Novastar 4K Processor: How to Get HDR LED?

HDR Master novastar 4k processor

The led video processor is a dedicated video processor for the led display. With the improvement of people’s requirements for the quality of the display screen, the manufacturer camera has launched 4K led controllers and 4K led video processors. Novastar 4k processor-HDR Master 4K is a professional video processor specially designed for 4K led video […]

How to realize the LED display that never goes black?

Nowadays for live broadcast LED Display, it is even more necessary to ensure that in the process of real-time broadcast, in addition to the beautiful picture quality that can provide high-speed CCTV camera shooting, the display must not lose power and signal to avoid missing important information. There will be no accidental interludes during the […]

Novastar Mctrl300 Useful Manual and Product Introduction

MCTRL300 product image

Novastar MCTRL300 is a model of LED display image processing controller, and it is also the basic controller of nova technology. This article mainly introduces the working principle of nova star mctrl300, product parameters and specifications, product features, refer to the price at the time of purchase and specific applications. Mctrl300 LED display controller is […]

LED display controller: Core of LED display


LED display controller is divided into asynchronous control and synchronous control. LED display asynchronous control system is also known as LED display offline control system, or control card. The main control PC will need to display the information and various control commands through serial communication into the LED display screen control card, LED display screen […]