcs height.
  • Cvt320 fiber is suitble for long distance transfer.

Let’s know more details about the controller, here is the introdution as belows:

1. Vdwall LVP 909 Led Splicer Video precessor

Wireless Wi-Fi control+ Wi-Fi video feedback. 4 windows in any size and overlay display.

4 * DVI, 1 * VGA output, the maximum output resolution of each port is 1920* 1200@60Hz Or 1440* 1440@60Hz. The maximum horizontal splicing of a single machine is 7680 pixels horizontally or 5760 pixels vertically.

2.Novastar Mctrl 600 LED display controller.

Mctrl600 is an LED display controller developed by Novartis technology.

2.1.Resolution support:

It supports 1 channel DVI video source input, 1 channel HDMI video source input and 1 channel HDMI video source input , 1 channel Audio input, 4 road network port output, single card maximum input resolution is 1920 x1200@60Hz 。

2.2.Connection :

Mctrl600 communicates with PC through square Port USB interface, and cascades devices through UART serial port.

2.3.Application :

It is mainly used in the fields of leasing and fixed equipment, such as concerts, live shows, monitoring centers, Olympic Games, stadiums and sports venues Education Center, etc.

3. Control Software of Novastar control system introduction:

3.1.Novastar Control Software NovaLCT .

Synchronous control system NovaLCT is an application software of windows system. As the basic software for configuring display screen, novalct has the following characteristics:

Functional and practical:

Provide common function display screen configuration, display screen monitoring, redundant backup, brightness adjustment, multi batch adjustment, light and dark line adjustment, multi-function card management, and some other configuration functions, so that the display can achieve the optimal display effect, and easy to manage and maintain.

High allocation efficiency Novalct adapts to different hardware models and programs display the corresponding functions and parameters. During the configuration process, various configuration files can be used to quickly complete the operation. After the configuration information is solidified to the hardware, power failure will not occur lose.

3.2 Computer side Play software -ViPlex Express

ViPlex Express is a PC display information release management system, which is installed in Windows operating system, and is used to make LED display or LCD display screen for playing. In asynchronous playback mode, it is also used to control the multimedia player.

Viplex Express has two working modes, and users can switch to the required mode according to the usage scenarios

Local playback :

Viplex express plays the program, and the display screen displays the program synchronously in real time, which is applied to the scene of synchronous broadcast.

Asynchronous playback:

Viplex express sends programs to the multimedia player. The multimedia player stores the programs locally and plays them according to the playback plan, which is applied to the multimedia player with the display screen

4.Introduction of transmission equipment

One network cable interface, one optical fiber interface

100 ~ 240V AC 50 / 60Hz AC power supply

It can be used without any driver

·Cvt310: adopt multimode dual core, LC interface optical fiber, transmission distance 300m

·Cvt320: single mode dual core, LC interface optical fiber, transmission distance of 15km

5.Introduction of folding software:System introduction

Zither is a synchronous playback system for LED fence screen.

It integrates led box management, program list management,program editing functions in one.

It can output the video, picture and text after folding, and keep the program frame playing synchronously in the long-term running state.

Zither can maximize the use of the computer and send card effective load, for you to build a set of powerful video playback system.


Working principle

The advice of power system for sport LED screen

  • What’s the requirement of the power box for sports screen:

The power distribution box is a remote power switch controller specially developed for LED display industry. Through the matching man-machine interface monitoring software, users can easily control a large outdoor LED screen on the computer in the control room.

Normally, whether power distribution box is needed for the high quality stadium led screen is depended on LED display power consumption.

  • How to choose the Power Distribution Box of the stadium led display ?

  1. The power distribution system shall be equipped with main power box, distribution box and sub box to implement three-level power distribution.

For example : outdoor P10mm 960x960mm cabinet, led display 345.6m x 0.96m height,total Size 332sqm. the screen max consumption : 332×0.9kw/sqm= 298.8kw.

Acording to the full screen power 298.8KW, the Power Distribution box should be over the full screen consumption, we suggest use:

1PC x main box 360KW /360PC Cabinet, 3PC x 120KW Distribution Box, each box load 120pc cabinet ( 1 input 3 output) , 9PC x 40KW Sub Box, each box load 40pc cabinet ( 1 input 10 output)

2.Equipment Layout Connection Drawing in the stadium:

sports led display layout

3.Field Wiring and Cables:

Cables connection btween power box. It required different power cable type for stadium led display. 25mm²Power cable is used btween main box and distrubution box, 16mm²Power cable is used  distrubution box and sub box.

Fiber or UTP cat 5 cables are used to connect transmitters and receivers.


  • How to caculate the consumption of the stadium led display ?

For example : Calculate as 400sqm P10mm Outdoor Sports LED Display Screen

( Max: 0.87kw/sqm. Average: 0.25kw/sqm, Daily working time 12h,1KW = USD 0.2)
Electricity Cost 1 day:= $0.2x 0.25(Kw/m2) x 400(sqm) x 12(hours/day) = $240

The cost analysis of building a led screen for sport

When getting a project with a estimated budget, let’s check which option is better for you. Let’s take 100sqm P10 stadium premeter display for example:

sports led display cost

The above cost is something that can be calculated, there will be also some other invisible costs, such as energy & labor cost to transport, install & maintain the screen. After all, if you need a high-cost effective perimeter display, and installation envirronment is normal, back service workable, go ahead with the middle option- S960;

If budget allowed, installation environment requires front service, and consider for long term operation & costs, worry free & user-friendly, also if you want to try something new, go ahead with the OF800.

For Iron perimeter display, it’s usually used for permanent installation, as it’s too heavy & arduous for installation. While some customers will consider it as first option still as it’s classic & firm, size flexible to meet customer’s special demand. Meanwelll, there’s another option if you like OEM size but lighter. Alumnium material is a better solution-NOT so easy rusted for you to consider, with same customized size available, around 25% lighter than Iron cabinet. Cost around 150$/sqm higher than Iron too.

Another point for you to take into consideration. For S960 & Iron display, there’s another option: Energy saving, save 40-50% energy & electricity. SQM cost of screen is 30% around higher than traditional display.

How to choose a suitable Stadium Sport LED Display?

1. Screen protection performance

For indoor or outdoor gymnasiums, heat dissipation has always been a part of the criticism of sports screens. Especially for outdoor screens in a changeable climate, high flame retardant and protection levels are essential. Generally speaking, the IP65 protection grade and the wire V0 flame retardant grade are the ideal choices, and the built-in cooling fan is better

2. Overall brightness contrast and energy efficiency

The brightness requirement of outdoor sports display is higher than that of indoor, but it is not that the larger the brightness, the more appropriate. . For LED screens, brightness, contrast, and energy-saving effects need to be considered comprehensively. Choosing an LED display product with a high-energy-efficiency design can guarantee safety, stability and service life.

3. Installation method

The installation location determines the installation method of the LED display. When installing screens in stadiums, it is necessary to consider whether the screen needs to be grounded, wall mounted or embedded in the wall, whether it supports front and rear maintenance, and the ease of installation and maintenance.

4. Viewing distance

As a large outdoor stadium, it is often necessary to consider users who watch at medium and long distances, and generally choose a display with a larger dot pitch. P6 and P8 are two common dot pitches in outdoor stadiums.  For indoor viewers, the viewing density is higher and the viewing distance is closer. P4 and P5 are more appropriate for the dot pitch.

5. Whether the viewing angle is wide

 For spectators in stadiums, due to the different seating positions, the same screen, the viewing angle of each spectator is more dispersed, and the wide viewing angle LED screen can ensure that each spectator has a good viewing experience.

6. High refresh rate

The use of a high refresh rate display screen can ensure the smoothness and continuity of the live broadcast of large-scale sports events, and the human eye feels more comfortable and natural.

The Stadium  Screen Case Study

Let’s take a look at some of our latest cases, and some advice if we could offer

  • Italy P10 outdoor foot ball display- S960

italy sports led display

P10 outdoor standard magnesium cabinet 960mm×960mm Nationstar led +MBI5153 Driving IC (The refresh rate can reach 3840 Hz ) +Protection mask+Spongy Roof +Standard Bracket
Our Die-casting magnesium cabinet only 26kg/pcs can used in fixed venue or removable venue .

  • Serbia P5 indoor LED stadium led screen

P5 indoor steel cabinet 1280mm×800mm Kinglight led+MBI5153 Driving IC (The refresh rate can reach 3840 Hz) +Spongy Roof +Standard Bracket .Our steel cabinet is arround 45KG/sqm normally installed in a fixed venue.

  • Iceland P5 indoor Timing and scoring LED display

iceland sports led display

P5 indoor sample steel cabinet 640mm×640mm and 960mm×640mm Kinglight led +ICN2038S Driving IC(The refresh rate can reach 1920 HZ) 

Like normally fixed led display the Timing and Scoring led display have no request for the high refresh rate becuase no need for live broadcast.

UNIT LED is one of the best stadium led screen suppliers. We provide high quality sports led display and we have our own LED display factory. Welcome to contact us.

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