Giant LED Screen Advertising Display in Romania

indoor fixed led screen

Giant LED screen advertising is a common form of advertising. You can see it in major shopping malls or on the outer walls of high-rise buildings. This digital advertising method can easily attract the attention of passers-by. More people notice your ad content, which means more business opportunities. It is inseparable from the help of […]

The Latest HD Indoor LED Display to Korea-MA640 Series

P2.5 HD Indoor LED Display

UNIT fine pixel pitch LED display has the characteristics of high pixel and high contrast. Among them, MA640 Frontal Service LED Display Screen has won the affirmation of many customers with its competitive advantages. What is the charm of this full-color HD indoor LED display? Today we will bring you the latest case about it! P2.5 HD […]

9 things you must know about Fixed and Rental LED displays!

Outdoor rental LED display for the fashion show

LED display screen according to the application scene to classify words can be divided into indoor and outdoor, and divided into the fixed and rental LED display and so on. The LED display has a single colour type、double colour type、full-colour type. Firstly, the difference in cabinet material. Fixed LED screens are generally used outdoors and are […]