Shenzhen Indoor Rental LED Display Factory


UNIT LED is a professional and trustworthy indoor rental LED display factory from Shenzhen, China. Since its establishment in 2010, we have been focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of cost-effective full-color LED displays. Providing you with a full range of led display solutions is our business. This article will introduce to you […]

Rental Indoor LED Display-NG500 Series

NG500 rental led screen

Rental indoor LED display refers to the rental LED screen used indoors. LED screen rental is a product mainly used for rental. According to different classification standards, LED displays are classified in various ways. The rental led screen is a display device specially designed for indoor and outdoor activities such as stage performances and event productions. […]

Indoor 4k LED Video Wall to South Africa

Indoor 4k LED video wall

The indoor 4k LED video wall has clear picture quality and high brightness. More and more customers choose indoor small-pitch LED displays to replace LCDs or TVs to obtain a larger display screen and a more vivid viewing experience. With the gradual maturity of LED display technology, high-resolution LED displays with excellent quality can fully meet […]

Professional Introduction of LED Video Scoreboard is Here!

basketball LED Video Scoreboard

LED video scoreboard is a led display product specially designed to display game information in the major stadiums. With the vigorous development of sports, people’s attention to sports events has reached an unprecedented height. In addition to paying attention to the mascots of competitions and the performance of athletes, people have gradually realized the influential role […]

P5 Indoor LED Display to Finland-MA960 Series

P5 indoor LED display MA960

Today we will introduce the latest case of the UNIT MA960 series P5 indoor LED display. UNIT LED is a comprehensive company specializing in the manufacture and sale of LED displays. In the LED display industry for many years, we have provided high-quality LED displays and excellent project solutions to customers in more than 120 countries and […]

P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display Introduction

p3.91 indoor led display case

P3.91 indoor rental led display is widely used in our daily life. This article will talk about: What does the pixel mean? And how to define the concept of the pixel? What should be noted in using the rental LED display? People who want to hold an event indoors should know the below information before buying the […]

High Resolution LED Display: What You Need to Know

MA640 high resolution LED display

High resolution LED displays refer to LED products with a high refresh, a high grayscale, and a high resolution. Because the research and development technology of LED display is becoming more and more mature, its functions are more abundant. From the monochrome LED displays that only display text to the high-resolution LED screens with 4K […]

What is LED Floor Tile Screen? The Answer is Here!

LED floor tile screen

As a popular LED display product in recent years, the LED floor tile screen has many advantages. At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics not long ago, the enormous LED floor tile screen with a picture quality of up to 16K has made more people feel the crucial role of the LED display […]