What is an LED Carbon Fiber Cabinet?

led carbon fiber cabinet

In recent years, the small pixel led has become a major trend in the development of LED display screen by virtue of its higher quality display effect and the advantages of better combining 3D, VR/AR, interactive and other emerging technologies to express creativity. However, the requirements of fine pixel picth led display for cabinet materials […]

Outdoor P8 Commercial LED Display To Philippines—Custom Case

high refresh rate

In this case ,we offered Outdoor P8 commercial LED display ——MA960 series to our Philippines custom,and received positive feedback. Unit Commercial LED display MA960 Series is one of the latest Outsoor LED display series with best brightness,has a good waterproof rating of IP65. In this customer case, the customer requested to install an LED display at […]

LED Screen Cabinet: All the things You need to know

Customized Size Outdoor Fixed LED Display

LED screen cabinet is the modular unit of the LED display screen. The area of a led display is generally large. And the LED cabinet is a unit that composes the complete screen. In other words, you can think of the led cabinet itself as a small-sized LED display. So, as long as you understand […]