Best Stage Background LED Display-NG500/1000 Series

Stage background LED display is very important in various stage performances and activities. High-definition picture quality and smooth video images bring a wonderful visual feast to the audience.

Stage LED display is mainly rental LED panel products. Today we will introduce UNIT’s most popular stage rental products: NG500/1000 series.

Whether it is a theater concert hall or an outdoor music festival, a good performance can arouse the emotions of the audience and make people intoxicated in the performance. Stage background LED display cooperates with speakers, lights, and other facilities to present stunning visual effects to the audience.

From a small indoor video wall, to a huge stage LED display over 1000 square meters, from indoor to outdoor, UNIT LED has successfully provided high-quality screens for multiple stages projects. We have rich experience in the industry to create a unique stage for you.

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UNIT Stage Background LED Display Cases

1.1000㎡ stage background LED screen in Fantasea Amusement Park in Phuket, Thailand

FantaSea is one of the most popular theme parks in Phuket. Every night, the park presents a variety of wonderful shows to tourists from all over the world, such as “Fantasy Kingdom”.

Combining lights, lasers, and giant LED background walls, the wonderful performances show the customs of all parts of Thailand. There are also acrobatics, magic, and elephant performances that make people linger.

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UNIT LED provided a giant stage background LED screen of more than 1,000 square meters for FantaSea Theater. The large background wall creates amazing effects and brings more visitors a better viewing experience.

Powerful controllers and video processors manage and process the screen. Through the vivid and interesting background display, more audiences are immersed in the exciting performance on stage. If your venue has a large space and a large audience, then don’t forget the LED video wall!

2. 3840Hz Indoor Stage LED Video Wall in Brazil

This LED Wall is built with NG500 and NG1000 series rental LED displays. Standard sizes of 500*500mm and 500*1000mm can be easily combined.

High-quality Kindlight LED and 3840Hz high refresh rate ensure the P3.91mm rental stage screen has excellent visual effects.

3. P2.604mm Outdoor 500*500mm LED Display to Korea

The waterproof grade of the outdoor NG500 series LED display is IP65. The IP65 waterproof protection on the front ensures continuous and stable operation in various outdoor environments.

As shown in the video, bright colors and delicate picture quality can present you with the most perfect stage effect.

Stage rental LED display: NG500/1000 series

UNIT NG500/1000 series rental LED display is specially designed for creating high-quality stage background LED walls. It has many advantages: high-cost performance, excellent color reproduction ability, stable work performance, etc.

Next, let’s find out why NG500 is the first choice for your stage background screen.

500*500 & 500*1000mm Cabinet Size

Two cabinet sizes are available. The 500*500mm cabinet has high flexibility and is convenient for creating small and medium-sized stage screens.

The 500*1000mm large-sized cabinet can help you quickly complete the large stage construction in a short time.

Two sizes of cabinets can be used together. With the lightweight design, a single person can easily complete the disassembly and assembly of the cabinet. Save your labor and time cost.

Various Pixeles Available

NG series displays come in a variety of pixel pitches: P1.953mm, P2.5mm, P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, and P4.81mm. Covers indoor and outdoor applications.

The waterproof level of the front of the outdoor series screen reaches IP65, which ensures its continuous and stable operation in the outdoor environment.

Excellent Display Effects

ng500 aging

High brightness and high refresh rate ensure the NG500 series has excellent visual performance.

The high-definition screen is ready to present exquisite stage images to the audience at any time, leaving a stunning stage image diary.

High-precision Curved Lock

The high-precision arc lock design allows the NG500 series to easily achieve multi-angle splicing of concave and convex screens.

Curved with every 2.5° between -10° and 10°. Curved screens make your stage unique.

ng500 curved lock

Front and Rear Maintenance

Front and rear dual maintenance methods save your maintenance costs. The convenient and fast operation mode makes the maintenance work easy.

The magnetic LED modules can be quickly removed from the front with the help of a maintenance tool.

Various Installation Methods

To adapt to different usage environments, NG500/1000 series LED wall supports multiple installation methods. Such as hanging installation, right-angle installation, concave & convex installation, and stack installation.

In addition, we also provide mobile stage bracket installation solutions to make your screen move!

As the world’s leading LED display solution provider, UNIT LED has provided many successful stage background LED display projects for customers in many countries and regions. Want to know more customer cases, just turn to LED display case.

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