2023 Street Pole LED Display: The Definitive Guide!

Want to get more attention in your daily life? Want to manage your city or community more conveniently and quickly? Then don’t miss the street pole led display.

In this article, we will dive deep into street light pole led display and take you through its important information, including features, advertising advantages, price, and more!

1. Street Pole LED Display Brief Introduction

Street pole led display, or smart light pole led display is usually installed on the light poles on both sides of the main road in the city. This smart light pole has many functions, such as information release, road condition guidance, real-time broadcast, advertising, and so on.

To put it simply, a street pole led display is a smart city infrastructure integrating lighting, led displaying, environmental monitoring, security monitoring, and other functions.

street pole led display cases

1.1 5G+ Smart Light Pole Screen

The function of traditional light poles is limited to lighting. The “5G+ Smart Light Pole” solution is a smart street light product that integrates various information innovation composite applications.

The entire smart light pole includes lighting, LED display, camera, charging pile, 5G base station, and other equipment. You can choose the corresponding mounting device according to different application requirements.

1.2 Street Pole LED Display System

lighting system

lighting system

video surveillance system

video surveillance system
Environmental detection system

Environmental detection system

Multimedia system

Multimedia system

Call broadcasting system

1) One-button visual intercom, convenient and fast; automatic recording, video storage

2) The function of broadcasting notifications and shouting to realize the release of emergency news, government affairs, and other information

3) Explosion-proof design, in case of malicious damage, it can automatically alarm

2. Why Do You Need Street Light Poles?

As a new type of information infrastructure, smart pole led display has gradually spread across major cities under the influence of smart cities and 5G development.

The reason is that, on the one hand, it is not only a crucial part of the Internet of Things in smart cities. On the other hand, its strong advertising penetration has brought more potential commercial value to advertisers.

2.1 The Key to Smart City Construction

How to make various facilities in the city form an Internet of Things that can perceive each other?

It is the background of the birth of the smart light pole screen. Smart light poles equipped with several information technologies have become the key to solving this problem.

The smart light pole screen with many functions is an important source of information collection for the Internet of Things.

It can realize the improvement of the city and municipal service capabilities. Street light led poles greatly facilitate the management of cities, communities, and parks.

2.2 The Value of Street Light Pole LED Display

2.3 New Forms of Outdoor Advertising

As one of the main carriers of commercial advertisements, LED display screens mostly appear in the image of large LED display screens. The emergence of Street pole led displays has changed this tradition.

The small and dense street light pole led display can transmit advertising information to people’s eyes in interactive ways such as images, texts, and videos. It is a new form of outdoor advertising.

3. Advertising Advantages of Street Pole LED Display

As a platform for publishing information, a street pole led display can release some public welfare information and government affairs information. It is also an excellent carrier for outdoor advertising.

While the smart light pole led display attracts people’s attention, it also allows advertising investors to see the huge advertising benefits behind it.

3.1 Street Pole LED Display VS. Giant LED Billboard

(1) The street pole led display occupies a small area, which can make full use of the space and improve its utilization rate.

(2) The advantage of multi-point delivery makes your advertisement form a scale effect in a certain area.

Using network simulcasting technology, dozens or even more street light pole led screens play the same advertisement at the same time. This large-scale advertising form has a stronger visual impact on people.

outdoor street pole led display

3.2 Street Pole LED Display VS. Lightbox Advertising

(1) The management and maintenance of lightbox advertisements require a lot of energy. Customers need to make advertising posters regularly and replace them.

The number of advertisements on the smart light pole led display is not limited, and it is more convenient and quick to publish and replace advertisement content through the network platform.

(2) The former has diversified advertisement presentation forms and supports the presentation of dynamic content such as video in addition to pictures and text. Dynamic video ads are better advertised and people are more likely to be engaged.

On the whole, pole led display has gradually won the favor of more advertisers in the field of outdoor advertising.

With the advancement of smart cities and smart communities, street light pole led display has gradually become a new form of outdoor advertising.

control solution of street pole led display

4. Solar Power LED Display Board

4.1 Definition of Solar Powered LED Display

Solar power led display board is an integrated device composed of clean photovoltaic solar panels and lithium-ion battery energy storage, combined with an energy-saving led display.

Core components: single crystal photovoltaic panel, photovoltaic panel support structure, energy-saving led display

This product is designed with a led screen cabinet size of 440mmX1000mm. It is mainly installed vertically. And pendants for horizontal installation can be customized. Each led display is equipped with two solar panels.


4.2 Product Features

  • Green and environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, fast communication
  • No electricity fee, no wiring, easy disassembly and assembly, and front maintenance
  • 4G, wifi, u disk storage, and cloud control
  • With sound broadcast and clear video and text display functions
  • Brightness can be adjusted in a wide range to meet the needs of various environments

4.3 Application Scenarios

The new solar powered led display board is the most popular led display product powered by clean energy. Its application prospect is wide.

Its application areas include but are not limited to outdoor municipal roads, signs, stations, greenways, communities, units and industrial plants, etc.

This product can be installed and used in sunny places.

The best playing time: 8:00 am – 12:00 am / 15:00 pm – 21:00 pm

In highways or remote scenic spots, it is an innovation to use solar powered led displays instead of giant outdoor billboards to transmit information.

5. 7 Ture Differences of Street Pole LED Display

Traditional led display screens are no strangers in our daily life. As a new type of smart outdoor led display, the street light pole led display has some obvious features.

5.1 More Energy-saving

As a part of the people’s livelihood project, street pole led displays have more prominent energy-saving requirements than traditional led displays.

Compared with the traditional commonly used LED display screen, one of the outstanding features of the light pole screen is energy-saving.

Energy-saving led displays are not only a manifestation of green environmental protection, but also can save your investment costs from a long-term perspective.

5.2 More Power Supplies and Fans

The outdoor working environment requires the pole led screen to have good heat dissipation. More fans are necessary.

Smaller cabinets require more power to ensure the stable operation of the product.

5.3 More Elegant Appearance

Usually, people don’t pay too much attention to the appearance of the led display. Investors usually focus on display effect, clarity, and so on.

But the appearance of smart pole led displays as urban infrastructure needs to be simple and stylish.

While the more elegant appearance is in harmony with the environment, it can also play a role in beautifying the city.

5.4 Lightweight

According to special needs, the smart street pole can be equipped with a variety of devices to achieve a variety of functions.

Therefore, the improvement of lightweight LED displays can reduce the pressure on the light pole.

5.5 Software Security

The coverage and exposure rate of pole led displays installed on both sides of municipal roads is super high, so software security cannot be ignored.

In daily management, it is necessary to prevent hacker attacks and prevent the spread of bad information.

5.6 High Waterproof Level

The waterproof level of the outdoor led light pole screen must reach at least IP65.

Efficient waterproof measures can prevent the interior of the LED box from getting wet as much as possible to ensure the service life of the screen.

5.7 Important Part of the Internet

Traditional led displays focus on information display and commercial advertising.

As a part of the smart city, Street light pole led display undertakes many functions that traditional display screens do not have.

6. How to Install Street Light Pole LED Screen?

6.1 Common Installation Methods

The installation method of the street pole led screen that we see in our daily life is generally sent installation or hoop installation.


The outstanding feature of this installation method is the integration of the LED display box and the light pole.

Correspondingly, there are something you should confirm in advance: installation, product details, etc. Otherwise, it will be difficult to change later.

It is currently the most common installation method. The led screen can be mounted on the side of the light pole or on the front of the light pole through clamps.

In most cases, the size of the screen can be adjusted according to the height of the light pole.

6.2 How High the Street Pole LED Display Should Be Installed?

If the installation height is too high or too low, it will affect people’s viewing effect. At the same time, it will also affect the coordination with the surrounding environment. So what is the best installation height for the light pole screen?

It is related to the length of the light pole, the led screen size, and the application scenario.

Application Scenario

Light Pole Height (m)

Screen Height from Ground (m)

Light Pole Screen Size

Communities, parks, parks, scenic spots










Secondary road




Main roads, bridges, interchanges




Mounting altimeter for light pole screen above ground

Mounting height is critical. Improper installation height or inappropriate proportion of the screen will lead to an uncoordinated overall look. Moreover, it will affect the visual effect.

For different application scenarios, the installation height will be different.

For example, for a two-way 6-lane urban main road, the height of the street light pole should be 10-12 meters. Therefore, the light pole covers a large area, and the led display should be installed 4-5 meters above the ground.

For roads such as communities and industrial parks, the height of the light pole should be 3.5-4.5 meters, and the LED display should be installed at 2-3 meters from the light pole.

Generally speaking, during the installation process, it is necessary to consider the height of the bearing light pole and the actual environment of the installation site.

6.3 Precautions for Installing Street Pole LED Display

Street pole led display

(1) The connection between the light pole and the LED display should have a high waterproof ability. At the same time, the LED cabinet should be designed with drainage channels.

(2) Install a lightning protection device. There are more thunderstorms in summer. The screen body should have a good ground connection to the case.

(3) The led light pole should have a good carrying capacity. The height of the light pole and the proportion of the screen body should be adapted to the environment.

At the same time, the size of the LED display is related to the above factors. After installation, test its stability to ensure that the screen will not loosen or fall off.

(4) Different installation methods can be adopted according to the different application modules of the LED light pole screen.

For example, some light pole screens integrated with 5G base stations, WIFI, one-key alarm, and other functions are suitable for large commercial plazas and downtown arterial roads.

7. What is Street Light Pole Price?

In this part, you will get some information about street pole led display prices.

7.1 Calculation Method of Street Pole LED Display Price

The quotation of the traditional led display is usually calculated per square meter, and some manufacturers will calculate the led display price according to the box. As far as the led light pole screen is concerned, the size of a single cabinet will not be large, and the area of a single cabinet is between 0.5-2 square meters.

Because street light pole led display usually includes multiple parts: screen body, power supply, fan, and so on. Therefore, the light pole screen is generally quoted according to the price.

The model and size are different, and of course, the price will be different. Secondly, the configuration of the LED display will also affect the price, such as the brand of the lamp bead and power supply.

7.2 Why Street Pole LED Display is More Expensive?

So, why is the price of LED light pole screens generally higher than traditional LED screens? Mainly for the following reasons:

For example, there are more accessories and more assemblies. And the cabinet can be designed according to special needs.

Carrying more functions means that more costs need to be invested.

Such as better waterproof ability, and up to 7000nits of brightness.

If you need an energy-saving type of led display, you need to use certain types of accessories. Such as IC, power supply, and PCB board.

The outdoor high-temperature weather in summer requires the screen body to have a higher heat dissipation capacity. It needs more power supplies and fans.

7.3 Factors Affecting Street Pole LED Display Price

(1) Function selection

The more functions you want to achieve, the higher the pole led display price. Available functions: light sensor, monitoring, audio, face recognition, etc.

(2) Customized pole led display

Merchants can design smart street pole led displays with different styles and sizes according to project requirements. Compared with the conventional series, merchants need to invest more energy, and the overall cost will rise.

8. Why Choose UNIT Street Pole LED Display

As a professional pole led display supplier with more than 12 years of experience, UNIT LED has provided high-quality led display products and services to more than 112 countries and regions around the world.

(1) Advanced Production Line

We have a factory area of over 8,000㎡. First-class automatic production equipment and professional technical workers ensure the quality of our led products.

SMT workshop
UNIT led display factory

(2) High-standard Raw Materials

We maintain close cooperation with well-known brands in the industry. Such as Novastar, Cree, Nationstar, Epistar LED, Meanwell, G-energy, etc.

Using high-quality raw materials makes our products become competitive.

(3) First-class Excellent Service

UNIT LED provides 24/7 technical support and service. The professional technical team has rich troubleshooting experience.

At the same time, we promise to provide you with good after-sales service and escort your project.

(4) Affordable Price

We are determined to provide customers with competitive led products. Mature production lines, excellent research and development capabilities, and good delivery capabilities make our products an advantage in terms of price.

9. Conclusion

The high-quality street light pole led display has multiple functions, an elegant appearance, and super high protection ability.

Want to get the most detailed and reasonable quotation for a street pole led display? Then don’t hesitate to send us a message now!

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